Thursday, May 28, 2009

No wonder no one ever comes to my parties........

This was in the subject line of an email I got recently-----

"Where are the germs in your house? -Fun Facts for Parties"


................does that mean Twister is out?

.....................................I find myself deeply confused.....with a side order of disturbed.

And a little aside note: the whole Valium frosted flakes issue with my Mom--
I know it is morally wrong--reprehensible even.
What I wanted to know was, if it is illegal, how illegal is it?
I mean, are we talking jail time or just probation?
There comes a point (and I am soooo there) when moral doesn't really seem to matter and picking up trash by the side of the road seems almost therapeutic.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Is this illegal?

I was just wondering....

Is it illegal to :

1. Crush your mother's tranquilizers into a powdery like substance that looks remarkably like sugar

2. Steam open her favorite box of cereal that she eats 3 to 4 bowls of a day

3. Pour said sugar dust into the box and then seal it up

4. Give said cereal box with said dust to her as a birthday gift?

That's all--just wondering.............

Wednesday, May 13, 2009



I can't believe I haven't posted since I posted the giveaway?! What is up with that??!!

It was just a little stressful putting that all together and then I wanted to catch up with everyone. Did you know that if your google reader goes over 1,000 it just says 1000+. Yup--it's the truth.

Then my engaged daughter wanted me to jump on the getting married ride with her and then she came up and then we flew #1 daughter up because she's the maid of honor and we figured she should be here--so that has been mind boggling busy.

And my Dad got a little better and then a lot worse and had to go back in the hospital for a transfusion and they needed more freezer meals so....ya-da-ya-da--I've been having to spend a lot more time here in reality than I am used to--I miss you all~!!

What's that you say.....???????


The what?????



That's right...

I had a giveaway that ended yesterday........

Where did I put that????????



Number 3 daughter picks.......

She scores......

(I think she is saying,"tage" in hostage--at least I hope that is why she looks like that....)





Just to make it PERFECTLY clear--Kelly is NOT being held hostage--in the gutter or anywhere else--HA!! I just noticed that--I CRACK myelf up!!

It also kills me that I can't just go out and buy more chocolate and have more winners like I did last time--its hard to have just one winner. It will be sad to lose some of my new followers---but it was fun while it lasted----deep sigh.....

I hope you guys had a good time and I will be posting part 2 of my garage door saga soon as well as why I wanted to know how you defined those 4 terms. Just gotta make it through the bride to be visit/planning/up till 1 am/really? You want ME to tell you about "marital relations???""AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Email me Gutter baby--I have never sent anything overseas. Kelly said she would be glad to deliver it in person--tee-heee