Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Sound Off

Okay folks--4 comments--4???!!!!!!!! That's all I get??! Granted--I have never been a double digit blog but still--4???!!!!!!!!! I was excited to have 47 followers until I read somebodies comment, somewhere today and they said they just keep following people because they have no idea how to stop. Although that thought could lend itself to a deep and spiritual post--it still took all the gas out of my tractor. Dang.

Do you consider military intelligence to be an oxymoron?
What about government organization?
Silent alarm?
Jumbo shrimp?
okay--I'll stop---Microsoft Works??? AAHHH--I just can't help myself................

Actual conversation in my car this evening, when we pulled up to a 4 way stop at the intersection of 4 cow pastures. There were 3 pastures with your plain old garden variety cows and one with some scary looking long horned beasties.

Me: Why in the world would anybody want to raise that kind of cow?
Child: I dunno
Me: It would be like taking your life in your own hands each time you even tried to get near one!!
Child:I think they would probably be a hazard to each other. Like--
"Hey Bob"
Maybe it was funnier when you could see the hand motions.....

Word nerds untie--whoops--unite. Normal people save the trees and whales--I adopted a word. Oh yes I did. I adopted--ICASM. At Save the This site CRACKS ME UP! They are trying to save the old words that get kicked out of the dictionary.
Icasm means: figurative expression
Here is my sentence:
"The President's address was full of icasms, which probably means he didn't understand it either."
I shall try and use this word on my blog as often as possible--amen.

Somebodies dove is in one of my pine trees---please come get it down and take it home. N-O-W-

How do you guys do this whole----write on your blog daily AND jump around and read every one's blog AND leave comments??I'm glad I only have 7 more posts till my giveaway---way too stressful. It would probably be helpful if I could make myself a little less wordy--how do you guys do that too??!!

What is your definition of a redneck? How about poor white trash? It has to do with an up coming post.


annie said...

Rednecks are all those people who start coming out of the woodwork to make it to the Tanana Valley State Fair... where are all these people the rest of the year and do they put their hands on the apples at Fred Meyer?? Another reason to wash your produce.

White trash is busting out the fine china (the heavier duty paper plates- chinet) and using the clear forks and spoons when company comes over. It is also having more than one car broken in your yard. It can also mean that you're not afraid to go to the store in just sweats and your jammie top, but decide that you had better wear a sweatshirt or some sort of a pullover to hide the fact that you're not wearing a bra... you know, since you'll be in public.

How do I know so much? My butt is plain white trash. We didn't know it as kids, but lookin' back we was the largest group of ragamuffins you ever laid eyes on. We were clean most of the time, but I have pictures to prove our hillbillyness.... dont' even ask for them cause they are NOT getting posted! :o)

Does that help you??!! :o)

Mother Goose said...

I used to have posts saved in drafts or already pre-posted so that when the day came it would automatically pop out on the right date.

However, we me working I went through my pre posts and now their are none. LOL

But, if I have an idea or something I want to share. I immediately write about it or load the pictures so that half the work is done.

I had an issue with following. I would go to each of my followers blogs and make a comment at least once a week. However, I noticed some people follow but they never comment.

Comments are precious, so now I make sure I comment as soon as someone comments to my blog. In email, when I get my messages. I just click their name and read and leave a comment. So, its comment for comment. I think that's fair and it takes the guilt out.

If I have time then I will peruse and drop comments as I so feel.
I am up to date with my blog list so as it updates I keep up with the posts. This only works if you check it daily. Google reader is good to read all posts for the week then you can leave one long comment on the last post.

Scrappy Girl said...

I have a list of my fave blogs on my sidebar and I click on one or two when I am checking in on my blog during breaks in my day.

Jan the crazy lady said...

You are so funny Lisa. I love it.

You are a redneck if you don't question expiration dates on food.

I can't think of anything else. :(

Oh blogging is tricky. I have thoughts always in my head. I do what I can and then it's all family after that. I have to balance it all out or something suffers and I don't want it to be the family. Take care and your awesome.

DesertHen said...

When I started blogging I was still a stay at home mom....then I got this wild idea to apply for a job never thinking in a million years they would hire me. Hire me they did and now its work, work, work for me. I love it...but my blog time is way down. I try to get my posts done on the weekends, but that doesn't always happen. There are tons of things I want to blog about, but I keep putting them off. Sometimes I will blog on my lunch hour or sometimes I will read blogs at lunch. I try to catch up on blog reading over the weekend. Like I'm doing now. I try to read all the posts I have missed on my favorite blogs and leave a comment. At first I felt guilty for not blogging every day or reading and leaving comments....but I let that feeling go. Now I just do what I can when I can and know that the rest of the world is busy too.

I love the "save" the words idea...I just might have to go adopt one myself. Oh and then I could blog about it or at least think about blogging about it...he,he

DeNae said...

Well, where does one begin? With a son planning a career in military intelligence and a husband who has made quite a nice living working in the intelligence division of a major government organization and a father whose life and the life of his employees were likely saved because of a silent alarm and whose favorite sea food of all time is jumbo shrimp, I have to say each of those words and terms mystify me as much as anyone!

And living in Las Vegas, what redneck mostly means is "what I end up with when I forget the sunscreen."

I'm sorry; evidently I'm of no use to you whatsoever today, Lisa!

DeNae said...

My kids are such maniacs they totally distracted me when writing that last comment, and it wasn't until it went up that I realized I started down the road to one thought and ended up on another road entirely.

My apologies to you and lovers of the language everywhere.

Cherie said...

You are so funny! Did you have a little too much Dr. Pepper when you wrote this?? Laughing at the randomness.
I really only write on my blog a couple times a week (usually 3) unless I have something I need to jot down (the blog is my scrapbook) but 3 is average and I follow people so that I can check the new posts that way I don't check all blogs everyday.
Have a Good one! :D

Anonymous said...

i have a little different idea of Rednecks and all that since i live in "da South"....

rednecks are actually hard workers that got sunburns on thier necks from framing all day long and my dad has a permanent red neck from farming for years. so when i hear Redneck, i think of a hardworker and those people who act all DUMB get on my LAST NERVE... because thost lazy bums give the REAL REDNECKS a bad name!!!! lol

Anonymous said...

and look at your comments now... you are almost into the Double Digits!

Anonymous said...

Oh wait... lookie lookie...
you ARE in the double digits!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

and ignore all my typos in my first comment :)

Mechelle said...

I am sorry. I have been out of blogging for the past little while. Please forgive. m

Mechelle said...

Just wanted to say that you are too cool and I love your blog. m

Mechelle said...

OK, to answer your question. My computer is my job and I blog to keep my mind from going numb.

If I think of something,I will post it. Than ALL day I check my post to see if anyone cares. I love it when they do. Sometimes they don't and that is ok too. But more fun to have lots of feedback. m

onlymehere said...

Okay, I see you have 15 comments before me so life should be looking up. True confession, if I didn't work on my computer I wouldn't check blogs so often. I do it while work is downloading. I don't post everyday and can't figure out how people do. My posts are usually long but that's me.....I talk to much (true story). Just do it you way bz that's the way I like it!

onlymehere said...

Make that "just do it YOUR way" not "just do it YOU way." Sheesh what a dumb typo!

Sherrie Shepherd Piano Music said...

I think there are a lot of people not commenting lately (including me).
It seems to be the season of "I've been blogging too much, I need to get my life back in order"

Sue said...

All I know is, I just finished reading this and I'm cracking up.


funky bag freak said...

You are such a funny gal!

Did you carry your fishing pole into Sea World?

That's all I the redneck I got~

Laura... and the boys said...

you're cracking me up! Sorry for the lack of comments on my part- you're always so nice to leave them for me... Just been sooo busy lately. Maybe I'll run into you at Costco some day and actually meet you :)

Carla said...

Loving your 'Icasm's;0