Friday, April 10, 2009

Flashback Friday


This is my Facebook profile picture. I thought it was pretty safe that no one would ever remember THIS girl. I know I had forgotten her. But then, when I found the picture, it all came flooding back. Okay, maybe more like trickling---it’s a process people—one that seems to involve water---anyways….

Here are a few of the things I remember about this day:

*I remember this was the first time I was ever on a “real” stage.

*I remember this was taken in Fairbanks, Alaska

*I remember this was the first bodysuit/leotard I had ever worn. It had snaps in the crotch area. Kinda like a baby “onesie” for big kids. I remember trying to get this on in a bathroom stall. I couldn’t get mine to stay snapped. I would straighten up and start to put on that spiffy vest with streamer thingie and the bodysuit would fly up and hit me in the face. Over and over again till I finally had to straddle the toilet and push those snaps closed with all my little might for it to stay hooked. I also remember walking like I had ridden a horse for 5 days the whole time I had it on.

*I remember the grown-ups demanding that I take off my glasses so there would be no “glare”. I also remember that they gave them back after they pushed me out on stage for that picture and I promptly walked right off the edge of the stage. But I did it with a smile on my face and my arms in the “proper” position, by golly.

(When I was 18 months old, I got my first pair of glasses. Apparently my little toddling self kept crashing into doors and walls until they finally took me in to see what the matter was. Yeah—pretty much legally blind))

*I remember this was it—I was hooked on performing—blinded by the spotlight—tripping up and down stairs----falling into the orchestra pit-snaps riding up in odd places--wanting to be on stage for the rest of my life—HOOKED


Mother Goose said...

i love your memories. they made me laugh! AND I am so glad they gave you your glasses back but at least you were SMILING the entire time!!

tammy said...

Oh that is hilarious! I had forgotten about the leotards that snapped. They were such a pain. I'm afraid I have some pictures that could go along quite nicely with yours.

Tink said...

What a great picture! And I so remember those leotards that "snapped" in the crotch area! We must be around the same age! Lol. You were a cutie!

Cherie said...

What a great picture and a great memory! I love all the joy on your little girl face. Sweet!!

I had totally forgotten about those leotards that snapped but I had them too. Funny!

Sorenson Family said...

I LOVE flashback Fridays with you. Who can forget the onesies for older kids. Thanks for making me laugh.

Sher said...

Ha! I can just see you waltzing right off the stage! That's funny!
I had a similar outfit when I was young. Actually, it was my Mom's. She was in some dance group or something and it was an old costume of hers. I used to put it in on pretend I was Wonderwoman.

DeNae said...

Yep, I had those snappy leotards, too. I'm interested in the whole Fairbanks thing. You have an interesting bio, sister!

Poor baby, less than two and already wearing glasses!

And I'm sorry, but in what universe is "no glare" preferrable to "no concussion"?

nikkicrumpet said...

Ok...that has to be the BEST flashback picture of all time! You look so totally exhilerated! I have never seen that much joy wearing fringe in my entire life. I LOVE that picture. And the story was pretty funny too! Glare is bad...falling off the stage..not so bad. Hmmm I'm confused by their logic lol

Jan the crazy lady said...

I love it Lisa. What a cutie. So full of spunk I can see.

I hated those snap crotched body suits. But they at least kept your shirt tucked in. Some girls I know could use those snaps about now :)

Have a wonderful Easter.

Sue said...

This is a great pic, and I love hearing about these fun memories.


DesertHen said...

At least you had a cute costume to wear. The first time I was on stage I tap-danced in a kangaroo costume!!!!! (in front of the whole town!!)