Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Flagrant Fido Flattery OR This is for you Shad....

It has come to my attention that my nephew who gave us Obi (the dog):
Has been disappointed by the lack of post relating to said dog.

Far be it from me to be the source of ANYONE'S disappointment.

(That's not true. My getting up in the morning causes a string a disappointments so great they are thinking of erecting a statue in my honor. But I digress....)

So I am going to post a couple of silly little video's Boo took for Shad. It's okay if no one else wants to watch them--I understand--but they are kind of funny--in a --itsmydogandisn'thethecutestdogyouhaveeverseen kind of way.

Hope all of you that made it this far have a great day!!!

And no matter what anyone says, there is no video of me doing the hula while on Ambien....I don't know where these rumors get started.....

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I get by with a little help from my friends……

This is my Fabulous friend Julie and her Fabulous daughter Emma with my Fabulous daughter Kelly at the movie theater

(oh yes I did stand up and take a picture, right there in the theater—and yes—I don’t get out much---why do you ask???)

20110110_0532 copybw

We went and saw this:


I had such a good time AND I really enjoyed the movie!


Julie is one of my favorite people in the WHOLE world! We have been friends for what seems like forever but in reality is probably more like 15 years or so. Her oldest daughter and my oldest daughter were the same age and we met through school activities. I have always been drawn to Julie like a moth to a flame for  many reasons but I think if I had to choose one it would be her incredible sense of self worth. She is quite frankly, one of the most self assured people I know. That, and she loves me. I make her giggle---a lot. I like that. A lot. She laughs really loudly at movies and plays. And I like that a lot too. She is also one of the finest pianists I know. Love it! As a matter of fact---there is nothing I don’t like about this remarkable woman. I love Julie! Thanx for being my friend and including me in your life--- and your circle of friendship—Julie,you are definitely a FOREVER FRIEND.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Discovered this.
Trying this.
You don't need to follow--it's just what I had to post at the top--I just want to use it it like a Google Reader....
Will keep you posted.....

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What happens in Mama’s Jacuzzi tub……stays in Mama’s Jacuzzi tub…….


Things have been a little slow in the news department around the old homestead.

The Christmas tree is down, but the stockings are still up…’s a process people.

The Studmuffin, Boy-Child and Bean are out of town this week, leaving Kelly and I  to bask in our, “Sweet Silence, Testosterone Free, Eat frozen dinners every night, watch every musical and episode of Gilmore Girls” blissdom.

My #2 daughter is moving home because she is thinking she wants to prepare to go on a mission for our church. Obviously this is one of those cases of--- the child turned out all splendid and spiritual IN SPITE of what her Mother did or didn’t do. It will be lovely having her here but hard to have to say good-bye again so soon. She also took her State boards and is a licensed Cosmetologist! Huzzah!

My refrigerator may or may not be  sustaining a life form or two that makes me afraid to open the door.

Speaking of unidentified life forms in unexpected places…… (like that lead in, huh, huh???)


This is my double seater jacuzzi bath tub.

Those are 4 of my children.

They all have their swimming suits on.

That is some of the bath jelly I made for my girls for Christmas.

Guess it really does foam up just fine.

I have no idea how this came about.

I blame this all on their Father’s genes.

I only lasted long enough to get the pictures.

The party lasted for quite awhile, I heard.


I am still finding crusty bubbles in unexpected places………… me………

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What’s in a word?!


One word.


It’s cold here.




{{I could play all day with my Thesaurus}}

Our new house has radiant floor heating and it isn’t feeling very radiant.

And yet…..

We just had to mortgage our second cousin’s, uncle’s new house to pay the propane bill.

Speaking of words……..

I see all over the internet that people do this thing where they choose a “word of the year” kind of thing.

Quite honestly, I sort of mocked it at first. Mostly because I was sure that, like New Years resolutions, I wouldn’t be able to sustain it past January 2nd.

But the thought has taken hold and bumped around in that empty space between my ears until it dawned on me that the very reason I didn’t want to do it……… provided me with the perfect word!


Behind the masks. Beneath the pain. In that place where I still keep a little happiness and faith safely tucked away----I long for strength.


The strength to walk a mile……………..


The strength to smile more and to be less cynical….


The strength to say “yes” to my family more often…….


The strength to gather my family for scripture study and prayer, DAILY……..


Most of all, the mental and emotional strength to realize the difference between “my strength” and the “power of the Lord”………………..


One year.

One word.

An interesting experiment………………………….

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Willy Nilly Ghosts of Christmas Past

Feel free to FLEE---
Christmas wrap up ahead-----
Comments are off---(can you believe I figured out how to do that??!!)

So, sometime BEFORE Christmas we..........

Put up our advent calendars............
Beanie had a Playmobile one and
Milan had a Lego one as usual...
Kelly wanted a riddle/scavenger hunt one so I made one up in a muffin tin...
Then came the annual gingerbread house decorating. Grandpa Bob and Grandma Lola joined us and brought the stuff...we supplied the house. Hard work that was...
Hydrolics were needed to keep things from sliding from rooftops....
Serious faces.......
I think that guy on the left is bald with a long white beard and the tree on the right is a "closet" cyclops...scary....
more serious faces....

Then Kelly picked us out a tree (the first live one we've had in around 10 years!!) And we got it up and decorated...
I buy or make new ornaments for the kids each year to represent their year...this is Kelly's because she spent the year going around saying, "I'm so ninja" or, "Did you see that ninja move?". And can you believe I found this green one on Etsy???!! I LOVE Etsy!

This was my first ornament as a child. A rudolph thats lost his "Shiny" nose. Oh how I love unwrapping this one each year and putting it on the tree! I am such a GEEK!
I bought a more current one to keep him company a few years back but they just seem very uncomfortable around each other.
This ornament contained the second wedding ring Studmuffin gave me when I lost the my first one. So romantic.
This is my Angel. Angel Moroni. LOVE it. What else can I say?!
This is the ornament I made for Tae. It is of her and her boyfriend of 5 years that passed away this year. She loved it. We shared tears and hugs.
That's about it--keep all hands and feet inside the ride until it has come to a full and complete stop. Thank you for riding Lisa's Looney Lines--come again soon....