Monday, October 27, 2008

How Real Men are heating their homes this winter---

I put my husband on a plane today. Sad times. So here is a tribute to the man I love and all the hard work he does for his family--in Alaska and here at home. What a guy--he's my hero---

Just read this after I posted it--

Yes--that is a real chainsaw

Yes--that is real wood

and yes--you should not try this at home--especially if your name is Lisa and you are still mastering the walking and chewing gum thing--another post--another day--trust me--

Friday, October 24, 2008


I just wanted to do a BIG shout out to April Durham from April Showers!! She had a free header giveaway and so I entered and this was the fabulous result!! I have spent all afternoon trying to find the right font and background colors. I finally like it--the font colors. I LOVE MY HEADER!! Thanx again April! If you want to enter her new giveaway, you can go here.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Bat Lady Sings

I don't know why I wrote that title. I think I am getting a little loopy. For those of you out there who have done the crisis/surgery/trauma/bat touching thing--does the caregiver have a day where she just kind of checks out?! Like nothing really matters much--just let me lie here and watch CSI and eat Runts?! Cuz that is me--and I feel like such a loser! Like somebody just stick me with a cattle prod already! Thought maybe you all would like an update---


She is doing really well. We continue to see the miracles in the daily steps toward healing. She is able to get in and out of bed on her own and gets around pretty well on the crutches. Some of her friends came over to visit the other evening--and she was pretty wore out the next day---but seeing her pals was worth it she thinks. We went into our Primary Care Physician (note how fabulous I am with correct termanology) on Monday. He is local so that was good not to have to drive 4 hours. He took off the bandage--I about barfed and my husband and Kelly both went, "COOL!! " He steri-stripped the incision so if it got bumped or something--it wouldn't pop open. He said he doesn't expect to have to see us again unless there are signs of infection. Maybe I have just been living under a rock but I found this amazing!!! My surgeries have been so much more involved--long recoveries and no showers forever etc...Heavenly Father and Dr. Howlett rock! Kelly thinks I should post a pic of the incision. I told her I would have to attach a barf bag to my camera even to take a pic. That I would probably lose a lot of my "followers"--they would drop like flies. (Where did that term come from anyways?--do flies drop? sorry--I digress)-But I did it. SO HERE IS THE WARNING!!!!!!!!


HOLY YUCKY INCISION BATMAN!!! It is 7 inches long--and looks so painful to me but Kelly has slowly been weaning herself off the narcotics and been doing mostly Advil. If I were brave I would make a comment about the leftover Loritab--but I'm not. Anyways--we have to drive back to Spokane to see Dr. Howlett on November 3rd and then I hope not to have to do that drive again for awhile. I know this is all because of all your prayers--thanx again.

Oh-- and somehow I didn't get this pic loaded when I did the Par day--but really wanted to. The nurses at Sacred Heart Children's Hospital are beyond AMAZING!!! I have never seen such fabulous nurses in my whole life!! They came every time she called, changed her bed and fluffed her pillows each time she got out of bed. They were so sweet and helpful every step of the way---so this is a HUGE Shout Out to them----YOU ALL ARE THE BEST--THANK YOU!!!

This is Jocelyn--she had an Irish accent and a heart of gold--we miss you Jocelyn!!

BEAN the BAT TOUCHER update:

When last we left THE TOUCHER--she had confessed and was being weighed and measured. The following Tuesday we were to report to the school for the first 2 doses of meds.

Meanwhile the CDC descended upon our little town and apparently we were on a lot of random newscasts--like Turkey. Really.

When we first got there Tuesday and walked in the gym---if I would have been smart I would have listened to that little voice in my head--to flee. There--in out LITTLE gym were 99 children and their caregivers. My thought was

--how come they didn't tell me it was "The Running of the Bulls??!" and when did I teleport to Spain??!! AAAHHHH!!!

The second stupid thought was that we would come in, get the shots and leave. TWO HOURS LATER we got called to the room with the CDC people in it. They proceeded to try and talk us out of getting the shots. Finally I just said, "GIVE ME THOSE PAPERS OR I WILL TOUCH YOU WITH A BAT!!" Okay--maybe not exactly that. Then 45 minutes later--(while we stood in the hallway and listened to all the other Touchers scream and cry--it was our turn. Bean was so brave--not even a tear. But wait--theres more! Then we had to sit in the library 15 minutes more to make sure she wasn't allergic. The entire 3 1/2 hours--we had nothing to do--I hadn't brought coloring or a book OR ANYTHING!!!!

There have been 3 other shot days since then and one more next week and we are done! I think I will get up on a cafeteria table and do a dance--seriously.


I haven't talked a lot about Milan but he needs an update. He has been taking hunter safety and last night he passed his test!! I am told that that means I should say WOO-HOO.

woo--that's all I got.

I was raised in an ANTI--gun/hunting house. My grandparents didn't even have a gun. What kind of horrible person would shoot Bambi??! My husband and all of his ancestors., that's who. If you would have ever told me I would have a son that would want a gun, let alone take hunter safety--I would have LAUGHED. When we first moved to Montana we bought a little gun cabinet and Phil bought me a pistol (snort) and there were a couple of bigger guns in there also. The other day when I opened it up---

Milan in his winter gear--in the forest I bet he could do a Where's Waldo thing!!

AAAHHHH!!!! No one told me that guns reproduce in the dark!!

It was like jam packed full and boxes of bullets everywhere!! I quickly called my husband---he said he MAY have purchased a few of them---I don't know whether to be relieved that guns don't reproduce in the dark or really cranky at my husband for putting them there in the dark!!! So--I home school one of my children, live in the woods, chop wood and heat my house with it, know the difference between a girl cow and a boy cow and know how to can and use a dehydrator, AND apparently own an entire arsenal!!! That sounds SOOOO BAD!!! I so mocked me 25 years ago!! I really am cultured and refined. I play the piano, listen to classical music, LOVE to read--enjoy art--when did I become Daniel Boone??!!

Thanx for letting me vent--I need to go check the gun cabinet--its getting dark.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Surgery Part 2

What kind of mother takes pictures of their child in the hospital with the sole purpose of making a blog post out of them??!!

Pick me!!! Pick me!!!

When they started prepping Kelly, they let her watch T.V. while they were poking and getting her ready. She chose to watch a golf tournament. The nurse was so amazed that the next time she left to get something and came back--she brought this cute PGA Beanie Baby Bear for a "poke" prize. She named him Par and we decided to use him as the star of our photo shoot. Here is a day at the hospital with Par--Kelly's hospital pal.

This is PAR---

This is Par working the remote--trying to find his favorite channel--

This is Par hanging out on George the IV machine---

This is Par surveying Kelly's scary yellow leg----

This is Par sitting in the baby bed next to Kelly's and both he and Kelly were very happy that they did not have to stay in that bed!!---

This is Par being very afraid of the BEDPAN!!--

This is Par guarding Kelly's food---it was scrambled eggs--her favorite---

So there you have it--Par's busy day--he was so much help Kelly got to home early!! Thanx Par--you're our new favorite---

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I just want to add....

In sharing our story I hope I did not cause anyone to feel like they must be doing something wrong or their prayers weren't answered because that outcome of their trials have not been so positive. For those who are struggling to find the light at the end of their tunnels--hang on--keep putting that one foot in front of the other. I hope that when my next trial hits and the Lord's will is not exactly what I wanted that I will still be able to find the angels and see the miracles as well as I can now.

Walking down the halls in the Pediatric unit there were mothers weeping over tiny babies, grandmas in hall trying to get it together before they went in the child's room, small little beings with such big obstacles. I know they were not doing something wrong just because they were having a tough time---their angels and miracles were just showing themselves in different ways. Does that make any sense? Just please know--my intentions were good.


Sorry I have not posted before now. I did find an internet connection yesterday but only really had a chance to lurk a little. Everytime I would try to write a post--words would fail me--so I decided to give it a little time.

The surgery was a success!! It was over in a little under an hour. We got to be with her during post op which I really liked. Then they moved us up to her room. She had a room all to herself--which was beyond l.ovely. They wanted her to pee in a bed pan but Kelly wanted nothing to do with that. So less than 3 hours after surgery--she was up (with someone on either side) and weight bearing and using a toilet, thank you very much!

All of my children are very determined beings. They have been from the start. Most days I call it headstrong and stubborn and wish that they would just once listen to me and take my advice! I ask Heavenly Father, "What is with these obstinate, willful spirits??! And what in the world made you think I could raise them for you here in mortality??!!" I have seen the answer --and it fills me with humility and awe that I am allowed to share the journey with these "Warrior Spirits" that I call my children. As I have watched Kelly these past 2 days---Heavenly Father has allowed the veil to be lifted, just a little, and I have seen the Warrior within--her body has seemed to be barely able to contain it--it has glowed and shimmered around her and I know. I know that she truly has been chosen to come forth at this time. When the world around us teeters on the brink of destruction of all we know to be good and true--Kelly will not be deterred from that which she has been put here to do. All those same qualities that, at times, caused me to want to pull ALL my hair out and bang my head against the wall--these are they that will carry her through. As I have watched the set of her jaw and the resolution in her eyes as she pushes herself a little more each time she gets up--it just has overwhelmed me in a way that I haven't yet experienced in this life.

It's like Heavenly Father had come to stand by me, with His arm around my shoulders, held out his Hand and said, "See, my impatient, fretful child--this is who I have sent to help to bring to pass the Second Coming of my Son--a soldier of great light and with a heart full of courage--this is why your days are sometimes spent in a battle of wills--Kelly will need all of that tenacity and conviction for what I will need her to do. Be at peace daughter--I love you both always."

I know my words fall short, but I wanted to thank all of you for your prayers in our behalf. Not only has Kelly's surgery and recovery been a miracle but I have had my own personal, little miracle. My earthly body struggles daily with clinical depression and a low level of bipolar. (I have a wonderful doctor and am taking lots of pretty colored pills that really helps) Some days are very dark. My spirit aches to find even a small bit of light. This whole thing has been like glorious water poured onto desert ground. I revert so easily to doubt and fear--I have been clinging to this small bit of heaven for as long as I can. Thank-you for being the angels that I needed--for the prayers uttered in our behalf that have brought the powers of heaven down to earth for this brief moment and time.

So--back to the medical stuff. The doctor was able to remove all of the mass and bone. He said it did not look cancerous to him but they sent it off to pathology anyways. He said he hadn't ever seen anything like it before. The body had grown a bone around the mass but it was more like -- a part of the mass. They told us he was the best in the Northwest and we are now loyal fans. But I also know that his hands were guided Friday morning---to have gone in and laid open the hip and rummaged around in there---and Kelly able to put weight on it 3 hours after surgery was heaven caused. She really struggled with nausea the first day so she had to keep the IV in until she could keep food down so then she could take oral meds. By Saturday morning she kept her breakfast down and by lunch time they had disconnected the pump and she was taking oral meds. The physical therapist came in and worked with her on how to use the crutches and was amazed at her progress and signed off on her so all we had to do was wait for the Dr. He came in about 3--asked a few questions and said we could go home!! We were out of the hospital by 6! I had slept on the couch in the room the night before--I cannot tell you how fabulous it was to crawl into my own bed last night!

We took some fun pictures--so I will write another post with pictures and stuff later but just wanted to update everyone. I wanted this post to testify about the certainty that I have that miracles still happen--we just need to be watching and hoping. That the Saviour and the miracle of His atonement--belongs to us all and that there are"angels among us". Thank you all--------

I don't know why my posts are always so long--I guess I am just a wordy person--some people might use the term babble I suppose. Sorry about that.............

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Terd of Hurtles

We are just 15 hours away from leaving for Spokane. I do not do pre-travel time well. Not well at all. Once--when I went in for lasik surgery--they gave me Valium and it was lovely. I wish I could take Valium, lots of Valium, every time I travel. I love being chemically altered and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I don't mind the car ride or the plane ride--just the getting ready part. Do any of you struggle with that?? The getting ready--not the desperate need for Valium. I have no idea why I have this particular issue--but I wish I didn't. My whole family wishes I didn't. My whole family wishes that Valium was an over the counter drug. But it HAS distracted me from the other issue--the surgery.

At Young Women's tonight--they gave Kelly the sweetest gift. They all chipped in and filled a little Rubbermaid type box with small gifts and things to do while she is stuck in bed. Then all the YM and YW decided to have a fast for Kelly tomorrow. Her tears were flowing when she got home. I am so happy they showed her so much love---it really helps with the dark moments of fear. She continues to be strong and immovable in her comfort and peace level--I am in awe.

I on the other hand--well let's just say--I struggle. I have been visiting your blogs and reading your comments--drawing strength and also remembering to breathe and that laughter is a great de-stressor. Having my hubby home is fabulous also. I have great friends who have stepped in and offered homes for my other 2 kiddo's while we are gone complete with rides to all the functions they are involved with. I just need to finish my packing etc--heavy on the etc.

Anyhow--I finally got all the yummy chocolate boxes filled and taped up and Kelly and I took them down to the post office this evening--and as we love to say in our family--"They're off like a terd of hurtles!" Side note: When I did spell check it said that terd was not a word but hurtles was--who knew? PSSS--after I finished taping up the last box I had a few leftovers--so if you are missing something that was in the picture that you wanted just let me know--I will be glad to mail it after I get back! I am such an airhead!

I hope they make it to their intended homes and that you all enjoy it! We have been overwhelmed by every one's thoughts and prayers. I have tried to go to every one's blog and thank them personally but I have run out of time. To them and the people who entered that don't have a blog--thank you soooo much!! I will try and update on Friday or Saturday. If there is internet I might even just lurk around your blogs while I wait & wait & wait.

Oh--and they have changed the time of Kelly's surgery to 8:30 am--so we have to be there by 6:30 am. The surgery will be done at Sacred Heart Hospital by Dr. Andrew Howlett. We are staying with one of husband's friends from work who lives just 15 minutes from the hospital. What a blessing.

Thanx again------

Sunday, October 12, 2008



First of all--I couldn't stand it--so I went down and bought some more chocolate--enough for 5 people. I can't help myself. I just want everyone to win. But at least I was able to stop myself at 5. I am so sorry to the rest of you---but----since this was so much fun--and everyone seemed to want some I will be doing another chocolate giveaway when Sheila gets her Christmas stuff done. So there is still hope!

SOOOOO---THE WINNERS ARE:::::::::::::::::

The Grumpy Angel
Crazy Lady on Road 80

If you will email me your address at lisa.bishop at I will get the packages in the mail tomorrow--Tuesday at the latest

Thank you so much everyone for being so willing to pray/hope/think for Kelly on Friday! As it gets closer my anxiety rises and I am finding harder and harder to listen to the still small voice when it says, "Be still and know that I am God". I am weak--but He is strong. I am praying for strength and courage to accept the will of my Father. I know I am a nerd/dork but I have really felt a closeness to you all---thanx for all the love--real or imagined!! My husband comes home Tuesday night--for that I am grateful. We leave for Spokane Thursday and report to the hospital Friday at 10 am. I will try and update if I can find an internet connection.

I wish I could send chocolate to all of you-thanx again-------

Friday, October 10, 2008

Administer Abroad!! or in other words--GIVE AWAY!!!

Don't you just love the thesaurus??!! Somehow--Administer Abroad!! Administer Abroad!!! doesn't have the same effect --does it??!!

As I lurk around blogland it seems like everyone is doing a give away. I have only entered a few because I am
a) too late
b)#626 and the winner is #625
c)I never win anything--the only thing I have ever won is a Christmas ornament from Hallmark and a porch swing from a raffle. Of course, I have no porch.
d)I am too confused by the many rules--leave a comment here, go there, come back here-it's too stressful for a wee brain such as mine.

Anyways--I got all caught up in the spirit of things and thought about what I could give away. I came up with zilch, nada. Then I needed some chocolate to put in my daughter Nat's package so I went down to my favorite chocolate shop (owned by some of my all time fav people and friends, Sheila/Karen/ I'm not sure of the exact ownership I guess--sorry) Charbonneau's. Nat's favorite is the chocolate covered oreo's. While I was there, picking up way more than the intended oreos--it dawned on me--CHOCOLATE -
I could give away chocolate! Consequently I lost any control I had to begin with and bought a couple of bags of goodies!! I hurried home with the intention of posting my give away right away--I was so excited. I got distracted with bats and hip surgeries and by the time I got around to it again--Mary-had posted a hilarious piece about giving away an empty nut jar with dead dandelions in it and I felt a little sheepish that I had jumped on that give away wagon. I put my chocolate back in hiding. But now it nagged at me--sure--I knew I could find a good home for all that chocolate-but I knew that deep down in my chubby little heart--that was not a good idea either. After a couple more days and some really kind comments during my bat and hip surgery crisis--I decided it didn't matter if anyone mocked me---I love blogland and I wanted to give back.

Now a new dilemma struck me. No one seemed to give away food. I lurked and lurked and lurked--no food give aways. So not only am I a weird give away wanna be but I want to give away something that is obviously not given away. Then I went to Tip Junkie and after some more lurk, lurk, lurking--I found one food give away. One. Which I can't even find now--so it was probably yanked. It was some pumpkin cookies from a place I think called Cheryl & Co all I remember was she said that they were made in a commercial kitchen. ANYHOO-- I could go on and on--the voices in my head never stop but the short of it is--I am going to give away this chocolate!! If there is some unwritten blogland law that says I shouldn't--well--we'll deal with that when it comes. Feeling very sassy, I went back down to Charbonneau's and purchased even more chocolate so I could give chocolate to 2 lucky people and got some cute Halloween stuff while I was at it. It's made in a commercial kitchen and everything. All of you say you like chocolate--so I guess we will see! So-if you made it this far--here are the goodies------

Charbonneau's hand dips all of their chocolates--and they are so yummy. They also make all this fun "Montana" type items that I think are hilarious and it's those that I am giving away.

Things like:

Chocolate covered oreos and Emergency Pill bugs

Montana Mud Babies and Montana Big Timbers

PMS and Redneck Candy Bars and their to die for--Milk Chocolate Fudge--a ! pound box

Grizzlies, False Teeth and Elk Rumps etc...etc...

And don't forget the great Halloween stuff!!

Things like Witchy Noses, Baby Boos, Witchy Fingers, Shrunken Pumpkin Heads and Witches Warts.

Then I realize that I am supposed to have a reason. AAHHH!! I am only on my 30 something post I think--so that won't work. AAHH!! Then it comes to me:


Since My Kelly Boo is due for hip surgery a week from today--October 17th--all you have to do to get your name in the drawing is to post a comment saying that on October 17th at noon you will pray for, think about, hope for--whatever it is you do--for my Kelly. That's it. I know most of the people who comment on my site have already pledged their support but this way you will be in the drawing too.

2 lucky people will win. The end of the giveaway will be Sunday night--so I can get it in the mail before I leave for Spokane.

JUST AN ASIDE NOTE: I went into tell Kelly about my great idea and she said, "So let me get this straight--you are bribing people to pray for me?!" --party pooper---

The chocolate is made in a commercial kitchen that processes nuts, milk and soy.

Go check out the site if you want to know more about their yummy business!!

So you can tell your friends--or not--depending how bad you want the chocolate I guess--I will probably wither up and die if I come back and no one wants to enter--just sayin--no pressure--



Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This has been coming for awhile.......

I have spared all of you for as long as I can--it's time............

In my secret life.....they call me............


and this is what I feel like...................

and just like Steve Carrell--I feel like I have become this way by force. I am seriously not a pet person. Unfortunately no one else in my family got that memo and this is what I have in my ark--------------(there were more, they have now gone to their final happy place, which at our house is up on the knoll underneath the clothesline---shhhh--don't tell)

This would be Hershey --(I know, I know--our creativity knows no bounds) this is the only dog we actually chose to have--all others have joined us because "oh mom--they have nowhere else to go...followed by pathetic eyes and whining.(I actually love this dog--but don't tell)

This is Lady. She came with that name. We get a lot of cast off critters, I'm not sure why--we even found one poor puppy half frozen in our garbage can once. She thinks she is hiding in this picture. Lady is a few crayons short of a box and the crayons she does have are pretty dull.

This is old man Sprinkles. Kinda looks like he is sneering at me--he may be I guess--but he also has a little snaggle tooth thing going on.

This is Polo--there was a Marco--her brother--he is no longer with us--it was a sad day---enough said for a PG site

I NEED TO INSERT A LITTLE DISCLAIMER IN HERE:When Bob Barker tells you to help control the pet population and get your animal fixed--you should listen. The next 4 cats are what happens when you don't. Oh--that sounds a little creepy doesn't it--it's not, I promise.


Yes, these are 3 different cats. Oh dear, I seem to have forgotten to get a picture of the mama--no worries, she looks just like them. She is not a very nice cat to people but obviously that didn't carry over to male cats because the 3 cats are step brothers---not the same father. I will never ignore Bob or Drew ever again--I promise.

AND....a a pear tree

Or a Jasper in a bird cage--

whichever is easier--

People who know me from my pre-Daniel Boone days find this animal overload thing immensely humorous. Just so you know--they are all outside critters except for Jasper--he tried life on the outside once--it was not a good thing. The kitties can come in and visit but can never have a permanent pass. Now you know the secret burden that I carry.....

PS--This is my favorite scene from Evan Almighty--I love to yell it out randomly when I am driving my children around--it is always an attention getter. Random is awesome.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008


It is now official. I am a judgemental, proud, mocking, unthinking, creep and there is probably no hope of redemption for me. Personally, I have been aware for a long time that I will not be making it to the celestial kingdom. I believe that hell is going to be more a state of mind than a place and mine will be like the movie Ground Hog Day and everyday I will wake up and I will be back in highschool--for eternity. But I digress.

Sooo.....this whole dead bat nightmare has taken over our little town and every one is just dying to know who it was and like me on my previous post---they are mocking and scorning her. Soooo...I go to the grocery store this morning to pick up a few things. I get to the checkout and choose the longer wait line because it has my favorite checker. When it is my turn we share happy hellos and conversation. The conversation turns to being busy. I say, "Well, I have just been busy with this whole dead rabies bat thing--my daughter was a "Toucher". Thankfully, (sort of) before I can say another word she stops checking, grabs my hand and pulls me close, and with tears in her eyes says, "My daughter is the one who brought the bat to school".

WILL I NEVER GET IT???!!!! Of course she is somebodies daughter!!! How many wishes for take backs and do overs have I had in my life??! Last night my kids and I were having an unrelated conversation about a new fact we had learned about someone that, at first glance was a little different. I was trying to explain to my son (in all my wise wisdom glory) that you just can't judge someone---it may seem odd---but it is working for them. And my truly wise 12 year old said, "Like that hymn--Who am I to judge another, when I walk imperfectly" As I stood looking into that dear woman's eyes those words were screaming in my head. So I am printing a retraction. I want a do over, a take back. I am sorry, sorry, sorry. I am pitiful. I hope you all will not give up hope on me.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Newer News

Between feeling like mother of the year for raising a “dead bat touching daughter” (see previous post) and the following news—I have been a little overwhelmed. But general conference spoke peace to my soul and I feel like I have a much better handle on everything.

The doctor called back on Wednesday and said he could no longer be 100% certain that the mass in Kelly’s pelvis area is not a tumor, so he wanted to do the surgery as soon as possible. I said that I wanted to wait until my husband was home so we made a date for the surgery. October 17th. It just knocked the wind out of me. We left Spokane on Monday thinking we could decide when and if Kelly had the surgery—that there was no rush---it took me a few days to wrap my head around it. We all prayed about it and feel good about doing it now. Kelly has been especially calm and peaceful since she received her answer to her prayers. She is much braver than me, I think. We hope that you will continue to keep us in your prayers and we will keep you updated.
P.S.—Kitchen ditcher (one of my favorite bloggers) mentioned that she felt bad that she had been complaining about her financial problems when here we were having our crisis. I have been thinking on this a lot. I have been lurking around blog land a lot and am amazed at all the trials that people have and are dealing with. Things that I feel I could never bear should they happen to me. But I don’t think that trials are given and endured on a rank basis. I think that Kitchen ditcher’s financial trials weigh just as heavy on her heart as Kelly’s surgery does on mine. One lady is recovering from brain surgery to remove a tumor. So much of her physical self has been altered but she is remarkably upbeat and courageous and grateful for what she does have. That is what I take from each of you. Every one of you has been knocked down but you all cling to what you know to be true and good and you get back up again and again. I was not raised with this kind of example of great womanhood and am very grateful to all of you for being willing to share and teach. You are each my own personal miracle—woo-hoo!!

Bats in my Belfry

Belfry is a funny word, don’t you think?! Belfry, Beellffrreeebbaattss in my bbeellffrreeee—just let it roll off your tongue. Lovely place, this belfry—not a bat in sight.

Sooo—Thursday after school I get a phone call from the Elementary principal and the conversation went something like this:

E.P—This is___ ____ from the elementary school.


E.P—Yes, I needed to call and ask you to help us find out whether or not Angel touched the bat.


E.P.—Yes, well, the dead bat that was brought in by a mother on Monday morning was found to have rabies so we are calling all the parents of the students that may have touched the bat.

ME—THE DEAD BAT??! (silence) Monday??!! (silence) We weren’t here on Monday—THE DEAD BAT??!!

E.P.—Yes, well, a mother brought a dead bat in and showed it to the kindergartners and the 4th graders on Monday. The students were specifically told NOT to touch the bat but we found out today that there were several students who did it anyway. Angel was one of them. At least she says she is—would you mind asking her if she REALLY did??!!

ME—ummmm---You betcha. —“ANGEL!!!!”


ME- did you touch a dead bat on Monday?

Angel—(with a Dang—she found out face) Yes

ME—Seriously?! Do you realize that if you stick with this story you will have to receive several shots??!!

Angel—(seriously thinks on this with a dang this really stinks face) Yes


Angel—well I was going to touch it and then I decided not to and as I was pulling away my hand it brushed the bat.

ME—(back on the phone, thinking—how did I fail this child and what kind of mother misses a dead bat with rabies event??!!) Yes, she did touch the bat.

E.P—Yes, well, they were given strict instructions. We will have to weigh her tomorrow to order her shots for her. There will be an informational meeting after school tomorrow but it’s not mandatory. Thank you and please feel free to call me anytime.


Yes, I am like soo getting Mother of the Year this year.

After I process the fact that the principal just called me and informed me that there was a dead bat in the school (on purpose) and that my daughter touched it………. I got online and checked the semi-local news station. It was ‘breaking news”! Their story said that the mother brought the dead bat to school along with a bottle of hand sanitizer so they could use it AFTER they TOUCHED the BAT. For the first time in my life I think I might believe the news. Oh the humanity!! I am sorry if that mother reads my blog but I just gotta say—


Just how did this go down?! Good morning ___ ___!
Lovely bat you have there, and so good of you to bring the hand sanitizer ---those children are so lucky to be involved in your show and tell!!


This is how I feel that MY belfry looks:

And here is my bat

I’m just sayin………………….

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

21 years,7 hours and 17 minutes ago.........

Taelor Jo Bishop
was born!!!
With all this craziness with Kelly I wanted to take a moment and celebrate my first born! I couldn't have wished for a better first baby. I remember that the first thing I "knew" when I looked into her eyes--that she had a very "old" and peaceful spirit. I don't know how else to describe it.She was so sweet, slept through the night and was a Daddy's girl from the first minute. She is now the big 21--when did that happen?! I love the song from Fiddler on the Roof--Sunrise, Sunset and the line in it that says, "I don't remember growing older--when did they?" Yes, I am feeling very sappy sentimental like. Here are a few of my favorite pictures:

With Grandpa Bob (my Dad)

I was getting ready to take them in for a Christmas picture--this just cracked me up. So much like who they were. Nat was always the clown and Tae would always "smile pretty" no matter what was going on--as long as a camera was pointed at her!

This was the Christmas she went around asking what everyone wanted for Christmas--we couldn't figure out what was up--it wasn't like she had any money or anything. Then when we took them to the mall to see Santa--she gave home her list--all that was on it was what everyone else said they wanted--

Here they are on a couch, at Christmas, again! The girls give such a hard time about how "boofy" and full of bows and ribbons their hair was. What can I say--I had a hard time leaving the 80's?!

This was in 2002, the year little Angel Bean came into our lives. Taelor was sooo good with her--they were and are very special buddies. Tae was the one that came up with the nickname Bean. Look at those cute cheeks!!

Graduation 2005

She is the child who is least like me. She truly is a carbon copy of her father. They look, think and act exactly alike. She isn't one to get spazzy excited or talk a whole lot. Sometimes I'm pretty sure, just like her father, she is just tolerating me--cuz she loves me. She has always been the heart of our home. We have had our share of ups and downs. I am so very grateful that ultimately she chose me to be her mother and that we have had the opportunity to share this earthly experience for the last 21 years. Thanx for being such a a patient first child. I love you Tater-Tot--Happy Birthday!