Thursday, April 30, 2009

!!!!!!!100th POST GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

FINALLY!!! I made it to my 100th post! And, I thought it was especially cool that my 100th post was the announcement of my daughters engagement!

I have been slowly collecting the items for my giveaway. I am on a strict, little budget--and now with Natty getting married--money is so very limited.

I decided to go with a "theme" of things that represent me and things I like and do. When I purchased one of "these things" for myself--I purchased one for the giveaway.

I am going to list each item individually because that is the only way I know how to link to where I got it from. For those things I got on Etsy and such, I want to honor the creator and make it possible for you to go look at other lovely things they make. Everyone has given me permission to use their descriptions and pictures. Does that sound good? (just to make it perfectly clear--I paid for all of these things)

Here we go!!


Add some flair to the book you are reading or your bookshelf with a


The slim metal book hook has a chain attached to a long beaded pendant. The beads include metal, carved bone or horn, and glass.

I have at least 100 bookmarks, I probably need an intervention, but these are just so BEAUTIFUL!!

Handmade truffles. Can include: Cheesecake, Amaretto, Belgium, Orange, Raspberry, Rum, French Silk Mint, and German Chocolate Cake. Made with rich heavy cream, and milk, dark, and ivory chocolate.

Welcome to Charbonneaus Chocolate Company
We welcome you to Charbonneaus Chocolate Company where we do things the old fashioned way by producing handmade chocolate one piece at a time. Beginning with high quality ingredients, no preservatives, waxes, mixes, or fillers. We proudly offer several varieties of handmade chocolates, Gourmet Truffles, Original Creamery Fudge, creams, brittles, nuts, chews, and fine Montana novelties. Family recipes have been handed down through the years to create one of a kind confections for your enjoyment.
We are proud to be a "Made In Montana" business.


An assortment of their "special" candy bars. Clueless Joe's Sports Bar, Medusa's PMS Bar, The Menopause Bar, Bubba's Redneck Bar and Cindy's Blonde Bar.

I am thinking I don't need to explain why chocolate is on my list. But Charbonneau's chocolate is the only kind I buy. My girlfriend runs it and her family owns it and their chocolate is so yummy and they still hand dip. Your box may or may not be missing one--just sayin.....


$25 Amazon Gift Card

I LOVE shopping on Amazon!

I love that when I sign on and my opening page, it is always filled with things I never knew existed, let alone needed to own. Life is good on Amazon.


Handmade Journal

I bought a Parley's Leather Journal for myself and one for the giveaway but then I got to thinking (ouch) that some of you out there might be against the whole use of animal hide thing (sorry--I'm now out of the closet I guess---I use animal hide products) so I went to Etsy and found an equally delightful Vegan alternative. I so would have bought one for me but I was out of cashola.


Leather Parley's Journal

from The Collection-Spirit of You

(The description below, is from Jovencio de la Paz --the creator of this BEAUTIFUL Vegan journal)

Many of you have asked if I would come up with a line of non-leather, vegan friendly notebook. So here they are! I have used neither leather nor bee's wax in the making of this notebook. The shimmery polyurethane vinyl/vegan leather has a wonderfully smooth and easy to clean surface. Along with the pure white linen thread stitching exposed on the spine, this book is both luxurious and sleek.

The compact size of this book makes it perfect for travel, whether to someplace special or for daily use. This book will fit perfectly in most any book bag, messenger bag, large purse or standard briefcase.

On the inside, the pages are made from blank white card stock, which matches the stitching perfectly and is great for both pen and pencil. As always, a matching wraparound band keeps the book closed and pages safe when not in use.

I hope you enjoy these animal friendly notebooks.

300 blank pages recto/verso
3 1/2" x 4 1/4" x 2"



Little known fact: I am the intervention needed poster child when it comes to all things paper, pens, notebooks, journals, office products of any kind--pretty much Staples. I could spend hours in Staples. There is not much that equals to opening a new notebook, journal and seeing that fresh, clean page, or just a clean sheet of paper and a Ticonderoga soft leaded pencil.I get all quivery just typing it. Like I (and my family and friends) said,

Lisa = poster child for office products intervention.

And I am strangely okay with that.

And hopefully you will be okay with a $25 gift card from there!

Sorry, I am rambling, but hey--it's my giveaway...

So... what does a handcrafted journal need like peanut butter needs jelly?!

These pens are so beautiful, smooth to the touch and perfectly balanced. Mine isn't of Bethlehem Wood--I love the thought of touching wood from Bethlehem--so cool! (Obviously I have been caressing yours--

pen-----that is)

Here is their description:

Slim Wood Pen (Bethlehem Olivewood)
Hand crafted of Bethlehem Olivewood.

Bethlehem Olivewood is Olivewood cut in Jerusalem, using the prunes of young olive trees sprouts from the trunks of the old, unproductive trees. By law, no tree is ever damaged or destroyed in the process of harvesting the wood. Bethlehem olive wood is heavy, dense and durable with distinctive colors that range in nuances of red and creamy pigments with irregular gray, brown, and wild black lines. This pen comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Center twist, black ink, and standard Cross style refill.

Fittings are Titanium Gold, the hardest finish available on the market.

Slim shape allows this pen to fit neatly into purse, checkbook, planner sleeves, etc.

Comes in velvet gift pen sleeve.


$25 iTunes Gift Certificate

If you are puzzled as to why I included this, see HERE


Okay--when I got these in the mail my #3 daughter just shook her head and said, "Mom--y0u are soooo weird". Sad but true.

I was just looking under the geekery section of Etsy and these came up! I thought they were so funny, I laughed out loud. I mean, come on, anyone can make a magnet with a butterfly on it--don't you just want to MEET the person who came up with putting the elements of poison on a set of magnets??!!!

GeekMagnets-The Elements of Poison

Check out the macabre side of the periodic table. These four elements are extremely poisonous - mercury, lead, arsenic and radon. Give these to that slightly off-center person in your life, who's interested in old-time stories of mystery poisonings. Note that the magnets themselves aren't poisonous. Unless you swallow them, which I do not recommend.

Each GeekMagnet is hand-assembled from a clean and shiny glass marble, sturdy cardstock, and a strong ceramic magnet. The glue used is the good stuff, so your GeekMagnets are solidly constructed.
The glass used for these GeekMagnets may have bubbles and other imperfections. Just like the nasty villain who uses these poisons on his adversaries!
These magnets are 1.5 inches in diameter (~4cm) and are a fantastically cool addition to your home, lab or office. They're not just cute - they can hold multiple papers or pictures too!
Magnets from Anandi's Laboratory are packaged in a lovely star-sprinkled organza bag that you can reuse.


(thank heavens--I thought this was going to go on all day!!)

I have been known to go to this store and just walk up and down the isles, just running my fingers gently along the book spines. I could pack my sleeping bag and live at this store for at least a week. Just driving by the store makes me smile. Sorry--


A $25 Barnes and Noble Gift Card

It would have been more but I wanted more money on my card.

Okay here are the rules:

A person can get up to 4 entries---

1-Go to THIS earlier post and define what those 4 terms mean to you

(if you have already done so--you can count it)

2-Leave a comment on this GIVEAWAY post answering these 2 questions:

*If _________ fell on the floor at the _________ for longer than 20 seconds, I would totally pick it up and still eat it.

*What song, piece of music, etc... best describes your soul?

3-Blog about my giveaway on your blog and link back to it

4-Become a follower

(if you already follow you can still be counted because you were "garage door" before "garage door" was cool)

When you leave a comment answering the questions--let me know how many votes you have HONESTLY earned. I will wait till I see how many entries I get before I choose my method of choosing. It will be papers in a bowl or that random integer thing-a-am-jig. There will be only 1 winner but you all are winners in my eyes, blah, blah, blah...

I will accept entries from anonymous posters only if you include a valid Name and email address so you can be contacted. I won't include you if you don't answer my pre-drawing email. If you have always wanted to comment here in blog world but just don't know how--you can go HERE and set up a google account and then use that user ID and password to leave comments. I will ship internationally--hec--damn the torpedo's--full speed ahead. I am not responsible if the postman or anyone else steals it.

THIS CONTEST WILL END ON TUESDAY MAY 12th AT 10:00 pm Mountain Standard Time. Or middle of nowhere Montana--whichever works best for you.

GOOD LUCK--I added it all up and its worth just a little under $200--cool!! (thats a lot here in my neck of the woods...just sayin...)

And now I can finally catch up with all of you--I think my google reader is close to 1000--yikes!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The things I do for Jon Schmidt

I DO NOT go to concerts. That whole mass of people thing--NOT MY THING.


BUT, and isn't there always a but?

My dearest, sweetest Pood read my blog and watched the Jon Schmidt youtube, called me (from work in Alaska) and told me that I needed to take him to a concert. Yeah, he IS that romantic.

So... tomorrow I am taking him to Pocatello,Idaho to see Jon Schmidt in concert!!! WOO! WOO!!

I am extremely excited and am hoping it will last long enough to mask any anxiety caused by doing the mass of people thing.

Even more exciting is the fact that my newly engaged Natty, and my 3 hours away daughter Tae will be going with us--not many more times in this life that it will just be us and the kids, I am thinking. I intend to make a memory!!

In case anyone else from Montana is planning on taking I-15 to the concert tomorrow--we will be the red Tahoe with the crazy lady at the wheel and Jon Schmidt on the Bose!!

Friday I will be posting my 100th POST giveaway!!!! Please come enter!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


In the wee small hours of this morning, my number 2 baby girl got herself engaged! This is my first time on the mother of the bride roller coaster. Wish me luck! His name is Ben and he is from Utah. He is a great young man and we are really excited to get to know him better. It is hard to be so far away, here in Montana, from all the happenings but I am excited all the same. I am pretty sure it was just yesterday she joined our family and now she begins her own. I love you Natty Gan....
I "borrowed" these photos from one of Ben's sister's blog here--she has lots more and some posed photos of them too if you want a look see.




Apparently tackling the man is a part of the acceptance ritual


Friday, April 24, 2009


So as I am visiting with my daughter today (in the Costco parking lot) and we started talking about my post yesterday. (cuz my blog is just THAT awesome)

Kelly: So, what the hec do the people in Virginia care about a garage door on the ceiling?

Me: huh? Oooohhh.....don't you know about the story of the little girl, Virginia, who wrote a letter to the editor of a newspaper to ask if there was a Santa Claus?

Kelly: Huh??!

I think it may be a generational thing (or another--Lisa is so weird thing) so I thought I would clear that up before I moved on with the story. The whole--"Yes, Virginia there is a garage door was meant to be a parody on THIS letter and story from 1897. Sorry if there was any misunderstanding. I love the people of Virginia ---enough said.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yes, Virginia or the Number 2

Dear Editor,
I am 8 years old. Some of my little friends say that people cannot have a garage door on their ceiling. Papa says, “If you see it in The Sun, it’s so.” Please tell me the truth; can people have a garage door on their ceiling?

Virginia O’ Hanlon

Virginia, your little friends are wrong. They have been affected by the skepticism of a skeptical age. They do not believe even what they see. They think there is nothing can be comprehensible by their little minds. All minds, Virginia, whether they be men’s or children’s, are little. In this great universe of ours, man is a mere insect, an ant, in his intellect as compared with the boundless world about him, as measured by the intelligence capable of grasping the whole truth and knowledge.
Yes, Virginia, people can have a garage door on their ceiling.

I asked a question of you all the other day.
I wanted to know how you defined the terms;
*White trash
*Blue collar
*White collar
I was poking around, trying to find out how you would define me, what color I would be—after this post.

This post will seem to go on forever, ignore the voice in your head that says you have better things to be doing.

My parents were both raised on farms and couldn’t wait to grow up and leave that life behind. They are/were very intelligent (book smart) people. Smart to the point that their social interactions with others weren’t very good and as a result only ever had a small circle of friends. My Dad was a civil engineer and my Mom was a R.N.I am the oldest and only birth child in my family. I really only had a couple of friends before I went to school, I had a pretty secluded childhood. So secluded that I had read the dictionary through to the “H’s” by the time I was 4. We didn’t have a television in my home till I was 5. My home was filled with classical music and lots and lots of books. Mozart clears my head, Beethoven speaks to my darker side and Bach makes me smile. Debussy is my favorite composer to play on the piano. We were not fantastically rich but we were comfortable. I went to college for a year and a half until I got mono and had to go home.

My point is, that I was raised to be a cultural snob, (I promise I am not—but my Mom keeps the hope alive) raised in what I think is considered to be a very white collar home.

In 1986, I married my husband. We moved around a lot in the first 8 or so years of our marriage; Alaska, Utah, Louisiana and finally Montana. During those 8 years, we always rented. When we moved to Montana we bought 10 acres of land and this****

***That is a little 5 year old Natalie in 1994***

Yes, Virginia, this is a garage. When we bought the 10 acres, this was already on it, not quite finished but we thought it would be great. We would finish the garage and move into it temporarily while we built our house, up on the knoll that I am standing on to take the picture above. The picture below was the view we would have from the house when it was built.

This concludes Part 1 of a 2 part series. We hope you’ve enjoyed your trip. Please remain seated till the story has come to a complete stop and thanking you for flying Garage Door Airlines.

P.S. I TOLD you guys I was a whiner—sheesh!! Sorry though—I WAS a little out of control. Nothing but pearly whites from here on out—hope you had a happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

7 Things or the NUMBER 3

Sweet Shauna over at Trying to Stay Calm tagged me awhile ago to do this.
Here are the rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Share 7 things that people may not know about you.
3. Tag 7 people to share 7 things and link to them.
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged.

Here we go folks………….

1. I worked on a dude ranch in Wyoming one summer.
2. I worked for the President of the NRA when I was in high school,
3. I usually read 4 or 5 books at a time.
4. I have never read the Twilight books. Vampires give me the heebie-jeebies and nightmares.
5. I am lactose intolerant.
6. I have no fashion sense whatsoever.
7. If I had to choose between being blind or being deaf, I would choose blind.

I am not going to tag anyone specifically but if you choose to do it—let me know because I love to learn new things about you all!

The main reason I am not doing it is because this posting every day to get to 100 posts is causing the words, massacre, carnage, bloodshed and extermination to run through my head. And my posts are probably causing the same thing in your heads! BUT the light is dawning—I feel like that song—“Pioneer children sang as they walked, and walked, and walked, and walked, and walked AND WALKED………………………………..just shoot me now!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What's on my insides OR... the number 4

I have played the piano since I was 5. I am not particularly magnificent but my Mom NEVER had to fight with me to practice because I just couldn't get enough of it.

I LOVED all the classical music my teacher would assign--I was in all the choirs in school, took voice lessons, in all the plays--yes I was one of THOSE people.
A freaky little music/theatre nerd.

Although my talents do not extend to the level a lot of you out in blog land posses---I can honestly say I am one of, if not THE best at music appreciation that I know. You perform it--I will devour it, chew on it, listen to it, love it and then do a little dance (on the inside of course--it ruins the whole thing if I jiggle my fat) and do it all over again!

In fact--I feel just like Snoopy in this youtube--when I let my happy dance on the inside, migrate to the outside!

So in that vein of thought--I wanted to share 2 you tube videos I found.

The first one I stole from MessyJess--but our family has LOVED Jon Schmidt FOREVER!! He just keeps getting better and better! I use his Piano Teaching Method with my students and it has been a big success so far. Anyhoo--if you could see me on the inside---this is the song (played just this way by these 2 men) that would best describe my soul--I have been playing it all day on my Bose. I think Bose is celestial, by the way. Enjoy!

This next one is just the way I wish the world was--that we could just randomly break into song and dance and everyone would know the moves and words and even if they didn't they would join in and just FEEL the joy!

I LOVE music and I love all the friends and family that I connect with, learn from and share the journey with---here in blog land---HAVE A HAPPY DAY!!

P.S. Either my medication is working especially well today or Jon Schmidt needs to make a new video everyday---not sure which--but gosh its a happy day here--



Monday, April 20, 2009


I LOVE old books. I collect old books. I read old books. Did I say I loved old books? I just finished perusing one that my Dad gave me the other day when he was cleaning out his book shelves called, "Tony's Scrapbook" by Tony Won. It is inscribed with, "To Hazel, From Eleanor". Hazel was my Dad's Mom and Eleanor was her cousin. In the foreword it says:

In this sixth edition of "Tony's Scrapbook" the reader will find poems and prose bits which out of thousands read on the air during the year 1933-34 were considered by listeners as best.

This little article was my favorite and goes along with my last Friday flashback about perspective.


Someone has dug up the records of the Lancaster, Ohio, school board back in 1828. In these records there is an account of a proposed debate as to whether railroads were practical or not. Permission was asked to hold the debate in the school house and the minutes of the school board ran as follows: "You are welcome to use the school room to debate all proper questions in, but such things as railroads and telegraph are impossibilities and rank infidelity. There is nothing in the word of God about them. If God had designed that his intelligent creatures should travel at the frightful speed of 15 miles per hour by steam, He would have foretold it through His holy prophets. It is a device of Satan to lead immortal souls down to Hell."

Love it!!

My Grandma Hazel


P.S.—if anyone has the time or inclination to tell me how to schedule posts ahead of time I would be eternally grateful!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Summation

Apparently I should never attempt to be witty. I am sorry to all I may have offended yesterday with my oxymoron's. I should have stuck to clearly misunderstood and sweet sorrow. Just to be clear--I have a high regard for all those who serve and protect our country.

I may or may not have had this conversation when I was 14.

SETTING: Our church young women's group was having a special night called New Beginnings which involved all the young women, ages 12 to 18, gathering in the chapel for a program that had some speakers and musical numbers.

I may or may not have had trouble being reverent.

Me: (leaning over and whispering to the stranger sitting next to me) Look at that lady speaking, something is the matter with her eye. It's roving! Look--I'm over here--nope--I'm over here (leaning back and forth for emphasis) whoa--it's like it has a mind of its own. It's like, I've got my eye on you...and you...and you.......(snickering at my obviously funny observations)

Stranger: Yeah.....that's my Mom. She was in a car accident and now she has a glass eye...............................................................................................................................................

Talk about just shoot me now and put me out of your misery! TO this day I wish that were not a true story. Thankfully, she had a sense of humor and forgave me--after she let me sweat it out for the rest of the meeting.

But this is what I mean--it always seems so funny in my head. Something happens on the way to my mouth. *sigh*

In OTHER news:

Thanx for the bloggy love! To those who left me more than one comment and AND all those who answered my red neck, blue collar, white trash AND how you manage this blog thing--an extra one for you too! You can still earn extra entries --I am most interested about our color coded society---would love to know what you think!

I think its only 6 more to go---

ADD ON---I meant red neck, white trash, blue collar--color coded society. I just want to know what people define those as.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Sound Off

Okay folks--4 comments--4???!!!!!!!! That's all I get??! Granted--I have never been a double digit blog but still--4???!!!!!!!!! I was excited to have 47 followers until I read somebodies comment, somewhere today and they said they just keep following people because they have no idea how to stop. Although that thought could lend itself to a deep and spiritual post--it still took all the gas out of my tractor. Dang.

Do you consider military intelligence to be an oxymoron?
What about government organization?
Silent alarm?
Jumbo shrimp?
okay--I'll stop---Microsoft Works??? AAHHH--I just can't help myself................

Actual conversation in my car this evening, when we pulled up to a 4 way stop at the intersection of 4 cow pastures. There were 3 pastures with your plain old garden variety cows and one with some scary looking long horned beasties.

Me: Why in the world would anybody want to raise that kind of cow?
Child: I dunno
Me: It would be like taking your life in your own hands each time you even tried to get near one!!
Child:I think they would probably be a hazard to each other. Like--
"Hey Bob"
Maybe it was funnier when you could see the hand motions.....

Word nerds untie--whoops--unite. Normal people save the trees and whales--I adopted a word. Oh yes I did. I adopted--ICASM. At Save the This site CRACKS ME UP! They are trying to save the old words that get kicked out of the dictionary.
Icasm means: figurative expression
Here is my sentence:
"The President's address was full of icasms, which probably means he didn't understand it either."
I shall try and use this word on my blog as often as possible--amen.

Somebodies dove is in one of my pine trees---please come get it down and take it home. N-O-W-

How do you guys do this whole----write on your blog daily AND jump around and read every one's blog AND leave comments??I'm glad I only have 7 more posts till my giveaway---way too stressful. It would probably be helpful if I could make myself a little less wordy--how do you guys do that too??!!

What is your definition of a redneck? How about poor white trash? It has to do with an up coming post.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Flashback Friday

This is a trip my parents took our young women’s group at church on around when I was in Jr. High. I don’t remember a lot about the trip but I wanted to put it in my journal for the simple reason that around 4th grade

I started feeling like I was fat and very unattractive.

I look at pictures like this and realize how wrong I was! How could my perspective be soooo off??!! I mean I wasn’t a stick or gorgeous but I still don’t look like how I remember myself. Perspective is a powerful thing. I hope with all my heart that I have helped my children have a healthy perspective about their looks and life in general. I also hope that they have learned that how they treat others can affect how those people feel about themselves.
On the lighter side—dig those polyester shorts and mullet hairdo baby!! Have a great Friday!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

April 2009 General Conference

I LOVED general conference. I got to watch all 4 sessions on my computer. My family was gone so I even got to watch it in peace. I took lots of notes and I am excited for the Ensign to come so I can see how closely my notes fit what was actually said.
One of my favorite talks was given by Margaret S. Lifferth on Respect & Reverence. I know her main topic was how to better teach and encourage our children these things but I feel like there was a real message for all of us "grown-ups" also. She said that we need to teach our children:
#1-Respect for each other
#2-Reverence for God
What if everyone would just do those two things?
She challenged us to ask ourselves if our behaviors give us credibility and if we are being examples of humility and respect. I'm thinking my road rage issues are going to need to go. Dang.
She also challenged us to Exemplify, Teach, Encourage and Testify. This is one of my new goals. I want to be a better example. I want my words to have credibility because of how I live my life. Don't you just love conference??!!
As I was reading Meridian Magazine today they had an article with some statistics and a "Wordle" full of the most used words that someone had put together from this April 2009 conference. I just thought I would share. I am a statistic and word nerd but I realize not everyone will want to go through the whole list--but some of it is enlightening!

General Conference; April 2009 Statistics

Brian Shellabarger (
NOTE: This document may be distributed and forwarded to anyone you wish. However, the statistics should not be relied on for any official research. Please contact me before using any of this data in any official publication or presentation.
Topic breakdown for the April 2009 session of conference; Top 30

1) 553 references to Christ (14.55 avg per talk)

2) 322 references to Families/Children (8.47 avg per talk)

3) 189 references to Priesthood (4.97 avg per talk)

4) 184 references to Temples (4.84 avg per talk)

5) 169 references to Men/Fathers (4.45 avg per talk)

6) 157 references to Faith (4.13 avg per talk)

7) 157 references to Prayer (4.13 avg per talk)

8) 135 references to Women/Mothers (3.55 avg per talk)

9) 115 references to Love (3.03 avg per talk)

10) 101 references to Adversity/Challenges (2.66 avg per talk)

11) 68 references to Missionaries (1.79 avg per talk)

12) 60 references to Service (1.58 avg per talk)

13) 58 references to Scriptures (1.53 avg per talk)

14) 54 references to Revelation (1.42 avg per talk)

15) 50 references to Youth (1.32 avg per talk)

16) 43 references to Food Storage/Preparedness (1.13 avg per talk)

17) 30 references to Sacrifice (0.79 avg per talk)

18) 30 references to Obedience (0.79 avg per talk)

19) 29 references to Reverence (0.76 avg per talk)

20) 28 references to Education (0.74 avg per talk)

21) 26 references to Eternal Life (0.68 avg per talk)

22) 24 references to Debt/Money (0.63 avg per talk)

23) 24 references to Hope (0.63 avg per talk)

24) 22 references to Baptism (0.58 avg per talk)

25) 21 references to Angels/Spirits (0.55 avg per talk)

26) 20 references to Temptation (0.53 avg per talk)

27) 19 references to Courage (0.50 avg per talk)

28) 19 references to Sacrament (0.50 avg per talk)

29) 17 references to Humility (0.45 avg per talk)

30) 17 references to Book of Mormon (0.45 avg per talk)

Historical Comparison: Conferences from the last

10 years

1. 533% increase __ Reverence __ (Average 0.76 references per talk:: Historical: 0.12 references per talk)

2. 136% increase __ Temples __ (Average 4.84 references per talk:: Historical: 2.05 references per talk)

3. 75% increase __ Adversity/Challenges __ (Average 2.66 references per talk:: Historical: 1.52 references per talk)

4. 71% increase __ Temptation __ (Average 0.53 references per talk:: Historical: 0.31 references per talk)

5. 60% increase __ Service __ (Average 1.58 references per talk:: Historical: 0.99 references per talk)

6. 52% increase __ Sacrifice __ (Average 0.79 references per talk:: Historical: 0.52 references per talk)

7. 47% increase __ Debt/Money __ (Average 0.63 references per talk:: Historical: 0.43 references per talk)

8. 46% increase __ Prayer __ (Average 4.13 references per talk:: Historical: 2.83 references per talk)

9. 43% increase __ Courage __ (Average 0.50 references per talk:: Historical: 0.35 references per talk)

10. 42% increase __ Faith __ (Average 4.13 references per talk:: Historical: 2.91 references per talk)

11. 39% increase __ Priesthood __ (Average 4.97 references per talk:: Historical: 3.57 references per talk)

12. 36% increase __ Eternal Life __ (Average 0.68 references per talk:: Historical: 0.50 references per talk)

13. 17% increase __ Education __ (Average 0.74 references per talk:: Historical: 0.63 references per talk)

14. 17% increase __ Revelation __ (Average 1.42 references per talk:: Historical: 1.21 references per talk)

15. 12% increase __ Angels/Spirits __ (Average 0.55 references per talk:: Historical: 0.49 references per talk)

16. 6% increase __ Christ __ (Average 14.55 references per talk:: Historical: 13.74 references per talk)

17. -4% decrease __ Men/Fathers __ (Average 4.45 references per talk:: Historical: 4.62 references per talk)

18. -4% decrease __ Families/Children __ (Average 8.47 references per talk:: Historical: 8.80 references per talk)

19. -7% decrease __ Obedience __ (Average 0.79 references per talk:: Historical: 0.85 references per talk)

20. -7% decrease __ Food Storage/Preparedness __ (Average 1.13 references per talk:: Historical: 1.22 references per talk)

21. -8% decrease __ Youth __ (Average 1.32 references per talk:: Historical: 1.44 references per talk)

22. -9% decrease __ Love __ (Average 3.03 references per talk:: Historical: 3.34 references per talk)

23. -28% decrease __ Missionaries __ (Average 1.79 references per talk:: Historical: 2.49 references per talk)

24. -31% decrease __ Baptism __ (Average 0.58 references per talk:: Historical: 0.84 references per talk)

25. -32% decrease __ Scriptures __ (Average 1.53 references per talk:: Historical: 2.26 references per talk)

26. -34% decrease __ Hope __ (Average 0.63 references per talk:: Historical: 0.96 references per talk)

27. -42% decrease __ Women/Mothers __ (Average 3.55 references per talk:: Historical: 6.13 references per talk)

28. -44% decrease __ Repentance __ (Average 0.45 references per talk:: Historical: 0.80 references per talk)

29. -45% decrease __ Sacrament __ (Average 0.50 references per talk:: Historical: 0.91 references per talk)

30. -52% decrease __ Book of Mormon __ (Average 0.45 references per talk:: Historical: 0.94 references per talk)

31. -58% decrease __ Tithing/FastOfferings __ (Average 0.21 references per talk:: Historical: 0.50 references per talk)

Highlights, by speaker, for the April 2009 Conference:

---[ Thomas S. Monson ]-----------------------------
#1) 50 references to Christ

#2) 36 references to Men/Fathers

#3) 33 references to Priesthood

---[ Robert D. Hales ]-----------------------------

#1) 22 references to Families/Children

#2) 16 references to Debt/Money

#3) 15 references to Christ

---[ Margaret S. Lifferth ]-----------------------------

#1) 30 references to Families/Children

#2) 29 references to Reverence

#3) 14 references to Love

---[ Michael A. Neider ]-----------------------------

#1) 29 references to Priesthood

#2) 13 references to Christ

#3) 12 references to Youth

---[ Allan F. Packer ]-----------------------------

#1) 15 references to Christ

#2) 14 references to Revelation

#3) 5 references to Men/Fathers

---[ D. Todd Christofferson ]-----------------------------

#1) 23 references to Christ

#2) 18 references to Faith

#3) 7 references to Obedience

---[ Henry B. Eyring ]-----------------------------

#1) 35 references to Christ

#2) 27 references to Priesthood

#3) 15 references to Women/Mothers

---[ Dieter F. Uchtdorf ]-----------------------------

#1) 52 references to Christ

#2) 21 references to Men/Fathers

#3) 18 references to Priesthood

---[ Robert W. Cantwell ]-----------------------------

#1) 3 references to Debt/Money

#2) 1 references to Revelation

#3) 1 references to Tithing/FastOfferings

---[ Brook P. Hales ]-----------------------------

#1) 4 references to Temples

#2) 3 references to Missionaries

#3) 1 references to Women/Mothers

---[ M. Russell Ballard ]-----------------------------

#1) 9 references to Families/Children

#2) 8 references to Christ

#3) 6 references to Faith

---[ Russell M. Nelson ]-----------------------------

#1) 51 references to Prayer

#2) 36 references to Christ

#3) 5 references to Forgiveness

---[ Boyd K. Packer ]-----------------------------

#1) 18 references to Priesthood

#2) 12 references to Families/Children

#3) 9 references to Men/Fathers

---[ Richard C. Edgley ]-----------------------------

#1) 14 references to Men/Fathers

#2) 11 references to Priesthood

#3) 5 references to Families/Children

---[ Claudio R. M. Costa ]-----------------------------

#1) 38 references to Families/Children

#2) 12 references to Christ

#3) 11 references to Priesthood

---[ Neil L. Andersen ]-----------------------------

#1) 32 references to Christ

#2) 11 references to Love

#3) 9 references to Families/Children

---[ Steven E. Snow ]-----------------------------

#1) 14 references to Adversity/Challenges

#2) 9 references to Families/Children

#3) 8 references to Missionaries

---[ Barbara Thompson ]-----------------------------

#1) 35 references to Families/Children

#2) 14 references to Christ

#3) 8 references to Prayer

---[ Jeffrey R. Holland ]-----------------------------

#1) 31 references to Christ

#2) 8 references to Women/Mothers

#3) 5 references to Families/Children

---[ Dallin H. Oaks ]-----------------------------

#1) 23 references to Service

#2) 22 references to Christ

#3) 13 references to Families/Children

---[ David A. Bednar ]-----------------------------

#1) 55 references to Temples

#2) 30 references to Christ

#3) 6 references to Priesthood

---[ Gary E. Stevenson ]-----------------------------

#1) 54 references to Temples

#2) 18 references to Christ

#3) 17 references to Families/Children

---[ Quentin L. Cook ]-----------------------------

#1) 24 references to Christ

#2) 9 references to Faith

#3) 8 references to Revelation

---[ Kevin W. Pearson ]-----------------------------

#1) 40 references to Faith

#2) 20 references to Christ

#3) 11 references to Families/Children

---[ Rafael E. Pino ]-----------------------------

#1) 19 references to Christ

#2) 14 references to Families/Children

#3) 10 references to Adversity/Challenges

---[ F. Michael Watson ]-----------------------------

#1) 24 references to Christ

#2) 6 references to Men/Fathers

#3) 4 references to Prayer

---[ L. Tom Perry ]-----------------------------

#1) 18 references to Missionaries

#2) 14 references to Christ

#3) 7 references to Scriptures

---[ Richard G. Scott ]-----------------------------

#1) 38 references to Temples

#2) 18 references to Christ

#3) 9 references to Women/Mothers

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Can someone explain this to me??!!

We gave a hair “straightener” to my daughter for Christmas. This is a tag that is (was) attached to the cord. I don’t us it myself but it’s in the same drawer as my brush and it has bugged me EVERY SINGLE DAY since we got it! (Yes, I DO brush my hair on a daily basis)

Can we talk?!
I need some answers, some relief from this nightmare.

So…here are just a few of the things I think about while I comb my few graying hairs.

Question #1- So, should this be read, “Eye contact warning for straightening iron in Canada—Not for household use” or “Eye contact warning for straightening iron. In Canada-not for household use”?

(My grammar corrector in Microsoft Word says it is the first one that is correct.)

Is Microsoft made in Canada?

Question #2- Is Canada more concerned about eye contact or household use?

Question #3-Does this mean that in Canada if you don’t use it in your house you can have eye contact with the product?

Question #4-Or, does this mean that if you use it in the house you are not allowed to make eye contact?

Question #5-Does Canada CARE more about its citizens than all the other nations that this product is sold in or does it think its citizens are more STUPID than the people in other nations and therefore paid extra to the manufacturer to have the word “Canada” added?

Question #6-If I live in America and use this iron in the house, and make eye contact with it…does that mean it WILL burn my eye or just COULD if it wanted to. And if it WANTED to—WOULD it just burn my left eye—like in the picture?

Question #7-Do people in Canada only have a left eye? Or did they do a survey of hospitals and found that the left eye got burned 51% more often than the right?

And to these brain freezing puzzlements—I add my one observation—

If I couldn’t read English or French and had to rely on the picture for instructions, I think I would come up with something more along the lines of---

But that’s just me.

I would LOVE to hear your answers and comments ----


End the madness!!!!!!
P.S.--This is my 90th post!! Just 10 more to go!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kelly’s First Date

My Boo went on her first date! It was a double date with 2 boys that have been like her big brothers growing up so it was all good. We had tickets to a local fundraising dinner theatre production that we couldn't use---so we gave them to the 4 of them to use. They were the youngest people there but they loved it and had a great time so I guess it is all good. Her older sister wanted complete photo documentation so that's why I even happen to have photos. Where does the time go???!!!

Getting ready. Can you believe she let me do her make up?! I felt so special!

These next pictures are of her posing after she got all ready.

With her being home schooled I don't have a lot of "posed" type so it was fun to take advantage of the moment!

Plus I got to practice a little more with my camera and with my Photoshop Elements!

And last but not least---right before they left---

Good Will Paid Forward

Found this article on Deseret News today. I would highly recommend you go take a look. A man from Alpine, Ut has taken the whole"pay it forward" idea and ramped it up with technology. You really need to go read about it--I bought myself a sheet of cards and I am really excited to give it a try. I am thinking maybe it will be a little more apart of my thought process if I have that card in my pocket reminding me of ways I could perform a random act of kindness. I like that you get to be anonymous but still see if it has any pay it forward effect. His website is

I have been wanting to do a giveaway for FOREVER. I have slowly been collecting things that represent who I am---ordering 2 of something--one for me and one for the giveaway. So here they sit on my shelf--staring at me--taunting me--I am one of those people that doesn't buy presents very far ahead of time because I practically bust from excitement and end up giving it early. Pathetic, I know. Anyways--I am really trying to make it to 100 posts--but since I am not an everyday type post person I am thinking I will never make it and there is NO WAY I can make it till July and my 1 year anniversary mark--so if there are some random posts here in the future or it seems like I am out of control in posting---you hopefully will understand. I think I have like 86 posts right now---


Just thought I would share......

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Update on Dad

I’ve had a few people ask so I thought I would take a minute and do a Dad update.

He is doing as well as can be expected. He is still on oxygen 24/7 and gets fairly frustrated with tripping over the oxygen ropes, making sure the canister or machine is on, carrying around the oxygen tank, and having those ropes hanging around his ears! But if he goes any time without it the tip of his nose and tips of his ears start to turn purple and it goes quickly downhill from there.

They have started giving him MASSIVE injections of iron that have really given him a lot more energy and that in turn have really lifted his spirits. Enough so that he went to his beloved “Family History Center” for the past 2 weeks for a couple of hours! I am so glad----there for awhile I thought he was going to give up and wither away because he was so depressed.

We have started talking about getting the house ready to sell and moving them to assisted living or building onto their home and moving in to take care of them. Right now we live 25 minutes from their house and so for me just to “pop” over takes about 3 hours out of my day. I really want to be there for them but this is not working. Of course neither option is what they WANT to be considering—so hopefully we will be able to work that out soon.

This picture was taken in March. He just recently celebrated his 74th birthday! This quilt is what I gave him and it has a great story attached to it.

Soooo…. I am NOT a sewer.




But, I really wanted one of these kind of quilts for my Dad to have when he has to sleep in his recliner at night or when he is the hospital—something that was super soft and cozy. It was a dilemma.

Then I remembered my friend T—mm—Trish—who has taught classes at our church on how to make these ragtime quilts-- so I called her—hoping she would guide me through the process.

This next part is a little emotional for me. I hope I can do it justice in words.

After I shared my dilemma, she was quiet for a minute and I thought, “Oh dear, this was too much to ask with her busy, busy schedule.”

Then she said, “Lisa, because I love you and your Dad, I want to make this quilt for you.”

It was the kind of sentence that just takes your breath away. Then makes the tears come, unbidden.

I argued and protested but she prevailed and eventually--- I gratefully accepted.

I went and bought some material and thread and dropped them by her house.

Around 2 weeks later her oldest daughter called and said I could come pick it up.(a history note: I taught all 4 of her children piano when they were growing up and actually loved them very much like my own.) Apparently the 2 oldest daughters helped make it and then another very dear friend embroidered on it. I don’t know if you can see it but it says:

To Dad
Craigrado 3-09

When I was very small my Dad use to ask me who I was and where I lived. I would say, “I’m Lisa Boyce Ann from Craigrado.” It was a little game we would play, over and over. My whole life, my nickname has been Craigrado. (I was actually Lisa Ann Boyce from Craig, Colorado)

When they handed me the quilt, I just held it and cried. That someone would sacrifice their time and talents to make something so beautiful for me was completely overwhelming. It is a debt I cannot repay. When I gave it to my Dad—I cried again.

He LOVES his blanket and carries it everywhere with him.

It has definitely been a---so dark you see the stars—kind of experience.

God bless us….every one…….
And Happy Easter too!