Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sadly, Regrettably, Distressingly, SERIOUSLY??????!!!!!!!

You may or may not remember Jasper from a previous post. (see here) He had a lot of attitude and a little brain. One time, my husband went outside with him on his shoulder and he flew off and we thought for sure he was gone and dead. Turns out he just circled the house a couple times and landed on our forest floor. Mind you, not in a tree or on top of anything (little brain) but on the ground. And there was where we found him after a stressful hunt. We finally found him when he started saying, "Jasper gonna die". Just kidding. But....we did find him alive.
Sadly, regrettably, distressingly, that is NOT how we found him on Thursday afternoon. SERIOUSLY??!! This is when the creator of the universe thought was a good time for the bird to die??!! SERIOUSLY??!! Right when our family is coming to grips with the impending death of my father???!! SERIOUSLY???!!! And of course the hubby is not home. After recovering from the "depths of despair" and calming the kiddo's, (he lives in Bean's room and she thought he was just sleeping) I did what any other competent, mentally with it Mom would do. I pried him off the bottom of the cage (yeah--that didn't completely scar me, having to pry his little talons off the bars), wrapped him in a couple of washcloths, put him in a box and popped him in the outside freezer for my husband to deal with when he gets home. I realized the error of my ways when I opened that freezer later to get some ice cream and discovered, to my horror (and yes, a small amount of crazed laughing) that I had placed him in and old Schwann's box, labeled-----are you ready for this???-----

Yep, I am that good.

Needless to say, I have moved everything I think I will need between now and the time my hubby gets home, to the other freezer. I don’t trust myself. I can’t even go by that freezer at night now---the curse of way too many scary movies.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Daddy update

This is still a little tender for me. First of all—I know that there are people EVERYWHERE dealing with the death or impending death of a loved one every minute of every day. Life cycles—everyone knows it—and time stops for no man. I know that it is no respecter of age or economic status. I know that very few people are ever prepared for it—even if there are warning signs. I wonder if it is because we get so caught up in our invincibility's, so forgetful of all that it takes for our body to take just one breath. Maybe it is because there was never anything my Daddy couldn’t do. I was 5 years old in this picture. My Daddy was a super hero. At the ripe old age of 5, I KNEW that I was special….because my Daddy told me so. In my mind’s eye—he has never aged much beyond this memory. When did he become old enough to have right heart failure, to need oxygen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and need a walker to get around??!! When did he get old enough to have to leave me here on earth, without his physical presence to guide me, and remind me that I am still special?! I do find peace in my beliefs--that this will be a brief parting, that we will spend eternity together, it is just the ache of missing that I think will be hard. The saying good-bye.
Because of the right heart failure, his lungs are not getting enough blood and that causes a fluid buildup. His legs and abdomen are already much enlarged and as it progresses it will continue to build up till it shuts down all his organs and causes death. There is no treatment but they think he will be able to slow it a little with diet and proper rest and lots of visits from grandchildren. :0)
Today was better than yesterday, emotionally, and I am sure tomorrow will be even a little better than today. I am the older of just 2 children and so there is much to do; finances, wills, final plans, scrapbooks etc…it will be good to keep busy and to “need” to spend all this time with him. I am not asking for prayers or thoughts for miracles—just for strength and courage for all of us. It is so healing to go around and read all your blogs and get caught up in the witty banter and do lots of gut laughing. Isn’t blog land great??!!

Monday, February 23, 2009


I know I have been remiss in sharing my mailbox happiness and stating my gratefulness publicly. Things have been really crazy with my Dad and I have been so overwhelmed by it all that I just let everything else go. It is still a little too tender to write about—maybe tomorrow.
Today—a HUGE !!!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! To Desert Hen and Linda for their HUGE generosity and kindness. I won in their drawings and was sooooo excited!

Here is what arrived from Desert Hen:

Look at how beautifully it was all packaged—it was so bright and cheerful I had a hard time wanting to open them! Yeah—that didn’t last long.

This is it all unwrapped. Oh the divineness of it all!! Thank you so much Desert Hen!!! I heart you!!!!

And here is the sweetness I received from Linda!

I stole this pic off her blog cuz if I waited till I got a picture and uploaded it—well I just couldn’t be ungrateful any longer. This is my first “word art” I have owned—I am soooo excited—thank you so much Linda!

This whole winning and getting mail is very addicting---more please!!! Just kidding—sort of. Thanx again girls—I need to have another giveaway—will have to think on it-------

Sunday, February 22, 2009




I am away from blog land for a little while and when I open Google Reader—SHAZAAM—536 posts!! You all have been getting your BUSY on! It is kind of an overwhelming number—even if it is only a minute a blog—that is 9 hours—9??!!!! HOLY HOPE YOU DON”T READ SLOW Batman!

Not only that—but I seem to have lost a follower and only one person noticed I was gone. It’s a good thing I don’t base my entire self worth on my blog. I’d say, “Don’t mind me”—but apparently you already haven't! I’m just so much blog dust blowing in the wind-------

-----hopefully I will blow into your nose and make you sneeze and cough and your eyes water. But—I’m not bitter. Really.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Sheepish Birthday To Me.....

I'm a b-a-a-a-a-d Mom. I should have known that teasing my #2 daughter about things eternal could only lead to feeling sheepish. (see #6 previous post)

I opened my blog this morning and sure enough---there it was---on HER blog--A Tribute to my Mom

Happy Sheepish Birthday to me....sheesh... I am lucky she loves me in spite of me.

Go give it a look see--she done her mama proud.

Oh--and as UNBELIEVABLE as it seems---I won another giveaway!! Over at LindanJake

She is the sweetest thing since Dove Chocolates with Caramel inside!! Thanx Linda!

Somebody buy me a lottery ticket--I am on a roll!

My Dad is still in the hospital--today was the first day I haven't gone in--there was so much I wanted to accomplish while my family was gone--so I focused on those today. I feel a little selfish and guilty but my Dad said it was okay--have I mentioned that I LOVE my Dad??!! They did a scope type surgery into his lungs today so hopefully we will be getting some real answers soon. They said all the test results should be back by tomorrow evening. The top part of his right lung has completely shut down so we are grateful they have gotten a little more aggressive. Thanx for all your thoughts and prayers----------

Friday, February 6, 2009

Randomness from the hospital

My Dad is back in the hospital--he has been having blackouts that they can't explain and his pneumonia is lingering. It stresses my Mom to have him here but I always breathe a little easier knowing he is in capable hands. Since I am not real focused and need to distract myself a little...I thought I would just share some randomness--

1. My family left yesterday for Utah--all of them--so it is just me and the critters---wild and tame--I consider this my birthday/anniversary/Valentines Day present--since they all occur in February. I LOVE my family but there is no better vacation in my mind than getting to stay HOME ALONE! I realize that there are people out there that consider a vacation as something that they leave their house to do--I cannot help their faulty thinking.

2. We got an Apple computer for Christmas that I can't get on to do any more than set up my account. With everyone gone--I AM GOING TO PLAY WITH MY APPLE! I might actually be able to see what is on the screen with its SUPER SIZED screen. I am especially excited to see Mechelle's hair blog super sized!

3.I have gone to a psychiatrist before and let me tell you--all the medication and therapy in the world can't do what cleaning a room---leaving the room---coming back into the room a half hour later and having it STILL BE CLEAN--can do!  Wait--let me go back--ITS STILL CLEAN!!!  Happy dance all over that clean floor!

4. I LOVE this woman--Nana--roll on the floor and out the door and down the hill into traffic funny!!!  Seriously!!

5. I seem to have been temporarily word stupid on this post-----"wha-la"?????? Seriously??! I can't believe how kind you all are for not mocking me. Voila--voila--voila---

6. The other day, my #2 daughter informed me that, "There is no sarcasm in heaven" I told her that was why she needed to be really good---so that she could bring me iced drinks in that hot place--for eternity. She is still getting her panties untwisted.

7. I am now home schooling 2 of my 3 children that are still living at home. We just pulled Kelly out of the high school. I am only partly sorry if someone reads this that works there--but that school is a nightmare!! And after doing battle for 6 years--I am done. This time it was because they were supposed to give Kelly an IEP because of her hip injury and surgery but it never happened and Kelly was floundering and he said, she said and ENOUGH!  She will get her GED, take her SAT'S and go to college--she is so happy to be at home.

8. Yesterday I woke up and when I went to sit on the toilet--my left "cheek" area screamed in pain! I mentioned it to my husband and he proceeds to say, "Yeah--that's probably going to hurt for awhile." WHAT??! According to him I lost my balance getting up out of my computer chair (when I bumped into him) and fell back on the hard part of the chair. Okay folks--I have tried and TRIED to bring this memory up--to no avail so--A) my husband is lying , B) I am getting Alzheimer's or C) Someone slipped me an Ambien before bedtime. That whole part of their advertisement that says "driving etc with no memory for the event can happen"--its true. Don't ask me how I know. Which still leaves the question---why does my tailbone hurt so bad every time I sit down??!!  It is KILLING me!

9. I won DesertHen's contest!! I NEVER WIN!!! Now I can't ever say that again--hmmm BUT YEAH ME!!! HAPPY! HAPPY!  ME!!

So--there you go---food for thought--junk food--but food nonetheless. I have a post I need to do about channeling the bird lady and then..................I thought I would finally get brave and share the story behind my blog title---------

Oh yeah--and please keep my Dad in your prayers or meditations or thoughts--we could use them.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bibbidi Bobbidi Birthday Boo!

Once upon a time, in a land called Louisiana, in the year nineteen hundred and ninety-three, a beautiful princess was born, and the first thing her father was heard to say was, "My, what a LARGE mouth she has dear!" And then, they named her Kelly Ann but called her Boo.

And the child grew and she took her first step and..............

................................. had her first cake.

And when she was happy...the world was full of sunshine and cuteness and when she was cross.........
...............her subjects would run and hide in terror!!!!!!!!

And the child grew..................

And grew........................................................................

And grew............................................

Until it was February the first of the year two thousand and nine--and behold--turned herself 16 and her Mother was heard to declare...."she will not grow another year older---ever" and thus it was.

Oh my Kelly Belly Boo--I cannot believe you are 16. You are so extraordinary, so beautiful, inside and out. You are the child who most thinks like me and shares my love of books and music. I have cherished this time we have had and look forward to all the future memories we will make and share. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOO!!!!