Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What's on my insides OR... the number 4

I have played the piano since I was 5. I am not particularly magnificent but my Mom NEVER had to fight with me to practice because I just couldn't get enough of it.

I LOVED all the classical music my teacher would assign--I was in all the choirs in school, took voice lessons, in all the plays--yes I was one of THOSE people.
A freaky little music/theatre nerd.

Although my talents do not extend to the level a lot of you out in blog land posses---I can honestly say I am one of, if not THE best at music appreciation that I know. You perform it--I will devour it, chew on it, listen to it, love it and then do a little dance (on the inside of course--it ruins the whole thing if I jiggle my fat) and do it all over again!

In fact--I feel just like Snoopy in this youtube--when I let my happy dance on the inside, migrate to the outside!

So in that vein of thought--I wanted to share 2 you tube videos I found.

The first one I stole from MessyJess--but our family has LOVED Jon Schmidt FOREVER!! He just keeps getting better and better! I use his Piano Teaching Method with my students and it has been a big success so far. Anyhoo--if you could see me on the inside---this is the song (played just this way by these 2 men) that would best describe my soul--I have been playing it all day on my Bose. I think Bose is celestial, by the way. Enjoy!

This next one is just the way I wish the world was--that we could just randomly break into song and dance and everyone would know the moves and words and even if they didn't they would join in and just FEEL the joy!

I LOVE music and I love all the friends and family that I connect with, learn from and share the journey with---here in blog land---HAVE A HAPPY DAY!!

P.S. Either my medication is working especially well today or Jon Schmidt needs to make a new video everyday---not sure which--but gosh its a happy day here--




Kelly said...

Hahaha who knew that there was a remix of Do-Re-Mi!!! lol And who knew you could do that in Grand Central Station!!! lol I LOVED it!!! lol

Sue said...

I love Sound of Music. It has always been a great source of sadness to me that Julie Andrews lost her voice after throat surgery. But at least we have all of these great memories of her on tape!

tammy said...

Love both of those!!

When is your video coming out?

Cherie said...

I absolutely adore the Jon Schmidt video - 2 of my favorite songs put together. How much happier could the music be? Beautifully done too!
Thanks for sharing :D

Pancake said...

I loved the one with the sound of music! I SO would have loved to been a part of that!

Mechelle said...

I got stood up at Chilis today. While waiting for my friend, I let the music out and I danced. It was fun. But now everyone thinks I am crazy! m

Mechelle said...

I love the sound of music one! I do that but no one joins in and my kids get embarrassed. m

Anonymous said...

i love them!

linda said...

Love both of them but the Sound of Music video just makes me smile, smile, smile!

Have a GREAT day!

P.S. I wish I lived close to you...you could teach me piano!

Karen Sue said...

greetings!! Took my first piano lessons in college from a sweet little old lady in town. It was awesome...wish I had the time and inclination to get better. Maybe when I settle into the retirement home. putting out a distress call..how do you post youtube videos on your blog?? Techno-challenged :o) Have a great day

Connie said...

Hello! I just found you! Hope you don't mind me stopping by. Love your youtube videos. Some music I can listen to over and over and never tire of it! Those around me do...but that's ok.

You must be a talented woman to be able to give piano lessons. I took when I was in college from an 70+ year old woman. By the time my children wore her out, she was over 90!

You blog cracks me up! I'll be back.

Jan the crazy lady said...

I still love Do re mi. Sound of music is the best.

These are great Lisa. I love finding out new things about you. I didn't know about the piano and your love of music that much. Great.

Nana said...

That was totally awesome!!!! I also feel life should be a musical.
Loved it!!!!!!

Katie said...

Is this a dance that I should know? It seems like random passerbyers just knew the moves, why don't I?...lol =) Love it.

Carla said...

With such a love of music, a Bose is almost a requirement, isn't it?
In high school, I sat in awe as my best friend practiced her piano every day, I LOVE piano. Just.love.it.

DesertHen said...

Love the videos!

I learned to play the piano, but gave it up as a teen for horses. Now I wish I had kept it up.