Sunday, September 13, 2009

So…..yeah, I’ve been a little busy….


Here a little……..


there a little….


Everyone's a little……….




My dear sweet Kelly, my #3, got her driver’s license on Friday and this crunchy experience on Saturday. THANK HEAVENS there were no injuries (other than metal and plastic ones…..we told the younger children that the van is “in a better place”) and she is alright. It could have been so much worse and she learned how quickly things can happen and that it doesn’t have to be a high speed chase to do serious car damage. The mama is okay too—I felt a little like this at first..


……but am doing much better. Sorry for the poor quality of photos---they are from my cell, and the one of the 2 girls was taken while they were watching “The Knowing”---really. I will be doing a better update soon. Hope all 10 of you who still check my blog are healthy and happy---I need to do some catching up!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I am sure it was HIGH Noon somewhere/ OR / I finally have a winner!!

Since this was a drawing for a business I thought I would be official and go for the premium random integer "thingie" and by the time I finished figuring THAT out--high noon was waning. But......we have a winner.....


YOU won this beauty!!

And a can of this can of "yumminess"Freeze dried Mandarin Oranges

Funky, I need you to email me your info at lisa dot bishop at gmail dot com and I will forward it on to Shelf Reliance AND I will mail you your Mandarin Oranges. Congrats! And of course I wish you could all win but I know you all count yourselves winners cuz you are MY friends. (choke* gasp* fall on floor)

If you would like to go check out the random site to see the OFFICIAL results you can go to this link:

and type in your name that you entered under (the one that pops up next to your comment) and you should be able to see it. I entered the names as they appeared in my comment box and in the same order.

Thanx for entering!