Thursday, April 30, 2009

!!!!!!!100th POST GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

FINALLY!!! I made it to my 100th post! And, I thought it was especially cool that my 100th post was the announcement of my daughters engagement!

I have been slowly collecting the items for my giveaway. I am on a strict, little budget--and now with Natty getting married--money is so very limited.

I decided to go with a "theme" of things that represent me and things I like and do. When I purchased one of "these things" for myself--I purchased one for the giveaway.

I am going to list each item individually because that is the only way I know how to link to where I got it from. For those things I got on Etsy and such, I want to honor the creator and make it possible for you to go look at other lovely things they make. Everyone has given me permission to use their descriptions and pictures. Does that sound good? (just to make it perfectly clear--I paid for all of these things)

Here we go!!


Add some flair to the book you are reading or your bookshelf with a


The slim metal book hook has a chain attached to a long beaded pendant. The beads include metal, carved bone or horn, and glass.

I have at least 100 bookmarks, I probably need an intervention, but these are just so BEAUTIFUL!!

Handmade truffles. Can include: Cheesecake, Amaretto, Belgium, Orange, Raspberry, Rum, French Silk Mint, and German Chocolate Cake. Made with rich heavy cream, and milk, dark, and ivory chocolate.

Welcome to Charbonneaus Chocolate Company
We welcome you to Charbonneaus Chocolate Company where we do things the old fashioned way by producing handmade chocolate one piece at a time. Beginning with high quality ingredients, no preservatives, waxes, mixes, or fillers. We proudly offer several varieties of handmade chocolates, Gourmet Truffles, Original Creamery Fudge, creams, brittles, nuts, chews, and fine Montana novelties. Family recipes have been handed down through the years to create one of a kind confections for your enjoyment.
We are proud to be a "Made In Montana" business.


An assortment of their "special" candy bars. Clueless Joe's Sports Bar, Medusa's PMS Bar, The Menopause Bar, Bubba's Redneck Bar and Cindy's Blonde Bar.

I am thinking I don't need to explain why chocolate is on my list. But Charbonneau's chocolate is the only kind I buy. My girlfriend runs it and her family owns it and their chocolate is so yummy and they still hand dip. Your box may or may not be missing one--just sayin.....


$25 Amazon Gift Card

I LOVE shopping on Amazon!

I love that when I sign on and my opening page, it is always filled with things I never knew existed, let alone needed to own. Life is good on Amazon.


Handmade Journal

I bought a Parley's Leather Journal for myself and one for the giveaway but then I got to thinking (ouch) that some of you out there might be against the whole use of animal hide thing (sorry--I'm now out of the closet I guess---I use animal hide products) so I went to Etsy and found an equally delightful Vegan alternative. I so would have bought one for me but I was out of cashola.


Leather Parley's Journal

from The Collection-Spirit of You

(The description below, is from Jovencio de la Paz --the creator of this BEAUTIFUL Vegan journal)

Many of you have asked if I would come up with a line of non-leather, vegan friendly notebook. So here they are! I have used neither leather nor bee's wax in the making of this notebook. The shimmery polyurethane vinyl/vegan leather has a wonderfully smooth and easy to clean surface. Along with the pure white linen thread stitching exposed on the spine, this book is both luxurious and sleek.

The compact size of this book makes it perfect for travel, whether to someplace special or for daily use. This book will fit perfectly in most any book bag, messenger bag, large purse or standard briefcase.

On the inside, the pages are made from blank white card stock, which matches the stitching perfectly and is great for both pen and pencil. As always, a matching wraparound band keeps the book closed and pages safe when not in use.

I hope you enjoy these animal friendly notebooks.

300 blank pages recto/verso
3 1/2" x 4 1/4" x 2"



Little known fact: I am the intervention needed poster child when it comes to all things paper, pens, notebooks, journals, office products of any kind--pretty much Staples. I could spend hours in Staples. There is not much that equals to opening a new notebook, journal and seeing that fresh, clean page, or just a clean sheet of paper and a Ticonderoga soft leaded pencil.I get all quivery just typing it. Like I (and my family and friends) said,

Lisa = poster child for office products intervention.

And I am strangely okay with that.

And hopefully you will be okay with a $25 gift card from there!

Sorry, I am rambling, but hey--it's my giveaway...

So... what does a handcrafted journal need like peanut butter needs jelly?!

These pens are so beautiful, smooth to the touch and perfectly balanced. Mine isn't of Bethlehem Wood--I love the thought of touching wood from Bethlehem--so cool! (Obviously I have been caressing yours--

pen-----that is)

Here is their description:

Slim Wood Pen (Bethlehem Olivewood)
Hand crafted of Bethlehem Olivewood.

Bethlehem Olivewood is Olivewood cut in Jerusalem, using the prunes of young olive trees sprouts from the trunks of the old, unproductive trees. By law, no tree is ever damaged or destroyed in the process of harvesting the wood. Bethlehem olive wood is heavy, dense and durable with distinctive colors that range in nuances of red and creamy pigments with irregular gray, brown, and wild black lines. This pen comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Center twist, black ink, and standard Cross style refill.

Fittings are Titanium Gold, the hardest finish available on the market.

Slim shape allows this pen to fit neatly into purse, checkbook, planner sleeves, etc.

Comes in velvet gift pen sleeve.


$25 iTunes Gift Certificate

If you are puzzled as to why I included this, see HERE


Okay--when I got these in the mail my #3 daughter just shook her head and said, "Mom--y0u are soooo weird". Sad but true.

I was just looking under the geekery section of Etsy and these came up! I thought they were so funny, I laughed out loud. I mean, come on, anyone can make a magnet with a butterfly on it--don't you just want to MEET the person who came up with putting the elements of poison on a set of magnets??!!!

GeekMagnets-The Elements of Poison

Check out the macabre side of the periodic table. These four elements are extremely poisonous - mercury, lead, arsenic and radon. Give these to that slightly off-center person in your life, who's interested in old-time stories of mystery poisonings. Note that the magnets themselves aren't poisonous. Unless you swallow them, which I do not recommend.

Each GeekMagnet is hand-assembled from a clean and shiny glass marble, sturdy cardstock, and a strong ceramic magnet. The glue used is the good stuff, so your GeekMagnets are solidly constructed.
The glass used for these GeekMagnets may have bubbles and other imperfections. Just like the nasty villain who uses these poisons on his adversaries!
These magnets are 1.5 inches in diameter (~4cm) and are a fantastically cool addition to your home, lab or office. They're not just cute - they can hold multiple papers or pictures too!
Magnets from Anandi's Laboratory are packaged in a lovely star-sprinkled organza bag that you can reuse.


(thank heavens--I thought this was going to go on all day!!)

I have been known to go to this store and just walk up and down the isles, just running my fingers gently along the book spines. I could pack my sleeping bag and live at this store for at least a week. Just driving by the store makes me smile. Sorry--


A $25 Barnes and Noble Gift Card

It would have been more but I wanted more money on my card.

Okay here are the rules:

A person can get up to 4 entries---

1-Go to THIS earlier post and define what those 4 terms mean to you

(if you have already done so--you can count it)

2-Leave a comment on this GIVEAWAY post answering these 2 questions:

*If _________ fell on the floor at the _________ for longer than 20 seconds, I would totally pick it up and still eat it.

*What song, piece of music, etc... best describes your soul?

3-Blog about my giveaway on your blog and link back to it

4-Become a follower

(if you already follow you can still be counted because you were "garage door" before "garage door" was cool)

When you leave a comment answering the questions--let me know how many votes you have HONESTLY earned. I will wait till I see how many entries I get before I choose my method of choosing. It will be papers in a bowl or that random integer thing-a-am-jig. There will be only 1 winner but you all are winners in my eyes, blah, blah, blah...

I will accept entries from anonymous posters only if you include a valid Name and email address so you can be contacted. I won't include you if you don't answer my pre-drawing email. If you have always wanted to comment here in blog world but just don't know how--you can go HERE and set up a google account and then use that user ID and password to leave comments. I will ship internationally--hec--damn the torpedo's--full speed ahead. I am not responsible if the postman or anyone else steals it.

THIS CONTEST WILL END ON TUESDAY MAY 12th AT 10:00 pm Mountain Standard Time. Or middle of nowhere Montana--whichever works best for you.

GOOD LUCK--I added it all up and its worth just a little under $200--cool!! (thats a lot here in my neck of the woods...just sayin...)

And now I can finally catch up with all of you--I think my google reader is close to 1000--yikes!



Cherie said...

Congrats on your 100th post!! The giveaway is like...WOW!! I cannot believe you have all of those great things!!
"If my CHEESY BREADSTICK fell on the floor at the PIZZA HUT for longer than 20 seconds, I would totally pick it up and still eat it.

The second question is harder. Right now the first one that comes to mind is "Dancing Through Life" from Wicked!

I'm going to link you to my blog right now and I am already a follower!

Thanks for the great giveaway!

Cherie said...

BTW....FIRST!!!! hee Hee

Anandi said...

Those journals are awesome! I'd love to enter your giveaway but I feel like that might not be right since one of the items (the weirdest one?!) was made by me :D

Thanks for appreciating my crazy sense of humor - my husband just looks at me and shakes his head...

And congrats to your newly engaged daughter!!

tammy said...

Wow girl. You had me at the chocolate. What a fun giveaway.

If pretty much anything fell on the floor at pretty much anywhere for longer than 20 seconds, I would totally pick it up and still eat it, because I am on day four of my diet and starving!! Well....except the bathroom floor. That would just make me puke.

tammy said...

I'll link to you tonight, and I am a follower, and I answered your four questions. This is just a day of fours for me.

Pancake said...

Holy Moley girl this is ONE great giveaway!! DANG!

If ____chocolate_____ fell on the floor at the ___crack of dawn______ for longer than 20 seconds, I would totally pick it up and still eat it.

*What song, piece of music, etc... best describes your soul? My soul... there is a green hill far away. (cause it was sung at my baptism)

Jan the crazy lady said...

This is the bomb girl. What an amazing give heart you have. I totally shouldn't even enter cause I did win one from you already, but hey, this is so worth the no cooth look..

1. If rice fell on the floor at the mission home I was living at, for longer than 20 seconds, I would totally eat it.

2. She's super freak came to my mind. That is sad huh. But I would say maybe more like - oh why not - we're all in this together. High school musical :)

I will link this love. And 4 entries for me.

Sue said...

If buttered popcorn fell on the floor at the movie theater for more than 20 seconfs, I would totally pick it up and eat it.

"Be Still My Soul"

Sue said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you how many of your requests I've done. I'm already a follower, so I've done three...and I will link to your post from my blog tomorrow...which will bring me to four!

What a cool giveaway...I would have been thrilled about any ONE of these things. (I LOVE the pen most of all though.)


Merrianne said...


ok..i know i commented before on your REDNECK POST: but here goes again-- MY thoughts about these terms:

*Redneck--hard working farmer
*White trash-- dirty white people with a bad attitute & missing teeth
*Blue collar-- hard working men that support their families
*White collar-- business men & women :)

now. for the next part:

*If AN ICE CREAM CONE fell on the floor at the LOCAL BASKIN ROBBINS for longer than 20 seconds, I would totally pick it up and still eat it. {shoot... that thing probably cost me $25.00 so i am going to EAT THAT BABY!}

*What song, piece of music, etc... best describes your soul?
"Butterfly" by Crazytown ♥

i am already a follower of yours...
i am totally linking back to you on my blog!!!!

so that is a total of 4 votes.... well... make that 400.
i really want to win Lisa.
I am for real.
I want to WIN!!!

Brooke said...

My definition of these 4 things:
Redneck: having a couch on your front porch
white trash: people who sit around drinking beer all day using government money
Blue collar: hard physical workers
White collar: people who make lots of money sitting in an office all day

If cheesecake fell on the floor at the cheesecake factory, you can guarantee I would totally eat it.

A song that describes my soul:
I stand all amazed
Non-church song that speaks to my soul: In your eyes by Peter Gabriel.

What a fun giveaway! There is so much fun stuff!

I am a follower.
Count me for three entries.

The Garden of Egan said...

Well, I've stalked you for awhile now, and I guess it's time I come out of the closet. Totally love your blog and Happy 100th post! Darling background and fun posts. I could read and read and read and get my drift? I love it!

I'm going to do some of the stuff to get me entered here so....
The family tree??? Not. It's a family wreath.
People with loud stereos and fancy cars that live in total fact if you want to see the ultimate in gaggy ickiness email me and I'll send you a link to absolute whitetrashyness!
Blue collar:
Hard working people that smile and just do their job and they are happy to have one.
White collar:
people that ruin blue collars day!

I'm kinda having a hard time with the "if something fell on the floor thing" I'm an ER nurse and I am not sure that there would be anything that I would eat off the floor. If something fell on the floor at work,'s there for good, it won't go near my mouth.
If something fell at home on my freshly washed and sanitized floor.....let me think.....

If a glob of pulled pork fell off my plate and onto the floor for less than 20 seconds I would eat it.....I think I could eat it....maybe I would.....not eat it...

I have put you as a my blogs I stalk. Totally enjoy your stuff.

annie said...

Here you go:

*Redneck- what happens to me when I sit in the sun too long.
*White trash- anyone shopping at Wal-mart. This might seem cruel, but I'm right there with you. :o) OR anyone that lives in North Pole, AK ( you know what I'm talkin' about Lisa!!)
*Blue collar- what happens when I wash a white shirt with dark blue jeans on accident... ACCIDENT! Not that it's ever even happened to me.
*White collar- What happens when I soak that blue collar in bleach to bring it back to it's natural (or would that be unnatural) color.


*Redneck- anyone who lives out in the sticks and has no manners. I have to include the no manners part cause I know some really "normal" people that live out in the sticks that I wouldn't refer to as rednecks.
*White trash- The stereotypical man wearing a wife beater tank-top and cut off jeans.
*Blue collar- people who work... I mean really work.
*White collar- people who work, but it's more knowledge than actual work.

Shauna said...

Happy 100th post! YAHOO! Please count me in for this awesome giveaway! ♥ HUGS ♥

Shauna said...

I follow your blog!

Shauna said...

I just posted about this on the top right corner of my blog! You are AWESOME :)

Mikki said...

What an amazing giveaway!!!!

"If peppermint candy fell on the floor at the theater for longer than 20 seconds,I would totally pick it up and still eat it"--gross huh?

wow, that next one is a toughie. Describes my soul? I can think of several that speak to my soul I think, not the same thing though right?
"Beautiful Disaster" perhaps, by Jon McLaughlin.

Mikki said...

Ok, I'm a follower. Thought I was already, but I guess not.
I also went back to that other post of yours and commented, again. Well, I thought I had previously commented on that one, but I guess my comment got lost in the great big blogosphere.

Mikki said...

There! I just posted about this too. PLEASE, please, please, please, please pick me!!

Merrianne said...

hey Lisa.. Me Again :)
Here is the link to my blog post about your GiveAway...

pick me
pick me

Annette Lyon said...

If *good* chocolate fell on the floor almost anywhere, I'd pick it up and eat it.

(Commented on the other post and I'm now a follower. 3 entries, right? Woot! Congrats on your 100th post!)

Kris said...

Congrats on 100 post.

The 4 terms were answered in your previous post.

I'm now a follower (yeaaaaah)

I will put a sidebar post about your giveaway on my blog.

*If the chocolate bars in your giveaway fell on the floor at my office for longer than 20 seconds, I would totally pick it up and still eat it.

*What song, piece of music, etc... best describes my soul? I'm Alright by Kenny Loggins.

Holly said...

I just found your blog and I love it!

*Redneck: Jeff Foxworthy comedy!
*White trash: slackers who don't try. Don't try and keep their homes and yards clean and have dead cars sitting on their lawns, don't try and get/keep jobs to support themselves or their families.
*Blue collar: hardworking people, who have jobs that get their hands dirty.
*White collar: hardworking people who work in a professional/office type atmosphere.

If chocolate fell on the floor at my house for longer than 20 seconds, I would totally pick it up and still eat it.

*What song, piece of music, etc... best describes your soul? It depends on the day/situation/mood. This week it's been Meatloaf, "Out of the frying pan and into the fire"!

I follow now, in google reader. So, that's 3 entries! I'm glad I found you.

Covington Sensation's said...

"If hot spicy cheetos fell on the floor I would totally eat it" I'm sorry if you are not a fan but I love hot spicy cheetos.

Congrats on your 100th post. I am a newbie at this and I already have 56 posts. Of course some of my beginning posts are a little blogger retarded but hey there is a learning curve right?

There are aLOT of things to do. I'll do the other 4 things alittle later. I have kids needing me. I'll be back for sure!!!!:)

Covington Sensation's said...

Do you have a button that I may put on my blog?

Also I am going to link the love and blog about this post as well. I am a relatively new follower but hey I might get some hits.

Also I am a member of Mom logic community I can link there as well.

Also member of MMB mommy mormon blogs--I can link back there as well.


I also twitter. I'll tweet about it for sure.

Is that all I can do?


I can tell my Facebook friends about it as well.

I think I'm done.

Gotta attend to the crying kids. I'll be back though. :)

Do you have a Facebook account so I can add you? Or do you prefer to remain somewhat anonymous?

Since you don't KNOW me already you might want to check my blog out to get to "know" me per say. I hope you like what you see.

I am funny too you know. Alittle craft retarded (a direct quote from MAMA NUT) but I'm cool nonetheless.

PLUS my friend is in the top 10 blogger contest over at MOM logic. How cool is that???

ikkinlala said...

I'm not all that scared of things that have been on the floor, so I'll go with the most recent incident: If a pretzel fell on the floor at the neighbour's house for longer than 20 seconds, I would totally pick it up and still eat it.

The music question is harder, but I think right now it's The Flatlanders' version of One Day at a Time.

I've earned two entries (for answering the questions on this post and the other one).

Karen Sue said...

--Redneck-People who eat what they hit last night on the road.
--White trash- People who enjoy beer, cigarettes, and life in general with the money the gov't sends them that I worked hard to make.
--Blue collar-people who can wear casual every day to work..or shirts with their names on them and are proud of it.
--White Collar-people who go to work in neckties and wear their names on their doors and desks.

If a chocolate-covered strawberry fell on the floor for longer than 20 seconds, I would totally eat it. Heck I'd even fight for it!

MY WISH- by Rascal Flatts... did my first kids graduation scrapbooks to the words and I'd do them all that way.
"my wish for you is that this life becomes all that you want it to, your dreams stay big, your worries stay small, you never need to carry more than you can hold. And when you're out there gettin' where you're gettin' to, I hope you know somebody loves you....."

I'll go right over and link to you ..I'm your follower...and that will give me 4 entries..

WooHoo...have a great day.

Amber Lynae said...

*If peanut M&M's fell on the floor at the Louvre for longer than 20 seconds, I would totally pick it up and still eat it.

The Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson

Laura... and the boys said...

congrats on the 100th post and your engaged daughter!!! This is such an amazing giveaway, I just can't miss it! I love every single item you've picked. How generous of you!!

I answered the 4 questions...

*If ____candy_____ fell on the floor at the __horse pasture_______ for longer than 20 seconds, I would totally pick it up and still eat it. (sorry, doesn't quite work gramatically, but it's the first thing that came to mind!)

For the song, what first comes to mind is Tim McGraw "Where the green grass grows"... it seems to be one that over the years has always felt just right to me.

I am already a follower.

I'm blogging about your awesome giveaway next...

I guess that's 4! yay :) :)

One Cluttered Brain said...

Ok. I have another comment on here by Covington Sensations. That's still me I just changed my blog name to protect the names of the innocent before I recieved 100 followers or something like that.

How I define these terms:
Redneck:Picture 8 little ones running around in just their diapers all under the age of 2, Dad drinks beer for a living, Mom wears hair in curlers and bathrobe to the store.

White TRash- Pretty much the same as above except they have no home to live in but a shack with 30 broken cars out in front and they reek of cigerette smoke and B.O.

Blue collar- Hard working,strong hands, muscular and sexy. (No plumber cracks for me):) My husband is a HVAC technician...

White Collar-Accountant/lawyer type. stiff personality. Always orders a martini with an olive. very rich and always takes the client out to fancy lunches on the company's dime.

Hope I did this right!:)

One Cluttered Brain said...

Amendment to my definition
Redneck- their kids are under the age of 10, half of them are still in diapers and NONE of them wear shoes!

I think that's about it.

One Cluttered Brain said...

What song or piece of music best describes my soul?
Mr. Mom by Lonestar (On most days)

On my more confident days It would be "I'm too sexy" Right said Fred

And on also Manic Monday by the Bangles

My soul is defined by too much I know.

Connie said...

What great give-aways! No wonder we have to jump through some hoops for this! It's worth it!

Redneck - woman with a hot flash

white trash - the white garbage bags I take out to the trash every day

Blue-collar worker - What my daddy was all his life. He was a brick contractor.

White collar worker - Professional business men and women who wear shoes that click when they walk on a polished tile floor.

If a Peanut M&M or Reese's peanut butter cup fell on the floor for 20 seconds, I would totally eat them.

Song that describes my soul:
"The luckiest" by Ben Folds.

Does that make 2? I'll do the rest and get back to you.

Sue said...

Okay, blog and giveaway now posted on my blog, so that makes four entries for me. Hurray!

Hope I get lucky!


imbeingheldhostage said...

You are insane and I love you too. I am feeling VERY honoured that out of a thousand posts, you made it to me today :-)

ok, heeeeeere we go:

Numbre one:
Redneck: Jesse D who looked very sexy in his wrangler jeans when I was a boy crazy 13 year old.
White Trash: The hubby and I when we tore out our bathroom and purposely set the commode in the front yard just to irritate people
Blue Collar: what you get when you accidently put bleach in your garments wash and then try to cover the yellow by adding bluing.
White collar: when you don't mess with bluing products.

Numbre Two:
If ANY form of chocolate fell on the floor at the tube station for longer than 20 seconds (and my life was only marginally in danger from fast moving trains)I would totally pick it up and still eat it. If it wasn't mine to begin with, I'd be a lot faster than 20 seconds and someone might go onto the track in the process.

Music... hmmm, that's a tough one. "Who Am I" by Casting Crowns.

I was a garage door follower before the rest of the world caught on that it was cool.

I will try to link, but not tonight. I'm supposed to be sleeping. So put me in for 30 entries please. ok, just three.

FUN FUN giveaway!! thank you

(btw, you could've got this much info from me for just one of those goodies)

Chandy said...

Great giveaway and congrats on the 100th post!

Anyway, if dark chocolate fell on the car's carpet for more than 20 seconds, I would still eat it but after making sure that no one is watching. LOL

The best music that defines my soul would be "In my Daughter's Eyes" by Shania Twain because I live for my children and family.

Off to follow you now and will be posting this giveaway on my sidebar with a link back to you!


Chandy said...

Ok, I have you linked up through your truffles picture on my sidebar and I put your blog name on it as a caption. It is post specific to this giveaway!

That gives me a total of 4 entries...

Merrianne said...

Hi Lisa......
It's me Again...
Entering again.......
cuz i want to win!!!!!!!!!!!!

LKP said...

ok, commented on that other post of, count this as ENTRY #1!

LKP said...

What song, piece of music, etc... best describes my soul?
32 Flavors by Alana Davis
the chorus is my favorite part:
"...I am what I am, I am 32 flavors and then some,
I'm taking my chances as they come, I am 32 flavors and then some, I'm nobody but I am someone, someone...."

...ENTRY #2...

LKP said...

ok ok...reread that part so, to complete ENTRY #2:
If grapes fell on the floor at the grocery store for longer than 20 seconds, I would totally pick it up and still eat it.
i KNOW this, cause i USED to do this when i would go grocery shopping with my mother!!! i was a sneaky little kid!


LKP said...

Here ( is my post linking back to your post!

...ENTRY #3

LKP said...

am NOW a follower! =)

...ENTRY #4

Cynthia said...

This is not a giveaway- it's an extravaganza! Holy cow!

#2- there is almost nothing I wouldn't eat off my own floor under the 20 second rule. Remember? I'm the one who dropped the Thanksgiving Turkey platter on the floor and expected everyone to still eat it?

I, of course, have known you were cool long before this giveaway and I already follow you.

I'll go do the other 2 requests so I can get all 4 votes because, yowza! This is a serious giveaway. All the stuff is great but you pretty much had me at 'chocolates'.

LKP said...

p.s. i'm uber digging that olive pen (HOW COOL IS THAT?!)...and apparently you enjoy shopping in the same places i do =) anywho, thanks for enduring my entries!

nikkicrumpet said...

HOLY MOLEY woman that is some kind of giveaway...I guess it makes my silly peapods look like chicken feed! I followed all the rules:
1- defined on that post
2- If "chocolate" fell on the floor in the monkey cage at the zoo for longer than 20 YEARS, I would totally pick it up and still eat it.

the song that defines my soul..."I stand all amazed" It is my favorite song of all time.

3: I blogged your giveaway
4: I already follow your awesomeness.
Congrats on 100 posts...and thanks for the chance to win those AMAZING prizes!

Treevillemary said...

*If _tostatos fell on the floor at the Taco Johns for longer than 20 seconds, I would totally pick it up and still eat it.

*What song, piece of music, etc... best describes your soul? actually "Pissin' in the Wind" by Jerry Jeff Walker.....from eons ago.

I just discovered your blog, but you and I could camp out together at Staples and/or Barnes & Noble...I feel exactly the same way you do about those two stores.

Da Bergs said...

If a mustard and onion flavored pretzel fell on the floor at the ball park for longer than 20 seconds, I would totally pick it up and still eat it.

*What song, piece of music, etc... best describes your soul? I Need Thee Every Hour

Okay, I am going to LINK you from my blog RIGHT NOW!!!

Messy Jess said...

If a chocolate chip cookie fell on the floor at the bakery for longer than 20 seconds, I would totally pick it up and still eat it.

David Foster the Love Theme I have listened to this song over and over since I was little. I listen to it when I am happy, sad, bored...

You have put a lot of thought into your giveaway - I was exhausted after my first and last giveaway. Maybe I should have another one....

4 points

Sher said...

Wow, Lisa, this is one Sa-weet giveaway!

So to answer your question:

If CHOCOLATE fell on the floor JUST ABOUT ANYWHERE for more than 2 minutes, I would pick it up and eat it.
Because it's chocolate.

I'm already following you. I will go comment on your other post right now.
And I will blog about your giveaway!

♥ you!!

silverhartgirl said...

*Redneck someone who is outside alot and like to fish.
*White trash some who is busy with kids and has a lot of toys in the yard.
*Blue collar Hard working people
*White collar sitting behind a desk earning a lot more than blue collar

Jess said...

You have a beautiful family!!!

I have 4 entries!! wOOHOO!!! Awesome giveaway!! Thank you for having it!!

If _a double stuffed oreo fell on the floor at the park for longer than 20 seconds, I would totally pick it up and still eat it.

*What song, piece of music, etc... best describes your soul?

hmmm... there are so many ways to go with this one... but for today... how about... There is sunshine in my soul...


onlymehere said...

Wow this is a complicated giveaway and I hope I remember everything.

If grape juice in a capped bottle fell on the floor for more than 20 seconds I would still eat (drink) it! I have a physical (maybe partly mental) condition and just can't eat anything that's been on the floor for any length of time! I'll go to the spot now to find out what those terms mean to me. I think I only get two chances at the give-away after that but I have to tell you I'm drooling over the Amazon and Barnes and Noble gift cards. I order from Amazon about once every six weeks! Thanks for stopping by and all your comments! Cindy

JK said...

Holy... WOW! Is this for real? Seems too good to be true! :) I found your blog off of a link of a friend's email trying to get another entry for your awesome giveaway.

*Redneck--person with a goofy accent and major farmer's tan
*Whitetrash--Overalls with no shirt underneath, tons of crap in the yard, and very possibly nasty teeth
*Blue collar--middle class worker, kind of goober style
*White collar--upper class (rich/well off) worker who talks on a cellphone constantly and think very highly of self

*If ANYTHING fell on the floor at my house, I would definitely NOT EAT IT! Explanation: a dog and 3 kids under 3 years old--you try keeping the floor clean! I would, however, probably pick it up and give it to one of my kids. They don't care, and do it all the time. Don't want to let it go to waste. ;) Okay, there are limitations though...

*I'm a music person, so there are SO many songs. How to choose? How about "I've Got Rhythm/Who Could Ask for Anything More" from Crazy for You. Also recently on my mind is "A Mother's Eyes".

*I'm about to become a follower... in about 2 minutes.

*After that I'll put a post on my blog, so approximately 5 minutes, give or take.

Thanks so much for the chance! 4 entries for me.


onlymehere said...

I missed the music question. The song "That's Life" by Neal McCoy seems to sum up my attitude and feelings pretty well. I'm a country girl at heart and I love how you can FEEL him smile when he sings. He makes me happy. Okay, answering this gives me a total of three entries into this giveaway. I think I'm a follower but not sure how you calculate that so that makes me have four entries if you count that. I'm a ditz and I just don't know! Wish me luck!!! Hee hee!! Cindy

Ann said...

If a CREAM PUFF fell on the floor in the DOG KENNEL for longer than 20 seconds, I would totally pick it up and still eat it. (That is if my Beagle Belle didn't get it first!)

My song is "Teach your children" CSN&Y.

I'm a new follower, and two comments, but expect your stuff!


A Joyful Chaos said...

1. Redneck , the color of a neck that has been at the beach without sunscreen.
2. White trash, wadded up tissues that litter the floor when you have a bad cold.
3. Blue collar, the collar of my favorite blouse.
4. White collar, collar of my husbands shirt that he refuses to wear.

If chocolate fell on the floor of my car for longer than 20 seconds, I would totally pick it up and still eat it.

The song that would best describe my soul is the hymn "It Is Well With My Soul"

Congratulations on your 100th post! You are having a great give away. I am sitting here with my fingers crosed.

I am following you so please enter me three times.

Kritta22 said...

This giveaway is awesome!!

I answered your questions on the other post.

If chocolate or pretty much any candy fell on the floor of anywhere for longer than 20 seconds I would eat it. I have no pride! :)

I'm a follower!!

dolls123 said...

1.commented on the post

2a.If anything chocolate fell on the floor at the office for longer than 20 seconds, I would totally pick it up and still eat it.

2b. A Change Is Gonna Come

4. Blog follower

3 entries


Cadance said...

I am a FOLLOWER Now!! Fun...Where are we going? =)

Cadance said...

#1: If Carrot Cake with real cream-cheese frosting fell on the floor that was a hard surface for longer than 20 seconds, I would totally pick it up and still eat it!

#2: right now....the theme song to Dallas...I don't even know if there are words to it...but the song rhythm and tempo would go well in the story of my life! some days my life could be taken and used for a script on Dallas! LOL! =)

Cadance said...

Redneck: Lives in West Virgina and exclusively shops at Walmart & Cabelas!

White-Trash: Lives in a Trailer in a Trailer-Park, wears a "wife-beater" tank top, has a Meth lab in the Kitchen and thinks going to Walmart is a special occasion!

Blue-collar: Hard working Middle-class American, with $8,000 worth of average credit card debt, watches NASCAR on the weekends and has a calendar-girl calendar from 1995 hanging in the garage.

White-collar: Wears a suit to work, his wife picks up & drops off his dry-cleaning, has 2 cars, a house, and a boat and/or motorcycle, watches his kids athletic games...but his wife is the transportation to and from the practices, goes to strip clubs once a month when his wife thinks he's "net-working" with the guys, takes his family to the lake and BBQ's at home on the weekends....and does it all over again on Monday morning.

Trina said...

This is the first time I've ever commented on your blog, but when I saw you're giving away some of my favorite things - chocolate, amazon $, itunes, and office supplies (I'm totally with you on cute pens and notebooks, etc.) I just couldn't resist.

I will become a follower today, and I will also post a link to here on my blog.

And if really good chocolate fell on the floor almost anywhere for more than 20 seconds, I would totally eat it. And the song that describes my soul today is I Don't Have To Be Me ('Til Monday) because it's the weekend. :)

And ok, a redneck is a wannabe cowboy, white trash are people who don't take care of themselves or their belongings, blue collar are hard workers and white collar are...well, the first thing that came to my mind is a catholic priest, because of the white collars they wear.

Ok, I think that makes 4 entries for me. Oh, and Tammy said to mention that I'm her sister just in case it gives me bonus points. :)

This is an awesome giveaway. Thanks!

Kristina P. said...

Wow, I'm glad you found me during your giveaway! Score!

And yes, I read all my comments. :)

If a Peanut Butter Cup fell on the floor, I would still totally eat it.

onlymehere said...

Good heavens, am I the only one who won't eat something off the floor?! LOL! Happy Mother's Day, my daughter blogged about her old Beehive leader today on MOTHER'S DAY. Such is my crazy life! LOL! Good thing I love her.

Quirkyloon said...


1. I answered at the original post.
a. If a jalapeno fell at the county fair for longer than 20 seconds I would totally pick it up and still eat it. (I know sick, huh?)
b. What song best describes my soul? Creep by Radiohead. Because I'm a creep...I'm a weirdo...

3.Well looks like I'm gonna have to splain in a blogpost about the Creep thingy and I'll link it to ya GF.

4. I am already a follower Sweetie! Ooops, I'm NOT there! Wha? Okay....doing it NOW!

You're a sweetheart!