Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Can someone explain this to me??!!

We gave a hair “straightener” to my daughter for Christmas. This is a tag that is (was) attached to the cord. I don’t us it myself but it’s in the same drawer as my brush and it has bugged me EVERY SINGLE DAY since we got it! (Yes, I DO brush my hair on a daily basis)

Can we talk?!
I need some answers, some relief from this nightmare.

So…here are just a few of the things I think about while I comb my few graying hairs.

Question #1- So, should this be read, “Eye contact warning for straightening iron in Canada—Not for household use” or “Eye contact warning for straightening iron. In Canada-not for household use”?

(My grammar corrector in Microsoft Word says it is the first one that is correct.)

Is Microsoft made in Canada?

Question #2- Is Canada more concerned about eye contact or household use?

Question #3-Does this mean that in Canada if you don’t use it in your house you can have eye contact with the product?

Question #4-Or, does this mean that if you use it in the house you are not allowed to make eye contact?

Question #5-Does Canada CARE more about its citizens than all the other nations that this product is sold in or does it think its citizens are more STUPID than the people in other nations and therefore paid extra to the manufacturer to have the word “Canada” added?

Question #6-If I live in America and use this iron in the house, and make eye contact with it…does that mean it WILL burn my eye or just COULD if it wanted to. And if it WANTED to—WOULD it just burn my left eye—like in the picture?

Question #7-Do people in Canada only have a left eye? Or did they do a survey of hospitals and found that the left eye got burned 51% more often than the right?

And to these brain freezing puzzlements—I add my one observation—

If I couldn’t read English or French and had to rely on the picture for instructions, I think I would come up with something more along the lines of---

But that’s just me.

I would LOVE to hear your answers and comments ----


End the madness!!!!!!
P.S.--This is my 90th post!! Just 10 more to go!!


bARE-eYED sUN said...

too many questions - our head hurts! :-0

we have our own question, though:
why would one want to iron his eyelashes?

thank you in advance for the anticipated response. :-)


tammy said...

LOL - I wonder the same thing everytime I see the tag on mine! I think flat irons are considered deadly weapons in Canada.

Kudos to you on using this for blog material!

Darla said...

That's as good as the curling iron I bought a few years ago that read, "Warning: Do Not Use While Sleeping."

Jan the crazy lady said...

Funny. I am probably the one that tag is meant for. I do weird things like that. I must be part Canadian :)

Love that you are pumping them out for the 100 post. You go girl.

Cherie said...

Nah It just means that some dumb Canadian burned his/her eye out with the straightener and now people in all countries have to be annoyed with the stupid tag so no one else sues them! ha ha

Da Bergs said...

NO WAY!!! Give me a break! That is wild... actually makes me laugh!

Sher said...

You are too funny! I have to say though that I have accidently burned my eye brow while straightening my hair because I accidentally dropped it.
But, in my opinion, I would guess would be that some idiot in Canada actually did burn their eye on the straightener, and sued the company, therefore prompting them to put a warning to all other stupid people out there.

Anonymous said...

that is so funny!!!! i love reading warning labels.. and wondering WHY they HAD to put them on there!>!!>!>!>

Mother Goose said...

oh my gosh! I love how you looked at that and said I MUST blog about this!! you are a true blue blogger. I hail to you.

DesertHen said... are too funny!

You know some person tried to straighten their eyelashes, which in turn caused a lawsuit, which is why that warning is on the iron now! Why would anyone even think to iron their lashes???? Scary world!

Carla said...

I 'blink' and you go postinglikecrazy!! I'll be 'catching up' today:)
When I see these tags, I'm imagine someone sueing the company and them 'cya' themselves. (so how many IDOITS does it take to get a tag warning people not to put this near? in? on? their eye???? duh!)
Maybe someone in Canada likes to iron out their long eyebrow hair????
When you find out, let us know:)