Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lovin’ It…..

This is a follow up to this post.

I’ve finally transferred all my favorite blogs over to Bloglovin’ and I have been using it awhile and I LOVE it.

**The interface is so clean and crisp.

Since they are not trying to do a million other things besides be a reader--( like Google)-- everything is uncluttered and orderly.

**It is SO user friendly

I am sure I could do all the things I am doing in Blolglovin’ in Google but in Google I could never figure out for the life of me how to do it. You want to add a blog? Just click the button. You want to put some blogs that you read on to your blog? Click the button. Want to delete a blog? Click a button and it actually disappears. (This has been a great way to get rid of all those blogs that I never even visit—or that have deleted me{What's up with that?!}--I feel like a new woman!) Google would never let me delete! LOVE it!

({{}{}{Yes I realize I should be shot for that last mess of punctuation and sentence UN-structure)}}}{}{}{

**Adding categories and putting your blogs in them is a piece of cake!

Now when I am in a hurry I can just click on “Fav” blogs and read and comment and then come come back and catch the craft blogs etc later. And I can erase all posts within a category instead of having to wipe out the entire library.

**Need to discover some new blogs? They’ve got a button for that too!!

I just can’t say enough good about my new blog home! Farewell Google Reader! I would highly recommend that you at least go check it out HERE.

PS-This is not a paid advertisement. But the “Send Lisa to Ireland” fund is always open for donations. Amen.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

*blurb*….excuse me……

I’ve decided to enter the brave frontier of “Blurb” and make a book of our life and times “Under the Garage Door on the Roof”. I thought I would give each of the kids one for Christmas this year. (They rarely read my blog and if by some rare alliance of the planets that I do get said book accomplished—well, we will all be surprised together, won’t we??!!!) Due to this new found desire, and as I collect and edit all the photos---I will be posting , on occasion some sometimes sappy, sometimes unrelated, sometimes from the distant past etc photos and words that will have no meaning except to (hopefully) me and mine. Feel free to skip these and move on with your lovely lives. Today is one of those posts.

These were taken after a rain storm in April, 2010. Our dog, Hershey is no longer with us. It is not because she was eating that dirt. But I remember being a little worried.

hershey eating dirt 2 Until she pulled this face….

hershey with tongue out

Then I caught the cat doing it too…..

Monte eating moss on stump

I know you might think he was licking up moisture, but I promise there was none—he was eating that green stuff. The sneaky little vegetarian that he is…

Monte posed on stumpThis is his best “King of the Forest”—to bad it took him an hour to get up there……I kid…I kid……

The rest of these are just photos of the forest and the lichen, because 100 years from now---people are going to find that absolutely fascinating don’t you know. Hush now…..

close up moss on logSkinny stump 2 moss on rim of stump

Wasn’t that fun??!! I kind of miss my forest, I need to get my behind outside and take some pics of my new 10 acres so I can “bond" with it and stop missing the old place so much. If Spring would come---maybe I just miss Spring…..

Thursday, March 17, 2011

It’s a small town Montana thing…….

This is a …I love the quirky village I live in post…continue at your own peril…..

We are lucky in respect to where we live and work.

He gets to work here:

Philsworktour7-24-2009086Philsworktour7-24-2009096 copyIn the oilfields of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

And I get to live in my quirky, beautiful village here in the middle of nowhere Montana.

I realize this does not always happen.

Today I would like to share with you some of the reasons


First of all I will draw you in with some shots of the breath taking scenery---


Summer038 copyjuly001 copy


Next I will ensnare you with the endearing quirky things that will make you want to book your flight to Montana tomorrow:

IMG_4490I hope you can tell what this is cuz its a treasure---you’ll find it staring out the window of the Laundromat.

IMG_4491Our grocery store parking lot is usually full of these—just hanging around. No leashes.

One time I didn’t see the dog when I got out of my car and as I came around the end of my car….

…. it let out this horrendously deep bark….

to which I screamed like a sissy girl…

….. threw my purse in the air…

….fell to my knees….

….. and about wet my pants.

Thankfully that little morsel has stayed between me and the dog right up until this very moment—what can I say—I’m a sharer.

And there is always a bunch of these but they have always been much more polite-----


This magical store is found on Main Street and my favorite part about it is that white sale sign is out front


This is my favorite mailbox in the WHOLE WORLD…


And this is my favorite thing my kids have ever done to occupy themselves:

Milans Wonderful Slide

And then for my final push—that sales pitch that will bring it home-----

IMG_4486 Can you see it? The little gem tucked over there on the left? Here, let me help you……

IMG_4487 YEP--I know—no words. it’s okay—take a moment………….

…prepare yourself for the final piece of wonderfulness that will have you loading your wagons and heading to Montana post haste--------

100_0909 copy1

Because somewhere in the middle of nowhere Montana people actually dress like this AND they are NOT in a Star Wars movie.

You know you wanna touch that hat…..see if it is made to fit…..

{{{{{{{{deep sigh}}}}}}}}

I LOVE where I live.

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Call! THE Call!!!!!!!

Our family has been on vacation in Idaho this week.

Its a hard thing but we have reached down deep and found the strength to power through.

Our #2 daughter had to go home early to report back to the job thing.

The whole ‘responsible’ thing.

(she gets it from her Dad)

Guess what she found in the mail???!!

HER MISSSION CALL!!!!! (I just spelled mission with 3 s’ and it did not spell correct me—?????)




Oh, okay.

She is going to…….


For those who are not Mormon-- she will be leaving in May for 18 months to go to Nashville to serve and share her knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ with others as she represents our church.

She is very excited and nervous at the moment but at least will be able to sleep. The suspense was killing her.

I on the other hand am calm and cool and collected. I am not worried because I am just going to go with her you see. Problem solved.

ACCKKK!! My baby is leaving me!!!! I don’t take enough medication for this!! How do the rest of you missionary Mom’s do this???!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Love Language has been spoken…..

So my birthday was awhile ago but a friend of mine just recently had a chance to give me her present and since I have been sadly LACKING in the blog post department, I decided to blog about it. Its all I’ve got, people.

This year was the year of….. the Love Language is spoken. My love language is pretty easy to figure out—check out these gifts…..


A head massager and some sort of fabulous covered in gooey marshmallow, sugar and heaven only knows what else, gorp mix—(these 2 things, when used together induce a coma like state that can be likened to something that is like bliss on steroids…..and definitely involves drool....)


Another friend got me this “Faith” sign and I ordered the rest and I am still working on the display but it is nice to have something that feels so springy. I had never seen these before. They are metal and interchangeable and magnetic. Made by the people who make the Willow figurines.



This piece of luscious technology I received for my next 5 birthdays, Valentines Day and our Anniversary. I got one of these cute little baby blue bumpers too—very handy dandy.

Can you guess my love language?

Make sure you don’t confuse it with one of the 7 deadly sins………..