Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Sundries


*I used to think that having to pack up and get everything into a moving van and clearing out all at once was the worst possible way to go.

I now know differently.

Moving across town, from a place that the landlord doesn’t care WHEN you get all your “STUFF” out IS the snake’s underbelly way to have to move.


*Did you hear about the woman in Montana that scared away a bear with nothing more than a zucchini??!!

Montana—where the women are men and the zucchini are too.

When I read the article she had refused to give her name or location---I just didn’t want you all thinking it was me.

I would have totally sold out for my 15 minutes of fame.

Yeah, baby.

*My cell phone died. I just went to flip it open and it kept on flipping---split right in two.

Sad times.

Fortunately,  we kept my son’s old one when he upgraded.

Unfortunately, I didn’t back up my phone numbers so all I have now is a phone full of 15 year old boy’s and their local scout leaders phone numbers.

Fortunately, I now know who to call when I need a knot tied or have an urge to cross the street.


*I may or may not have an unhealthy addiction to all my favorite TV shows theme music. 

All my ringtones are theme songs from my fav TV shows, and every time they play


I do a little theme show music dance.

Sometimes it’s just on the inside—but its there all the same.

What is up with that?!


*My (our) current line up in my iTunes: (we don’t have cable or network TV)

Bones Season 5

Burn Notice Season 4

Castle Season 3

Chuck Season 4

The Closer Season 6

Criminal Minds Season 6

CSI’S—All of them

Glee Season 2

The Good Guys

Hot in Cleveland

Leverage Season 3

Lie To Me Season 2


Psych Season 5

Rizzoli & Isles

Royal Pains Season 2

White Collar Season 2

Oh my heavens….I’m loving iTunes---watch whenever---I promise it’s not as bad as it looks….not all of these are my favorites….some are for the other members of this family….don’t judge me….stop it….right now…

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dried Fruit Bondage



I wonder how many hits I will get on that title??!!

BEFORE I was moving, I ordered 2 boxes of pears and a box of peaches through a friend at church whose brother brings a load up at the end of every summer.

We love dried pears and peach butter at our house.

I am SO NOT a domestic goddess---my Mom just won’t do it for me anymore.

What is up with that??!!

Moving + food preservation= extreme madness and hair loss

2008 Sep 06_09322008 Sep 06_0939 2008 Sep 06_0942


Just thought I would share that little bit of wisdom that I have gleaned these past few days spent wrestling with boxes and peelers and gallons of Fruit Fresh.


Your welcome.

Friday, September 24, 2010


I almost forgot that today was the day!

If I ever have to move again, I will just shoot myself, and then whoever it was that made me move. Then whoever it was that said I should order 2 boxes of pears and a box of peaches AND THEN whoever tells me to trade piano lessons for picking and freezing 60 quarts of corn!



Back to the winners.....
When it came down to it, it was hard to decide to change my blog name.
But then I decided that I really did want to change it and that I wanted it to reflect me-----so-------

my new blog title is--------------


Which makes Tammy the $50 Amazon gift card winner!!! YEAH!!

I then put everyone else's name that advertised in a pot and

~~~~~~ANNETTE LYON~~~~~~~
you are the $25 winner

So you 2 girls get over to amazon and decide which kind of gift card you want and email me your decision and addresses and I will get them to you as soon as possible!!

Thanx so much to everyone for all their kind words and participation!

I am going to hire someone to overhaul (any suggestions???) my blog and then have a

$100 contest

to get people to come on over and follow the new--so stay tuned---it will stay this way, at this address, till then.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The new homestead….part 3



They came and connected my internet YESTERDAY AFTERNOON!!!

If I wouldn’t have been trying to get enough STUFF moved over to the new house so that we could sleep here last night—I would have posted this then. Pffftt—moving.

YES! We spent the first night in our new home last night!! Huzzah!

It still kind of feels like we are just on vacation—but the more things I find a home for—the more I feel at home.

Day after tomorrow is the big day! Go here to enter to win UP TO $75 in Amazon or any gift card they carry! We have so enjoyed your creativity and have laughed hard over many of them.

And of course I need you guys! I love words-- but stringing them together is a whole other beastie.

Thanx for playing along.

And sorry for any confusion. When I said Tammy and Annette were the only ones in the running for the $25, I meant because at the time they were the only ones who had blurbed about the contest on their blog. It doesn’t matter where you commented on my blog with your new blog title ideas---you will be automatically entered in the $50 giveaway.

So today is the 3rd and FINAL (yeah—it is almost over!!) installment of the new home series. The basement. To get there, you have to go through my laundry room (which is super cool all by itself) which has the niftiest little gizmo in it. You probably all have one.

IMG_5425It is simply grand people. Too bad I don’t iron more. Maybe I will have to become the IRON Goddess. {snicker} {snort} {gasp for air} {fall on floor}}}}}}

Back on track—the stairs are just ahead and to the left. If you go straight you will end up in the 3 car garage which is not only bigger but nicer than the one I live in now. I went out and just sat on the steps today---just to ease the pang of homesickness----

When you get to the bottom of the stairs, the big master type bath is to your left, a bedroom is straight ahead and 2 storage rooms are to the right. All 3 bedrooms look a lot like this one.


Bedrooms are great but are basement hallway also contains a book nook,

IMG_5428A phone booth (if you can tell us why—you win a prize—but truly—it IS a phone booth)




and the……..duh, duh, duh…………………..Margarita Room. Once again—truly—that is what the builder told the third owner it was.  

There are no words.

But I do know that we are going to but a big mirror on the wall and a little dance floor and call it Beanie’s dance room.

Can anybody explain what a margarita room is and how it worked in this space? Yes, those are speakers in ceiling and we have no idea where they hook up to. So many mysteries!




There is a wet  bar across from the M Room48687_B19

and then a room that could be turned into a kitchen so that the basement could be an apartment if needed. We hope to put a pool table and stuff like that in there for now.


Then across from that and right next to that is the family/tv room.

48687_B13 IMG_5457

I bought the kids these “sacks” till we got the furniture thing figured out. This picture speaks to me…..

“Hi, my name is Vanilla and this is my friend Purple.”

“And this over here is our friend named Bear. Shhhhh, he spent all night in the Margarita Room.”



What do they say to you?

Tune in Friday for the winners and NO MORE HOUSE PICS!!! HUZZAH!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Change of plans...


It just dawned on me today as I unplugged my computer that I hadn't set up an appointment to get internet put in at my new house.


So, maybe this afternoon, but more likely Thursday at 11. So the contest end is moved to Friday, September 24th.

So sorry.

I'm an idiot.


Monday, September 20, 2010

The new homestead…part 2

Does everyone realize that Tammy and Annette are the only 2 in the running for the $25??!! Easy money people. So go HERE to help me pick a new blog name OR/and put a blip about it somewhere on your blog---and opportunity for $75 in Amazon gift certificates or any of the other brand name certificates they carry. Hurry though—contest ends September 22.

I am loving all of the ideas, by the way. My daughter was reading them last night and was voting for several of them. Too bad I only have one blog.

So….today….MORE PICTURES!!


More time spent hiding in my room on the computer instead of dealing with the nightmare that is called “packing boxes”.


Shall we start with the Master Bedroom today? I had to capitalize it because, all by itself, it is bigger than my current home.

I could seriously lock the door and live in there.

That is beyond cool people.

Nobody told me you all were having so much fun out there in your “normal” homes and Master Bedrooms.

IMG_5345 Walking in….then around the corner…

IMG_5346 to the left, out the sliding doors is a deck and then a lower deck with a place for a hot tub and to the right, with built in night stands is where our bed will go…..

IMG_5350 I have to take a minute and talk about the light fixtures in this place. They are just electrifying! Hah! I kill myself. Seriously though, I need one of them to be buried with me along with a door---which will all be very interesting seeing as I want to be cremated—but that is another post…

IMG_5347IMG_5352The fancy place for the tv…

IMG_5351The {oh my goodness what do you need a hot tub for} bathroom. There is a shower and toity too but the angle isn't too good for a photo.


IMG_5355 And last but not least—the walk in closet. Can you believe it??!! In my little garage I don’t even have a closet and I barely fit on one side of the bed when I make it!!

Sorry this is so long—I just want it for my journal and for reference down the road. Just scroll.

On to the study/office. The doorway is at an angle off the entryway to the right.

IMG_5384It too has a CLOSET!!!

IMG_5383And the coolest light fixture I have ever seen! When you turn out the lights it looks like aliens have landed---do you ever wish that you could spend some time with the person who built your house???????

IMG_5387 You can see the upstairs family room or whatever the term is through the door---its the only room that gets new furniture for now. This is before--

48687_B8This is after a day spent at the furniture stores. (I have decided I need help. I am a decorators nightmare. Its just not my thing. )


This will be a reading/visiting/waiting for your piano student room. I have never had such a beautiful bookcase before so the books are just laying there, waiting for me to be hit with inspiration. (Annette—can you see them???) There are like 20 more boxes of books so~ yes~ I am the crazy,decorates with books lady. These are the kind of decorating pics I save:


I hope someday my piano room will look like this—complete with ladder….

Here it is now…




This looks through to the kitchen which I cannot even find words to express what it will be like to posses—so just gaze……

48687_B5 48687_B6

Tomorrow we shall do the downstairs. And, yes, I get lost all the time. I think they will have to put a beeper on me, just to keep track of me. I am also starting to pack a lunch each time I set out in any direction, that way wherever I end up can be where I meant to be until help and rescue finds me. {snicker}

Thanx for all the kind comments and keep the ideas coming—we are loving them!

*****PPSS--Annette and Tammy--I tried my darnedest to get your names to match in size. I am not trying to make a statement about ANYTHING other than I am BLOG STUPID--please forgive.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The new homestead…..part 1

In the interest of helping you invent a NEW AND IMPROVED NAME FOR MY BLOG…(click on that to go win yourself up to $75 in Amazon gift certificates!)

…..I have shared with you where the old name came from here. (there really IS a garage door on my ceiling)

Now, I will share some pics of where I am headed.

The new digs.

My fresh pad.

The much more modern (seems to us) mansion.

Our happening homestead.

The sheik shanty.

My au courant abode.

The fantastic fortress.

{{{{{Sorry—it’s a sickness…}}}}}}

Without further word play and in no particular order………feel free to just skim pics—the words are for my journal………blah, blah, blah….

IMG_5394Oh hello and welcome!! This is the entryway. I am not in love with this teal/mint/turquoise color. (kinda mental institution green--you know you want to know how I know....)They also used it as an accent color throughout the upstairs but there will hopefully be many years full of time, painting lessons and paint to fix that.

Can you make out that cut out in the ceiling? The guy was a master sheet rocker or something and this house was his masterpiece. There are more of these and all sorts of cool nooks and crannies all through the home.

That is my piano room to the right.

My old upright and new-to-me baby grand will go in here.

Someday there will hopefully be furniture too.

We have decided that we will only buy furniture with cash so it may be a long wait.

I promise the rest of the tour will not have such long narrations.


Except maybe this one.

We have to talk about these doors.

These are what captured my heart to begin with.

I want to be buried with at least one of these doors.

Can you see that little bit of closet door there on the right? Yeah, that's a normal size door.

My main floor doors are all these extra tall, beautiful, magnificent…


The builder had them shipped in from Canada.

Amen, Canada, amen.

What’s that? You’d like to see a close up of the door handle? Well, I just happen to have one!

IMG_5336 I think we have all been edified—let’s move on…

IMG_5343This is Bean’s room—the wallpaper is still there but the desk is not. She has a cute little walk in closet.

IMG_5342IMG_5337The guest bedroom and closet.

You have to understand.

I do not have a closet in my room right now so I may or may not be obsessed with closet’s.


Next up—our bathrooms. As Jess so astutely pointed out---we can all simultaneously sit upon a “throne” at the same time! I am overcome with the sheer awe and joy that this realization brings. After 1 bathroom for all of us for 15 years---potty party people! The downside—all those potties to keep clean. Sigh.

Here are just 3 of them.

The upstairs guest bath…

IMG_5421IMG_5422A cute little half bath across the hall that I can’t get in enough to get a pic.

Then the downstairs main bath—I so love this one—needless to say, so do the kids….

48687_B1448687_B15And then the downstairs guest/half bath…


Then there is the master bath (tomorrow) and a half bath in the garage and a full bath in the shop/man cave. Holy toilet palooza Batman! The cost of toilet brushes alone………..

Thanx for looking—Part 2 tomorrow and don’t forget—the contest ends on September 22nd!!! Link at the beginning of this post! I’m off to pack more boxes. I have been forcing myself to pack at least one box an hour, no matter what the strain to my psyche or body. This is rough stuff people. Actually, I think I’m just going to go check if our insurance covers fire. There is always that dang accidental forest fire going on around here……………