Wednesday, April 27, 2011

“Excuse me, is that a doorknob on your shoulders?”………

My #2 graduated from hair academy a few months back.

She is now my EXCLUSIVE stylist.

She foiled and cut my hair this weekend.

Then she promptly went downstairs to the computer and typed on Facebook (for all the world to see) that she had bought the wrong color and her Mother now looked like………………………. a doorknob.

I can honestly say that I didn’t see that one coming.

Imagine me also, on Sunday morning as I sat in church, and a lady that I speak to maybe once or twice a month comes up to me, stares at me for an extra long minute and then pronounces that she doesn’t think that I look like a doorknob at all. And then walks quickly off.

I can honestly say I didn’t see that one coming either.

Its a good thing I have such a high self esteem so that I didn’t have to sit there the rest of the church meeting wondering who was looking at me weighing in on whether or not I had crossed over to doorknob status or not.

Thank you Nat---for the gift that just keeps on giving.


My #4 and only son has gone and gotten himself old enough to get a restricted use drivers license.

Now you see why we were dyeing my hair, right? We had some serious grey to cover up!

Pro:I now have someone who is excited to go run errands for me again!

Con: I now have someone who wants to go run errands for me roughly every 2 . 5 minutes.

Pro:He can drive his own self to all of his activities!

Con:He is pretty sure he has an activity every 2.5 minutes.

Pro:Having someone to drive ME places so I can enjoy the scenery!

Con: Not being able to see the scenery because we make it from point A to point B in 2 . 5 minutes.

It’s a whole new world people… sure and wave hi if you see me…I’ll be the white faced, white knuckled, “doorknob” plastered to the window of a red Tahoe--- and it probably won’t be “hi” I’m yelling. Just sayin’………


This next part is a early Mother’s Day tribute to myself.

Because sometimes I amaze even myself.

Yesterday was #5’s birthday.Beanb&w5x7

She is 12 years old!

I will get into the—I cannot EVEN believe that she is already that old in one of those birthday tributes everyone loves to hate another day.

But I can’t.

Believe it.

We went out to dinner and then took a cake over to Grandma and Grandpa’s so they could be a part of the fun.

Being the fine example of motherhood that I am—I forgot the candles.

So, Bean turned 43 yesterday. (All my Mom had was those number kind of candles) Time is FLYING, I’ll tell you what.

She was her usual gracious, no big deal self and just blew out the candles and was happy, happy, happy!

Have I mentioned how much I love this child??!


I was going to share how we didn’t dye Easter eggs or do baskets this year and a list of a myriad of other things I’ve let slip by the way side but I can only handle feeling just so good about myself. They say that less is more and right now we have more MORE going on than anyone I know!


There you go—the great doorknob of randomness has spoken…….hope everyone has a happy visual now—you’re welcome!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Beware The Easter Platypus


Last year I put one of those punching bag  thingies in Bean’s Easter basket.

In the package it was all deflated and it said that when we blew it up it would be a bunny.


I think they were lying. But the bow on the ear was a nice touch…………………………………………………………





I am pretty sure we somehow mistakenly got the lesser known but equally pink, Easter Platypus.



I think the poor thing has hemorrhoids.





It scared me a little….okay a lot------ and my kids took exceptional glee in chasing me around the house with it. I had NIGTHMARES PEOPLE…..





Who makes these things??!!IMG_2543



Just thought I would give you a little heads up as you were heading out to do your Easter basket shopping. I’m all about community service…..

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Parable of the Cracked Pot


This could lend itself to all kinds of funny, I know, I know.

Unfortunately, I’m swinging a little low these days so I’ve got nothing.

I love this story, I found it on Beyond Blue.


A water-bearer carries two large pots on a yoke across his shoulders up the hill from the river to his master’s house each day. One has a crack and leaks half its water out each day before arriving at the house. The other pot is perfect and always delivered a full portion of water after the long walk from the river.

Finally, after years of arriving half-empty and feeling guilty, the cracked pot apologized to the water-bearer. It was miserable. “I’m sorry that I couldn’t accomplish what the perfect pot did.”

The water-bearer says, “What do you have to apologize for?'”

“After all this time, I still only deliver half my load of water. I make more work for you because of my flaw.”

The man smiled and told the pot. “Take note of all the lovely flowers growing on the side of the path where I carried you. The flowers grew so lovely because of the water you leaked. There are no flowers on the perfect pot’s side.”

I love the story because the perfect pot wasn’t the bad guy—he still got the water to the master but the cracked pot had a purpose too, a redeemable quality--

Some days, a few flowers a long the path means everything…….

And some days the Atonement means even more…..

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kelly Boo

WARNING:If parental sentimentality and birthday tributes make you want to pound your head against your computer screen ---

You should probably leave now.

Seriously-I get it—flee now!!

18 years and some change ago—I got this prize from the stork----

kelly 1

She was #3 and my third girl and a huge surprise as we were told we couldn’t have any more!

She has a lovely, happy, sweet disposition

posed kelly 1997


She also has a temper that goes from 0 to 100 in 1.5 seconds that has been and is a force to be reckoned with….

kelly jammie elves grumpy 1995She has grown in beauty on the outside and the inside……

scan0010She is one of my favorite people to spend time with…..PBSoftgfdg

She loves books, just like me…

She loves playing the piano, just like me….

She loves taking pictures, just like me…

But what I love best is……..she just loves me.

Isn’t that amazing?!

She’s amazing!!!

She has even promised to let me come live with her when I am old and feeble minded…

…well…OLDER and MORE feeble minded…hush now and let me have my delusions of sanity………