Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A winter wassail woo-hooo…….


Is it Christmas yet?

With the rain gently falling on the snow outside, it’s so hard to tell.

 Miss me much?


I thought so.


I’ll skip the boring details. Here a crisis, there a crisis. You know how it goes.

I have been sneaking around, here and there, reading about you all though—I’ve needed the laughs, the mental escape, the drooling on my keyboard over your Christmas cooking!!

I have 30 pans of sugar cookies waiting to be baked as we speak…seriously…no really. I am hosting my first annual piano student Christmas party. We will play all our Christmas pieces for each other and decorate and eat sugar cookies. I use the term “we” loosely. I am not sure I can be trusted to be the responsible adult for an hour and a half at such an event. I’m not sure I can trust 12 children for an hour and a half at such an event. Pray for us all….

especially the cookies.

Speaking of drooling, (mentally and physically, of course) I have an new Apple with a 27” screen! It is the most fabulous thing my hubby has ever given me. You have no idea how lovely it is to be able to actually SEE things on my computer screen!! 27” screens are celestial baby!! Of course now I am not due for another present till the year 2020. That has been another thing that has kept me busy, learning and transferring---a huge time drain cuz I am a little slow on the uptake.

Oh! My computer guru, whom I now worship, retrieved my pictures!!! It was nothing short of a miracle! Walking on water..pfft…(not being irreverent,do not report me to the miracle police)  I want to blog about the happenings that have happened so I can do one of those books for the year so for the rest of the year I will be doing catch up---feel free to skip it all. There is bound to be sentimental smarm leaking out all over the place.

Speaking of sentimental, my Dad is holding his own. My Mom just called and said they had to take him into the hospital because he had been throwing up. They think it is the flu. Hopefully it will pass quickly for him.

So the first pics I want to share with you are from the”photo shoot” I tried to have at Thanksgiving with my kids. Good grief, I think it was actually easier when they were younger. I won’t post them all tonight—I give you…


Okay kids, lets try the porch first…KIDS! PORCH! NOW!


Everyone look at ME!


The other ME!

Yes, Milan, I know you are big and strong and I know you think you can lift Nat now, but don’t…


I don’t think you are quite…..


Yep, there she goes……


Sure, take your time, I’m not going anywhere, glad you’re alright…..

To be continued…..

Friday, October 16, 2009

The 426th way to use my "essential oil" lime bathroom spray

Oh, hello.

For that faithful 10 of you that are wondering, I am still alive.

My life overfloweth with abundant "events" that seem to conspire to keep me from investing a little time into my blog life.

Reality is such a blog kill.

The cool whip on the pudding was when my external hard drive frizzed and took EVERY SINGLE one of my photos with it. If it is that important that you use a 5 volt adapter instead of a 12 volt one---they should write it in MUCH bigger font.


My computer doctor thinks he might be able to save it---- pray for me, and my hard drive. I can barely focus on anything else---ALL MY PICTURES DANG IT!!!!!!

To help illustrate the point...
Today as I got ready to go into the "big city" (that means I actually got dressed in something other than my jammies, combed my hair and brushed my teeth) I blissfully applied my favorite "essential oil" lime bathroom spray
all over my neck and chest area, instead of my "real" perfume.

Natural, essential oils Lime Bathroom Spray, $ 8.00

Walking around the stores with my mind experiencing a vague uneasiness that the whole world was smelling like my bathroom AND having to constantly itch the growing rash on my chest....priceless.

At least that's what my son says.

Hopefully I'll be back in the swing of things soon. I feel so naked without my pictures....naked and lime fresh.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

So…..yeah, I’ve been a little busy….


Here a little……..


there a little….


Everyone's a little……….




My dear sweet Kelly, my #3, got her driver’s license on Friday and this crunchy experience on Saturday. THANK HEAVENS there were no injuries (other than metal and plastic ones…..we told the younger children that the van is “in a better place”) and she is alright. It could have been so much worse and she learned how quickly things can happen and that it doesn’t have to be a high speed chase to do serious car damage. The mama is okay too—I felt a little like this at first..


……but am doing much better. Sorry for the poor quality of photos---they are from my cell, and the one of the 2 girls was taken while they were watching “The Knowing”---really. I will be doing a better update soon. Hope all 10 of you who still check my blog are healthy and happy---I need to do some catching up!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I am sure it was HIGH Noon somewhere/ OR / I finally have a winner!!

Since this was a drawing for a business I thought I would be official and go for the premium random integer "thingie" and by the time I finished figuring THAT out--high noon was waning. But......we have a winner.....


YOU won this beauty!!

And a can of this can of "yumminess"Freeze dried Mandarin Oranges

Funky, I need you to email me your info at lisa dot bishop at gmail dot com and I will forward it on to Shelf Reliance AND I will mail you your Mandarin Oranges. Congrats! And of course I wish you could all win but I know you all count yourselves winners cuz you are MY friends. (choke* gasp* fall on floor)

If you would like to go check out the random site to see the OFFICIAL results you can go to this link:

and type in your name that you entered under (the one that pops up next to your comment) and you should be able to see it. I entered the names as they appeared in my comment box and in the same order.

Thanx for entering!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

CanSolidator Pantry Giveaway


I just can’t say enough good things about this product and Shelf Reliance. Thankfully, they were able to forgive me my Alzheimer’s slip and I get to host a giveaway for one of these beauties, here on my blog!


I know I posted this bit of information from the website yesterday but I will post it again, just to be official.

Featuring SmarTrac technology, the Cansolidator Pantry is a front loading system that automatically rotates up to 40 cans. This adjustable, expandable, stackable system takes the hassle out of can rotation and allows you to organize cans the way YOU want. The Cansolidator is easy to assemble and guarantees a more organized pantry in minutes. Sturdy, compact, and reliable, the Cansolidator Pantry is the perfect stand-alone solution for any pantry.

The Cansolidator Pantry holds both small and medium cans. To determine which can size(s) you'll be storing, please refer to our can sizing chart.
Depth: 16.5"
40 Cans

My personal description would include the fact that it was super easy to put together and was completely adjustable to the size of the cans that I wanted to store.

The tuna fish slot is my favorite—is that bad?

You really should go browse around their website. They have shelf and pantry systems of all shapes and sizes. Not only that but they have their own line of food storage called, Thrive and they have great videos, recipes and a blog that help you actually USE your food storage. They even took care of my last barrier to getting my food storage together by offering a calculator to help you establish just how much you need AND how much you can afford to spend each month AND THEN after all that they can EVEN set up an easy payment plan and will ship out just what you planned each month. I am all out of excuses.

I realize that not everyone is into food storage and that’s okay. Some people even have a system of their own that is working fabulously----that’s a good thing! I just think is a fabulous offer for those people who are looking for just this thing to get started or to get organized.

SO, now for the rules:

You get one entry for commenting on this post—things like; You are amazing, you are my hero and I want to be your best friend will all be accepted.

You get another entry for going HERE and sign up for Shelf Reliance’s newsletter.

You can get a third entry for going here and picking up one of their buttons and putting it on your blog. Here are a couple of examples—plus I have one on my sidebar.


THERE’S MORE!!!!!!!!

They will send the winner the CanSolidator but I am going to send a can of their freeze dried Mandarin Oranges to the winner also. I bought 2 of these cans and we opened one, sampled and were amazed!! I am a snacker and I don’t think that will change in an emergency. You can just eat these straight out of the can...…

IMG_2597 IMG_2601 IMG_2603

…...or re-hydrate them or they have a yummy recipe for and Orange drink---here. They will stay good for a year after you open them or for 25 years unopened. 25 years folks!!!!

So go ahead and enter!! I will pick the winner with the thingie next Tuesday, September 1st at “high noon”. GOOD LUCK!!!! Oh, and make sure to do a separate comment for each entry and leave a link to your blog if you do a button.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Shelf Reliance = Shelf Love

Excuse me, but my Alzheimer's is showing.

Awhile back, a lovely woman from Shelf Reliance contacted me and offered me the opportunity to try out one of their “CanSolidator Pantry’s”, review it on my blog and then give one away to one of my lucky readers! Being the compulsive organizer that I am, and the fact that I enjoy myself a good giveaway----I said “Yes!”

They, being the fabulous company that they are, sent me one right away, which I enthusiastically put together, put it on my shelf, put the cans in and----- photographed the whole process for my blog.

Here’s where the plan jumps the tracks, so to speak. Let’s be clear here. I like the tracks. I like it when all the cars stay on the track and make scheduled arrivals and departures. I like it when I get to make that schedule and everyone is in agreement that life is better ON the tracks and on MY schedule. I am a track HUGGER, people. When people say things like, “Change of plans” or “I have mono and I am coming home for the summer and then I am calling off my engagement” or “Your Dad is in the hospital again”, its like their cars are merging with or smashing into mine WITHOUT my permission! All the cars are just everywhere, all willy-nilly, coming and going as they please and, and, and…… and it makes me want to just lay down on the tracks and suck my thumb.

Sorry—metaphor overload. Anyhoo-----------

I just plain forgot about it.

Until, lovely Sara shot me an email, kindly reminding me of our agreement. I feel so sheepish. So here, about 3 months late, is my VERY ENTHUSIASTIC review of Shelf Reliance’s “CanSolidator Pantry”. ( You can click on that and it will take you to their site)

Does anyone else get ridiculously excited when they get a package in the mail?


No? It probably has something to do with living in the forest, on a hill, in the middle of nowhere Montana. {sigh}

The beautiful box inside the box….


The beautiful parts inside of the beautiful box, inside of the other box.


PB_Selective Focusbuild

The beautiful, handsome boys, putting the beautiful parts that were inside the beautiful box---together


My shelf before…..



My beautiful shelf AFTER!!!!!

(cue singing angels in background)

Here’s the description from their website:

Featuring SmarTrac technology, the Cansolidator Pantry is a front loading system that automatically rotates up to 40 cans. This adjustable, expandable, stackable system takes the hassle out of can rotation and allows you to organize cans the way YOU want. The Cansolidator is easy to assemble and guarantees a more organized pantry in minutes. Sturdy, compact, and reliable, the Cansolidator Pantry is the perfect stand-alone solution for any pantry.

The Cansolidator Pantry holds both small and medium cans. To determine which can size(s) you'll be storing, please refer to our can sizing chart.
Depth: 16.5"
40 Cans

I LOVE this system and this company. They have thought of everything and make it so easy to not only store food smartly but they even have a program where you can plug in how much you want to spend each month on food storage and what you want to store and mail it to you accordingly!! I realize that not everyone is into storing food but as I watch the news and natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, where people are forced to get by on what they have instead of going to the store-----I just think be prepared is the best option. And while I am at it---this system keeps me organized with the ability to not only see what I have but ability to use what I store so nothing goes to waste.

Hopefully you can stay tuned for a giveaway here soon…….


I can’t wait to get around blog land and catch up with all of you!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Everything will be alright

To quote my #3 daughter, "Love is such a funny thing. One minute you are absolutely sure of everything, but then the next nothing seems to fit quite right or the way you would like it to."

Wise beyond her years.

Natalie and Ben have called off their engagement.

It is hard and painful but they are both working through it the best that they know how.

The details are theirs to share---or not--I am just trying to love and support them both.

I feel like someone shoved me in a roller coaster car without one of those bars that hold you in. Yeah, theres a visual for you.

Like I said on Facebook--today I wish I was back to that place in time that my biggest issues were naptime and thumb versus binkie. I am pretty sure that back then I had no idea my heart could ache this badly and still be in one piece.

Everything will be alright--just keep swimming---this is but a moment---the heavens are darkest when you can see the stars--tomorrow will be better---yeah, I'm working on it.........

Us in 1989--thats Nat I'm holding--trying to make her smile--(why didn't anyone tell me how ridiculous I looked when I made that face??! And how about that spiffy outfit my hubby has on??) Sorry--I got a little sidetracked---wish it was that easy to make her smile now..{sigh}...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Good Fortune, The Sequel

Just had to take a minute and share my joy and gratitude--

YES, my beloved blogging buddies, dreams really do come true. Fortune cookies, lots and lots of fortune cookies.

Shauna has lots of giveaways and a fab new look--click the button to go see!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Change of fortune

Every once in awhile a giveaway comes along that I feel SO passionately about that I go the extra mile to get that extra entry and post it on my blog. This is one of those.

Two words:


mmmmm--mmmm--mmmmmm--mmmmm---mmm---mmmm--mmm (read with a little sassy beat)

Believe it or not there is nowhere here in the middle of nowhere to purchase fortune cookies. Apparently its not a big ticket item for ranchers and farmers. Who'd a thunk it.

Anyhoo--Shauna over at Trying to Stay Calm (love that blog name, by the way) is having a giveaway of fabulous fortune cookie gift certificates AND. I. WANT. ONE!

Click on the picture to go to her blog--she has lots of AWESOME giveaways! (at least I hope this works--I never have gotten comfortable with all this linky business--and who the hec is MR. Linky anyways??! )

So this is my blog about it to get an extra entry. And it ends tomorrow. Amen.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What would Freud say?!

This has haunted me all day so I guess I will post it and see if that has any effect on my troubled mind.

So I know that DeNae really doesn't want to hear about my dream (so run away DeNae) but I'm sure there is someone out there who does and they will interpret this and help me move on.

Here it goes:

I dreamed that Jackie Chan and I saved the world at least 5 times...

yeah--see what I mean?

But wait..there's more...

and then I built a house in the Grand Canyon and I had to keep running from one side of the house to the other to keep it balanced and then when I stopped for a minute to tuck my much younger children in bed--half of the house just washed away.

Then my son woke me up and I found myself falling back asleep to try and fix my house.


Let me also clarify that I have not seen a Jackie Chan movie in years or even thought of him and it was at least 8 years ago that we got stranded in the Grand Canyon National Park with a dead car.

Yeah--I am really starting to rethink that little, nightly Ambien pill.

So--anybody out there channeling Freud?


I will send chocolate to the reason I like the best, amen and amen.

Random note--GOT MY COMPUTER BACK--HUZZAH!!! Am off to catch up and comment...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Carbon Dating my Lunch

Any guesses as to what this is?

What’s that you say?

“Fossilized worms?”


“A shellacked pile of poo?”

So close, but….


Give up?

It was my lunch.

After the cooking, before the ingestion.

My son was the chef.

Yep, uh-huh, that’s right—this very same boy—

H-e-e-y-y Sparky!

He decided that he wanted hot dogs for lunch and that they needed to be grilled not nuked. (Irony is such a cruel mistress)

I said, “Sure, why not? Anyone can BBQ a hot dog (right?) and while you’re at it, make one for me too”.

{Disclaimer: his father HAS taught him how to use the grill and Sparky has made us some GREAT hamburgers in the past—don’t judge me}

And then (smiling on the inside because of the obvious paternal support I had just given my son) off I went-- to do something important, like checking my email.

A little while later I strolled into the kitchen and was immediately accosted by a revolting smell, the like of which I am pretty sure I have never smelled before.

What in the world just died and composted itself in my kitchen??!!” I yelled.

My son came running through the kitchen door, waving the tongs like a white flag.

“Um, it’s okay Mom, it’s okay, and it’s just these…

…I kinda forgot about them and they got a little burnt.”

Understating the obvious, that’s just how we roll here in the forest.

I told him that these looked like they passed burnt, flew through charred and landed right smack dab in the middle of radioactive.

“No worries, Mom”, he said. “I’ve got some more cooking on the grill!”


After the initial shock wore off, I wanted to bury them—to freak out some unsuspecting archaeologist in 100 years --- but the dog had other ideas and snagged them when I wasn’t looking.

So…….what did you guys have for lunch?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

In which there was a pillow fight and a glass of Diet Dr. Pepper...

Just thought I would do a little post and let all 5 of you know that I am still alive, just a little busy.

My Dad is holding his own, still on oxygen but his depression has lifted and he is up and around a lot more.

Natty is still engaged and the wedding is still on for December and her Mono is getting better all the time. She still tires easily but the worst of it is hopefully behind her.

Phil is working for 6 weeks straight, Kelly has girl’s camp, Tae still lives too far away, Bean has dance and soccer camp and Milan is mowing yards and going to scout camp.

My Mom has NOT been eating those specially frosted flakes so …well…just so.

There is a nasty rumor going around that I may have ingested the flakes myself but I know a buzz when I see one and I definitely haven’t seen one. Felt one, whatever.

All this pales in comparison to the stress and deep sadness I have been experiencing at the loss of my lap top. Let’s just say it involved a glass of Diet Dr. Pepper and a pillow fight. Although it still turns on, it makes random burping noises, shuts off unexpectedly and worst of all some of the keys won’t work, which brings me to the 4th of July post below. I was half way through it when IT happened. I have had to turn on the speech recognition—which is a whole other post—kind of she said, computer said kind of thing. Every time I hit one it just starts making lines and lines of one’s until I shut off the computer. And forget exclamation points or question marks. Wish I could post a video of me talking to my computer—not. So finishing the post was painful and so I am still going to post my valiant efforts, dang it. I still have the Apple but I have to fight my kids for it so we shall see. And just in case—Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Happy Independence Day everyone! I love the 4th of July—it’s one of the few holidays that causes me no angst or guilt, Happy Independence Day to me! First of all I just wanted to take a moment to say that I LOVE my country and am so grateful to the men and women who serve in the armed forces who work so hard to keep our nation free. I have deep concerns as to the direction our country is headed but I try to balance that with the knowledge that I am free to help make a change and I am appreciative of all those here in blogland that keep track of the issues and take the time to share the information with all of us.
I have decided that I am not very good at holiday photography. I’m not sure if it’s because I get caught up in the happenings and just click some quick pics or if I just stink at it in general….
{deep sigh}
Either way, as I was going through my 4th of July pictures this afternoon, I came across a lot of photos like this one:

The only reason I know it is the 4th of July, 1995 is because that is where I had it filed.

If anything, it looks like a Halloween picture—kinda looks like she’s got a little ghostie by the tail. I have no idea why I chose to hang on to this picture, none.

Even more important, will I throw it out now?

Obviously, there are deeper issues here.
Does anyone else have 4th of July pictures like this?

Anyhoo, for the sake of my journaling project, (obviously not for the picture quality) I am now going to share with you a random selection of our 4th of July memories. Please, try to curb your enthusiasm.

Some years we find a parade to watch. I use the term “we” loosely. I am an adamant NON parade person.
This is in American Fork, Utah, 1992. That’s my #2 daughter on the far left, holding the chair my #1 daughter in her father’s lap in the second row on the far right. The only reason I mention it is this would be the only time I had the presence of mind and wallet to dress my girls in coordinating 4th of July colors, so Soak. It. All. In. people.

Is it okay that I am soooo glad my husband no longer has that caterpillar on his lip?!

Sometimes we float the river with friends….

1998 with our friends and taking a lunch break. This is the Bitterroot River; it is about 5 miles from our home. Do you like our white sandy beaches?

This one was taken in 1994 on our first trip down the river. We were so completely hooked!

Sometimes, even though it is July 4th, we freeze to death.

Aahhh, the teeth-chattering, subzero temperatures of 1999!

Sometimes, it seems that in no time and all, we go from this


To this…


To this……..


Who ordered the puffy little Russian with no teeth?

Just ignore him, maybe he’ll just go away.

Oh dear...maybe I’ll just be back after a brief station break so I can wander down memory lane for awhile and get my ---children grows to fast--- heartache under control.

Oh wait, I can hear him, making his sister’s scream again,
reality check please!

So back to……….


{Hey Sparky!}

Which was a souvenir of this………..

Sure, everybody is having fun till someone gets their eye poked out...

.....or mountain burned.

Before anyone gets their panties in a bunch…
Yes, that is a forest behind Milan. Yes, that is part of the 20 acres that we live on. Yes, smart, environmentally conscious people would never knowingly strike a match within 500 feet of a tree. So, I guess we all know where that puts me, {sigh}… a b-a-a-a-a-d parent and person.
Does it count that right after this I went out and bought 5 new hoses to hook end to end and that I try to hug a tree every day?
I didn’t think so.
Please, no hate mail.

And, to end this very long story….
Most of the time we buy way too many of these…

Do lots of this….

And deal with this the morning after…

Thus ends my 4th of July post and gosh, it’s only July 12th.
Can’t wait to see what I accomplish tomorrow…..

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Someone pass me a tissue.....

In the ever changing, never ending role as MOTHER, few moments are more defining than finding a photo like this one…..

…..on your #3 daughter’s camera card.

I felt like a sapling during a tsunami, as waves of different emotions surged over me.

While looking closely at the photo (so as to ascertain which of my children I might inflict my maternal praises on) a whole new tidal wave of pride loomed on the horizon.

Not only is one of my offspring amazingly proficient at hostage retention BUT they do so with unmistakable compassion, as evidenced by the padding on the section of the drawstring (from their Dad’s pajama bottoms) that encircles the sacrificial lamb/captive.

Someone please pass me another tissue……………….

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Free on Friday:Bringing in the Harvest!!

Isn't this a beautiful thing??!! Organization and thriftiness AND FREE---I am seriously all-a-tingle!! Shelf Reliance has themselves a beautiful blog and they are starting a NEW feature called "Free on Fridays". They will be offering a NEW giveaway every other Friday. I have been drooling over their shelving systems and food storage line for awhile now and I can't tell you how excited I am for this new feature! They give you 5 different ways to enter so HURRY on over to there blog HERE and start entering!!!! Or not--just makes less competition for me--heh-heh...

Shelf Reliance has also given me the opportunity to evaluate one of their products and then they want to sponsor a giveaway on my blog.........BE STILL MY HEART.....

So stay tuned----it's coming!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Stayin' Alive

To get the FULL ENTERTAINMENT VALUE of the following piece--PLEASE push the play button on my sidebar.
(Well, actually, picturing me singing in a falsetto voice in white spandex might give you more bang for your blogging buck)

(Then there is the picture of me with my finger in a light socket singing falsetto--Ah, ha, ha, ha....)

(Or--there is the picture of me dancing disco, singing falsetto in a white spandex straight jacket...)

(--oh I just can't decide....)

Stayin Alive

Well, you can tell by the way I cross my eyes,
I've lost my mind: no time to talk.
The kids are loud and the freezer's warm, I've been kicked around
Since they were born.
And now it's alright. It's ok.
And you may look the other way.
We can try to understand
why it is I can no longer stand.

Whether your're a brother or whether you're a mother,
Your're stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
Feel my mind breakin', and everybody shakin',
And we're stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
AH, HA, HA, HA stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
AH, HA,HA,HA stayin' alive.

Well now, I get low and I get high,
All medication I will gladly try.
Got my Mother's voice in my head.
On my phone, just shoot me dead.
You know it's alright, it's ok.
She'll live to see another day.
We can try to understand
"frosted" flakes effect, oh man.

Whether your're a brother or whether you're a mother,
Your're stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
Feel my mind breakin', and everybody shakin',
And we're stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
AH, HA, HA, HA stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
AH, HA,HA,HA stayin' alive.

Life goin' everywhere. Somebody help me.
Somebody help me, yeah.
Life goin' everywhere. Somebody help me.
Somebody help me, yeah. Stayin' alive.

Well, second daughter gets mono and needs Mom,
Must retrieve her and bring her home.
Dad's still sick and hanging on,
School is out, I'm barely hangin' on.
And now it's alright. It's ok.
And you may look the other way.
While I try to understand
The reason I am mad.

Whether your're a brother or whether you're a mother.
Your're stayin' alive, staying' alive.
Feel the van is breakin' cuz it's a really shakin',
So far we're stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
AH, HA, HA, HA, stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
AH, HA, HA, HA, stayin' alive.

Life goin' everywhere. Somebody help me.
Somebody help me, yeah.
Life goin' everywhere. Somebody help me, yeah.
I'm stayin' alive.

Hey everyone! Yes, my nose is still above water but the waves are high. (Cuz everyone loves a good nautical mixed metaphor- right?!) Anyways--more soon---hope all is well!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

No wonder no one ever comes to my parties........

This was in the subject line of an email I got recently-----

"Where are the germs in your house? -Fun Facts for Parties"


................does that mean Twister is out?

.....................................I find myself deeply confused.....with a side order of disturbed.

And a little aside note: the whole Valium frosted flakes issue with my Mom--
I know it is morally wrong--reprehensible even.
What I wanted to know was, if it is illegal, how illegal is it?
I mean, are we talking jail time or just probation?
There comes a point (and I am soooo there) when moral doesn't really seem to matter and picking up trash by the side of the road seems almost therapeutic.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Is this illegal?

I was just wondering....

Is it illegal to :

1. Crush your mother's tranquilizers into a powdery like substance that looks remarkably like sugar

2. Steam open her favorite box of cereal that she eats 3 to 4 bowls of a day

3. Pour said sugar dust into the box and then seal it up

4. Give said cereal box with said dust to her as a birthday gift?

That's all--just wondering.............

Wednesday, May 13, 2009



I can't believe I haven't posted since I posted the giveaway?! What is up with that??!!

It was just a little stressful putting that all together and then I wanted to catch up with everyone. Did you know that if your google reader goes over 1,000 it just says 1000+. Yup--it's the truth.

Then my engaged daughter wanted me to jump on the getting married ride with her and then she came up and then we flew #1 daughter up because she's the maid of honor and we figured she should be here--so that has been mind boggling busy.

And my Dad got a little better and then a lot worse and had to go back in the hospital for a transfusion and they needed more freezer meals so....ya-da-ya-da--I've been having to spend a lot more time here in reality than I am used to--I miss you all~!!

What's that you say.....???????


The what?????



That's right...

I had a giveaway that ended yesterday........

Where did I put that????????



Number 3 daughter picks.......

She scores......

(I think she is saying,"tage" in hostage--at least I hope that is why she looks like that....)





Just to make it PERFECTLY clear--Kelly is NOT being held hostage--in the gutter or anywhere else--HA!! I just noticed that--I CRACK myelf up!!

It also kills me that I can't just go out and buy more chocolate and have more winners like I did last time--its hard to have just one winner. It will be sad to lose some of my new followers---but it was fun while it lasted----deep sigh.....

I hope you guys had a good time and I will be posting part 2 of my garage door saga soon as well as why I wanted to know how you defined those 4 terms. Just gotta make it through the bride to be visit/planning/up till 1 am/really? You want ME to tell you about "marital relations???""AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Email me Gutter baby--I have never sent anything overseas. Kelly said she would be glad to deliver it in person--tee-heee

Thursday, April 30, 2009

!!!!!!!100th POST GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

FINALLY!!! I made it to my 100th post! And, I thought it was especially cool that my 100th post was the announcement of my daughters engagement!

I have been slowly collecting the items for my giveaway. I am on a strict, little budget--and now with Natty getting married--money is so very limited.

I decided to go with a "theme" of things that represent me and things I like and do. When I purchased one of "these things" for myself--I purchased one for the giveaway.

I am going to list each item individually because that is the only way I know how to link to where I got it from. For those things I got on Etsy and such, I want to honor the creator and make it possible for you to go look at other lovely things they make. Everyone has given me permission to use their descriptions and pictures. Does that sound good? (just to make it perfectly clear--I paid for all of these things)

Here we go!!


Add some flair to the book you are reading or your bookshelf with a


The slim metal book hook has a chain attached to a long beaded pendant. The beads include metal, carved bone or horn, and glass.

I have at least 100 bookmarks, I probably need an intervention, but these are just so BEAUTIFUL!!

Handmade truffles. Can include: Cheesecake, Amaretto, Belgium, Orange, Raspberry, Rum, French Silk Mint, and German Chocolate Cake. Made with rich heavy cream, and milk, dark, and ivory chocolate.

Welcome to Charbonneaus Chocolate Company
We welcome you to Charbonneaus Chocolate Company where we do things the old fashioned way by producing handmade chocolate one piece at a time. Beginning with high quality ingredients, no preservatives, waxes, mixes, or fillers. We proudly offer several varieties of handmade chocolates, Gourmet Truffles, Original Creamery Fudge, creams, brittles, nuts, chews, and fine Montana novelties. Family recipes have been handed down through the years to create one of a kind confections for your enjoyment.
We are proud to be a "Made In Montana" business.


An assortment of their "special" candy bars. Clueless Joe's Sports Bar, Medusa's PMS Bar, The Menopause Bar, Bubba's Redneck Bar and Cindy's Blonde Bar.

I am thinking I don't need to explain why chocolate is on my list. But Charbonneau's chocolate is the only kind I buy. My girlfriend runs it and her family owns it and their chocolate is so yummy and they still hand dip. Your box may or may not be missing one--just sayin.....


$25 Amazon Gift Card

I LOVE shopping on Amazon!

I love that when I sign on and my opening page, it is always filled with things I never knew existed, let alone needed to own. Life is good on Amazon.


Handmade Journal

I bought a Parley's Leather Journal for myself and one for the giveaway but then I got to thinking (ouch) that some of you out there might be against the whole use of animal hide thing (sorry--I'm now out of the closet I guess---I use animal hide products) so I went to Etsy and found an equally delightful Vegan alternative. I so would have bought one for me but I was out of cashola.


Leather Parley's Journal

from The Collection-Spirit of You

(The description below, is from Jovencio de la Paz --the creator of this BEAUTIFUL Vegan journal)

Many of you have asked if I would come up with a line of non-leather, vegan friendly notebook. So here they are! I have used neither leather nor bee's wax in the making of this notebook. The shimmery polyurethane vinyl/vegan leather has a wonderfully smooth and easy to clean surface. Along with the pure white linen thread stitching exposed on the spine, this book is both luxurious and sleek.

The compact size of this book makes it perfect for travel, whether to someplace special or for daily use. This book will fit perfectly in most any book bag, messenger bag, large purse or standard briefcase.

On the inside, the pages are made from blank white card stock, which matches the stitching perfectly and is great for both pen and pencil. As always, a matching wraparound band keeps the book closed and pages safe when not in use.

I hope you enjoy these animal friendly notebooks.

300 blank pages recto/verso
3 1/2" x 4 1/4" x 2"



Little known fact: I am the intervention needed poster child when it comes to all things paper, pens, notebooks, journals, office products of any kind--pretty much Staples. I could spend hours in Staples. There is not much that equals to opening a new notebook, journal and seeing that fresh, clean page, or just a clean sheet of paper and a Ticonderoga soft leaded pencil.I get all quivery just typing it. Like I (and my family and friends) said,

Lisa = poster child for office products intervention.

And I am strangely okay with that.

And hopefully you will be okay with a $25 gift card from there!

Sorry, I am rambling, but hey--it's my giveaway...

So... what does a handcrafted journal need like peanut butter needs jelly?!

These pens are so beautiful, smooth to the touch and perfectly balanced. Mine isn't of Bethlehem Wood--I love the thought of touching wood from Bethlehem--so cool! (Obviously I have been caressing yours--

pen-----that is)

Here is their description:

Slim Wood Pen (Bethlehem Olivewood)
Hand crafted of Bethlehem Olivewood.

Bethlehem Olivewood is Olivewood cut in Jerusalem, using the prunes of young olive trees sprouts from the trunks of the old, unproductive trees. By law, no tree is ever damaged or destroyed in the process of harvesting the wood. Bethlehem olive wood is heavy, dense and durable with distinctive colors that range in nuances of red and creamy pigments with irregular gray, brown, and wild black lines. This pen comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Center twist, black ink, and standard Cross style refill.

Fittings are Titanium Gold, the hardest finish available on the market.

Slim shape allows this pen to fit neatly into purse, checkbook, planner sleeves, etc.

Comes in velvet gift pen sleeve.


$25 iTunes Gift Certificate

If you are puzzled as to why I included this, see HERE


Okay--when I got these in the mail my #3 daughter just shook her head and said, "Mom--y0u are soooo weird". Sad but true.

I was just looking under the geekery section of Etsy and these came up! I thought they were so funny, I laughed out loud. I mean, come on, anyone can make a magnet with a butterfly on it--don't you just want to MEET the person who came up with putting the elements of poison on a set of magnets??!!!

GeekMagnets-The Elements of Poison

Check out the macabre side of the periodic table. These four elements are extremely poisonous - mercury, lead, arsenic and radon. Give these to that slightly off-center person in your life, who's interested in old-time stories of mystery poisonings. Note that the magnets themselves aren't poisonous. Unless you swallow them, which I do not recommend.

Each GeekMagnet is hand-assembled from a clean and shiny glass marble, sturdy cardstock, and a strong ceramic magnet. The glue used is the good stuff, so your GeekMagnets are solidly constructed.
The glass used for these GeekMagnets may have bubbles and other imperfections. Just like the nasty villain who uses these poisons on his adversaries!
These magnets are 1.5 inches in diameter (~4cm) and are a fantastically cool addition to your home, lab or office. They're not just cute - they can hold multiple papers or pictures too!
Magnets from Anandi's Laboratory are packaged in a lovely star-sprinkled organza bag that you can reuse.


(thank heavens--I thought this was going to go on all day!!)

I have been known to go to this store and just walk up and down the isles, just running my fingers gently along the book spines. I could pack my sleeping bag and live at this store for at least a week. Just driving by the store makes me smile. Sorry--


A $25 Barnes and Noble Gift Card

It would have been more but I wanted more money on my card.

Okay here are the rules:

A person can get up to 4 entries---

1-Go to THIS earlier post and define what those 4 terms mean to you

(if you have already done so--you can count it)

2-Leave a comment on this GIVEAWAY post answering these 2 questions:

*If _________ fell on the floor at the _________ for longer than 20 seconds, I would totally pick it up and still eat it.

*What song, piece of music, etc... best describes your soul?

3-Blog about my giveaway on your blog and link back to it

4-Become a follower

(if you already follow you can still be counted because you were "garage door" before "garage door" was cool)

When you leave a comment answering the questions--let me know how many votes you have HONESTLY earned. I will wait till I see how many entries I get before I choose my method of choosing. It will be papers in a bowl or that random integer thing-a-am-jig. There will be only 1 winner but you all are winners in my eyes, blah, blah, blah...

I will accept entries from anonymous posters only if you include a valid Name and email address so you can be contacted. I won't include you if you don't answer my pre-drawing email. If you have always wanted to comment here in blog world but just don't know how--you can go HERE and set up a google account and then use that user ID and password to leave comments. I will ship internationally--hec--damn the torpedo's--full speed ahead. I am not responsible if the postman or anyone else steals it.

THIS CONTEST WILL END ON TUESDAY MAY 12th AT 10:00 pm Mountain Standard Time. Or middle of nowhere Montana--whichever works best for you.

GOOD LUCK--I added it all up and its worth just a little under $200--cool!! (thats a lot here in my neck of the woods...just sayin...)

And now I can finally catch up with all of you--I think my google reader is close to 1000--yikes!