Monday, April 20, 2009


I LOVE old books. I collect old books. I read old books. Did I say I loved old books? I just finished perusing one that my Dad gave me the other day when he was cleaning out his book shelves called, "Tony's Scrapbook" by Tony Won. It is inscribed with, "To Hazel, From Eleanor". Hazel was my Dad's Mom and Eleanor was her cousin. In the foreword it says:

In this sixth edition of "Tony's Scrapbook" the reader will find poems and prose bits which out of thousands read on the air during the year 1933-34 were considered by listeners as best.

This little article was my favorite and goes along with my last Friday flashback about perspective.


Someone has dug up the records of the Lancaster, Ohio, school board back in 1828. In these records there is an account of a proposed debate as to whether railroads were practical or not. Permission was asked to hold the debate in the school house and the minutes of the school board ran as follows: "You are welcome to use the school room to debate all proper questions in, but such things as railroads and telegraph are impossibilities and rank infidelity. There is nothing in the word of God about them. If God had designed that his intelligent creatures should travel at the frightful speed of 15 miles per hour by steam, He would have foretold it through His holy prophets. It is a device of Satan to lead immortal souls down to Hell."

Love it!!

My Grandma Hazel


P.S.—if anyone has the time or inclination to tell me how to schedule posts ahead of time I would be eternally grateful!


Laura... and the boys said...

When you are composing your post, go down below where you do all your writing and choose the date and time posted. If you choose something in the future, it won't post until then.

Laura... and the boys said...

p.s... you might have to click on "post options" next to the labels to get the "date and time" to open up.

Laura... and the boys said...

p.p.s... that story is hillarious! Can you imagine living without all the convenient travel options we have?!!

Mikki said...

Funny, funny story. Can you imagine what they would have thought about all the junk we have today?

Pancake said...

click on post options at the bottom of the page when you are composing. Pick the date and time. When you are finished composing his PUBLISH. It will publish when you want it to

tammy said...

So it's the railroad's fault we're all headed to hell. I knew there was a reason I hated getting stopped at a railway crossings.

Too funny. I love old books too. And my grandma's name was also Hazel.

Mechelle said...

What foresight this story shows. m

did you figure out how to do it?

onlymehere said...

At the bottom of the section where you type your post in it says "Post options." Click on this and to the right you will see the date and time to publish your post. Make sure to put in AM or PM on the post. Then hit "publish post" and it will automatically post the day you selected. I preschedule all my posts!

Cherie said...

That is hilarious! I wonder how many things we have said that about?? I know that when the internet first started to become popular I didn't want it in the house because I thought it would corrupt our family - ha ha. I guess I am just as bad.

If you are interested I have done a 4 part series of Blogging Helps on my blog and these will tell you (with Pictures) how to preschedule posts among other things. The blogging helps label is listed on my sidebar - you just have to click on it.

Have a GREAT day!

Sue said...

I would love to have a look at that book. It sounds pretty cool.

I'm also really glad to find out, indirectly, how to pre-publish posts. I was always trying to do it by putting the date and time I wanted it to publish, but then I was clicking "save" instead of "publish." Now I am in the know.



Mother Goose said...

too funny! I couldn't imagine not having the travel accom. you have to set your date and then hit publish.

Pedaling said...

old books
old photos!
the best!

DesertHen said...

We can finally blame all the worlds troubles on the railroad. It is all their fault...bad, bad, bad of the devil railroad!! Great Story...can you imagine what they would think of the world today!!

Grandma Hazel is beautiful!

And I love old books too!

Carla said...

Ok, I wonder how Satan used the railroad, I KNOW how he is using telephones:)
What a super cool collection, and love the smirk on on Hazel's face, like she knows something we don't:)