Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Me---the condensed version

Yes--I am spending way too much time on You Tube---yes, this made my insides wrench just listening to this (not because of her singing--because of the reality stress it induced) ---yes, I really wish she would have worn a top with sleeves and--- yes, I watched it like 10 times---hope you can love me anyways----

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Heres whats happening at my house......

Its December 27th--I'm just sayin............................

Friday, December 26, 2008

Parcel Praise!!!!! Parcel Praise!!!!

This is a little late but wanted to express the thrill I and my mailbox experienced when we received my Secret Santa package!!! (It WAS here before Christmas--I just got a little busy--sorry) It was from DesertHen!! I had to run right over to her blog and learn more about her--she and I are both in the middle of nowhere--just in different states. She sounds like so much fun--I am looking forward to getting to know her and stalking her --of course! Here is picture of the fabulous goodies I received!

How kind of her!! And how in the world did she know that I have a "thing" for chocolate with krispies in it??!! And lovely things to keep my toes and fingers warm--yeah! I also didn't realize that anybody but my family knew about my obsessive note writing--such a cute pad and pen! AND I don't even try to buy cute Christmas towels because inevitably my husband or children use them for something they shouldn't--so these cheered up my little kitchen fabulously! Isn't that a cute stocking and an ornament for my pear tree. Sorry--was just going for that 12 days thing. Thank you sooo much DeseretHen--and Redhoodoos--for organizing it all--fun stuff!!

And before I go--a big THANK YOU to my buddy Annie--over at carot tops are green--for the absolutely incredible calendar completely full of pictures of her son, Brett!! I have been begging for months for a Priority Mail Box full of Brett--this is the next best thing--thanx girlfriend--for feeding my addiction!

Our Christmas was Merry except for the glitches we experienced getting my husband back to work with all the delays Alaskan Airlines experienced. Natty is home and Tae will be here on the 30th. What a treat--all my kidlets--HOME--definitely a tender mercy from my Heavenly Father. Hope all is well with you and yours--here's to a very BRIGHT New Year!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Houses of Gingerbread--the final chapter

Seasonal Salutations!!

The holidays seem to be carrying me away! I have been lurking a little though and have been amazed that others out there struggle to find the Spirit of Christmas while providing it for everyone else. I thought it was just me. But I have also been really uplifted by what I have read detailing what others have done to find the Spirit--I love blogworld!!!

Soooo--I promise this is the last of the gingerbread saga--I almost have my book done--my Dad's health is declining quickly and I think he will treasure this as he has to sit around more. One of my dearest friends just lost her father last week---he was helping to lift a freezer out of a truck for his daughter down in Utah--he lost his footing--fell over the side--cracked open his head and never recovered consciousness before he passed away. It was a big, traumatic, unexpected event and they have just all returned here to Montana and the funeral is tomorrow. The logical side of me knows that he has passed through the veil and because of his valiance here on earth--he will be in the celestial kingdom for sure. I also know that his life was full of service and he has left his children, grandchildren and great- grandchildren a rich legacy of great examples. He was a farmer/rancher and although he was at least 75 years old--he was in tremendously good health and it would have killed him to have grown old and sickly. But my heart seems to know nothing of these things. It just aches for his loss. It aches for my friend as she enters this part of her life and has to figure out how to care for her mother and carry on for her family. So anyways--that has just added an extra push for me to complete this book--so my Dad can have a visual reminder of how much I cherish him

I will hush up now-----



That's it--there isn't anymore--
You young mothers--I know that small children can be both physically and mentally exhausting and it seems like you will be in terminal toddler hood forever--but look closely at my gingerbread posts--it does pass--and way too quickly---hang in there--make lots of memories--it is SOOOO way worth it---
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

IT'S ME!!!!! IT'S ME!!!!! I WON!!!! I WON!!!!!

O MY GOODNESS!! KitchenDitcher just left me a comment that I won her giveaway!!! I NEVER WIN!! I am so excited to have won such a great book--see post below. Her daughter is the author--thanx so much Kitchen Baby!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Lisa needs..........

I know, I know--the title alone could take your mind down a million different paths--but--I did it--I buckled under the heavy weight of curiosity---I googled--Lisa needs---

Imagine my surprise when the first 5 links did not say---mental help!!

And I probably wouldn't have posted the results--but it's killing me---you'll see why

1. Lisa needs braces--wow--random--I just posted about the fact that almost my entire family has needed or will need braces--didn't think about me...


3.lisa needs braces--hmmm--how weird is that--that 1 and 3 are both the same??!!

4.Lisa Needs Braces--maybe I need to go take a good look in the mirror...???

5.Lisa needs braces--well, I guess I could use some on my lower teeth...

6.Lisa needs a nap--and a million dollars--neither one is going to happen...

7.Dr. Wolfe, Lisa is going to need braces--great--someone thought I needed a second opinion..

8.Dental plan: Lisa needs braces---hey--I have my OWN insurance...

9. What Lisa needs in her Kitchen--a maid/cook

10.Lisa needs our prayers and has no health insurance--prayers yes--insurance--see #8

11.Lisa needs braces----ALRIGHT ALREADY!!! My 2 front teeth do indent a little--I'll make an appointment!!

Seriously--so what I'm thinking this is saying is that everyone--and I do mean everyone has gone on line and googled the fact that I need braces-- but no one had the guts to tell me to my face? Like I said--it's killing me....

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gingerbread Memory Lane part 3

I really enjoyed stalking today--everyone's blogs and houses are so festive! I love your tender thoughts and deep thoughts and great reminders. Hope everyone is soaking up the holiday happiness that is going around. I have decided to make a little scrapbook, for my Dad, full of all our gingerbread memories with him--so have been busy scanning in photos. Thought I would share the rest with you all-----

Sweet little Kelly

Milan finally joins us---don't you just want to eat him up??!

I'm just spitballing--but I'm thinking gumdrops were her candy of choice...

And it also appears that Tae was stuck with the mother of all holiday bows again---poor child!


Isn't my Dad the cutest??!! Have I mentioned he is my hero's???

I'm wondering about the black..............did I miss something about this child??!

Ahhhh--looks like we began braces this year---it seems like one of our girls has had braces every year since then.......ahhhh memories....

Oh look---more metal to go with our frosting!!!

I MISS THIS LITTLE BOY!!! Much more yummy than any of that frosting!!


I LOVE this one of my Dad--he is such a keeper---

Don't know why I can't find any of Tae and Nat for this year---but Kelly's house was black again--I cannot believe that I missed this at the time---poor child was probably screamming out or attention or something--or maybe she just liked black......

Check out the windows on this baby--good thing he's so cute cuz he won't be making any money as an arcitecht (sp?) anytime soon......


My 2 best men--love the hat Pood.. and for heaven's sake someone find that poor child's 2 front teeth!!!

Sorry--just had to put this one in there--check out Natty--hee--hee----

This is my brother--Hans--with Kelly and Tae--time is surely flying, isn't it???


The long awaited--Natty at work---

Our baby Bean finally joins us--don't you just want to nibble on those cheeks--mmmm-----

Yes!! Miss Kelly Sunshine AND a RED house--

Whoa--back the grown up and blossomed train!!! Love the hand puppet.......

This is a treasure for sure--check out the concentration!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


My daughter just gave me her Christmas present--she started a blog---AAAAHHHHH!!!!! I am a nerd with issues--I know--but I am really excited--check her out!! http://nattybqt.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gingerbread Ghosties part 2

My hubby got home last night--woo-hoo! Now we can begin Christmas!! I have gotten a few decorations up but the tree and lights and shopping have been waiting for him. He has to go in for his first colonoscopy tomorrow----this is an ugly procedure--and we haven't even been to the hospital yet!! Enough said. Tomorrow night is my final enrichment mini class till after the new year. My VERY LOVELY friend Sheila is doing a chocolate dipping demonstration--she runs a local chocolate dipping factory--I AM SOOOOO LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS!!!!

Soo--over Thanksgiving--since we had already done the family thing--and one of my dearest friend's sons was getting married in the Las Vegas Temple---we (Kelly,Natalie,Angel, Milan and me) decided to do a road trip. Soooo--on Thanksgiving day we were actually in Elsinore, UT and then the next day we drove on down to Las Vegas.

(SIDE NOTE: Natalie is currently living in Orem, UT and working as a nanny for 3 families (all sisters). They are sisters to the boy Nat is writing on his mission. You get 100 points if that makes sense to you!! The whole family has adopted Nat and been so wonderful to her.

The parents of the boy on a mission that Nat is writing have a second home in Las Vegas. They are so generous and gracious--they opened the home to us for the 2 nights we were in Vegas. It is a magnificent home in a beautiful gated community and we had it all to ourselves. It was like heaven on earth after all that traveling. My friend put on a fabulous reception for her son and the whole trip was TOTALLY worth it!



I love it--in their jammies but we have bows in the hair.

The reason I said leave me alone was because my girls mock me constantly about their puffy bangs and lots of BIG bows. I think I missed the 80's...

I fiddled with this picture cuz I really loved Nat's eyes. That's my Dad with her and her house.


I loved this one cuz once again Nat was eating--not decorating (see 1991)

and once again--Tae is decorating..... 1994

Sorry--had to put this one on--Nat eating and Tae decorating--I promise I didn't take these pics for these reasons--promise....


My Dad is sooo awesome and there is Tae decorating and Nat entertaining--gotta love it....


Kelly finally joins the festivities---Tae's bow has to be the mother of all bows--don't ya think??!!

Evidence that Nat did decorate.....


My Dad is my hero---what is Nat doing now???

Soooo--sorry to go on and on--but I am using my blog as motivation for journaling and I want this all recorded--the big thrill is that tomorrow is installment 3--woo-hoo!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Author!!! Author!!

My bloggy friend--Kitchenditcher---her daughter just had a book published!! Woo0hoo!! It has over 150 game ideas and is called, "Play Together, Stay Together"
Kitchen Ditcher is giving a copy away just in time for Christmas--double woo-hoo!! Go here to enter http://kitchenditcher.blogspot.com/

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Ghosts of Gingerbread past....

It's been a great day for lurking and seeing all of your Christmas spirit--very inspiring!! Thanx for all the kind words--I feel so loved and missed--you guys are the best-

We had our family Thanksgiving on November 22 because Phil had to go back to Alaska on the 25th. Everyone was home--I cooked dinner--and then promptly got the flu. Didn't get even a bite of T-day yumminess until Monday. Big bummer. Kelly got it too--she didn't get to decorate a house either. But it was great to have everyone home--it's weird to look at all these photos from the past and realize that I'm already to the point in my life where my children are leaving the nest!!

Gingerbread 1989

The first Phil Bishop family gingerbread house. That is Taelor with my Dad's mom--Hazel Boyce--Grandma Hazee. Look at those yummy cheeks and concentration!

Grandpa Bob, Grandmas Hazee and Tae

1990 Sugar Cookies

More yummy cheeks and concentration--Phil and Natty

Tae---yes I had issues about the use of hair bows---leave me alone....

Sugar Cookies 1991

It appears that Tae was decorating and Nat was eating--look--no bows!!

More tomorrow--I know--I know--you can't wait---

Sunday, December 7, 2008

"The news of my death have been greatly exaggerated"--my buddy Mark Twain

Oh---hello you beautiful bloggy people!! Its been awhile. My heart is slowly healing and my desire communicate with the outside world is beginning to grow---so I thought I would try a little test run blog. I have been struggling with a bad case of apathy towards blogging and Christmas--I am hoping that writing might help me get in the spirit. As I have been lurking--I've noticed that alot of the people I follow have been taking blogcations and still more that seem to be having heavy burdens thrust upon them. Some are struggling to find the Christmas spirit. It has been good to know these things--I think it helps me buck up a little bit more knowing I am not alone!

Instead of a long, drawn out blog--I thought I would share--with the 2 people that might be reading my blog--some of our Christmas traditions and Christmas' past. Then I can continue to use my blog for my journal!! Yeah--a twofer!! I'll throw in a little of what we have been up to along the way. First off--Kelly is still enjoying her miracle. She continues to heal and is now able to run up and down stairs a little!! Amazing!!

One thing we have done every year since our little family began--is either decorated gingerbread houses or sugar cookies--sometimes both! One of my best Christmas memories from my youth is of decorating sugar cookies. My Dad is the one who has mostly kept the gingerbread house tradition with my children.

Our pictures this year aren't so great--they were taken with my parent's camera.


The decorating

The finished masterpieces!

(does anyone else think Nat has some issues??!!)

We did them over Thanksgiving--it was so fun having everyone home!! So--the next few days I will be taking you back in time--to gingerbread pasts. I will be out and about--lurking and even commenting on all of my fav blogs---it feels good to be back!