Monday, January 11, 2010

Gone but not forgotten….

My better half and favorite son have been in Utah this past week, leaving 3 of us girls to aimlessly mill about awaiting their return.



Testosterone free, that's what we be.

I have nothing particularly interesting or funny to share.

Still working on the Christmas letter. Don’t judge me.

Speaking of holiday epistle’s…

I finally gave up trying to be in charge and just kept snapping pictures, hoping I might get one good one.

The first time I looked at them on the computer, I couldn’t see a single one that I felt was good enough to send in our Christmas letter.

Then my #3 daughter walked in my room, looked at my computer screen and said,” That was the funnest photo shoot we have ever had. I LOVE these pics. What a great memory!”

Funny how a few words can completely change your perspective.

The second time I looked through the pictures, I could hardly find one I didn’t like.

So, I give you part 2 of “the funnest photo shoot ever”……

Acid Washnatleg copy

Sun Kissednatandbean


Sun Kissedmilancheese

Pro Rose Goldmikelgroup

IMG_3547 copytaemi

Pro Rose Goldgroupc

This one is the one I will probably send with the letter but……..

….this next one is the one that TRULY shows the personality of each of my children…

Kelly—3rd girl, middle child, THE MIX

        Drama queen like Nat and “kiss

        my wha?!” of Tae

Taelor--kiss my wha? with a side order

               of the most tender of hearts-#1

Natalie—It’s me! It’s me!

Not only do I need to be center stage

         but I will be taking up ALL of it

      thank you very much--#2

Milan—Too cool, I can tease my sisters

              till they scream and cry  but

              don’t anyone else even think about


Angel Bean—always wanting to be doing

                     what everyone else is..

                      Always watching, always


  Sun Kissedposers