Thursday, September 9, 2010

If all else fails, read the thesaurus…….


dishwasher-7 This is not a picture of my kitchen.

There are several clues leading you to this fact:

My kitchen has no counter tops

My kitchen is much smaller than this

My kitchen walls are orange

My hair has its own zip code and we are usually dressed like this and in this EXACT pose while I’m in the kitchen…


My kitchen has no counter tops

Oh, I’m sorry—did I mention that?

I am so easily confused, and distracted…especially by yellow appliances and big hair…………….


Meanwhile, although this is not my kitchen, that is the dishwasher I have had since my eldest was born. 22 1/2 years, 5 kids & 8 moves. It is the saddest looking appliance I have ever seen but it fits in nicely with my garage decor and has just kept chugging its little dishwasher heart out for all these years. I had been lulled into thinking that perhaps dishwashers just lived forever.


I am here today to tell you that this is not true.

Not. at. all.




Let’s re-cap shall we?

In the month of August, 2 people that we knew died. 85 Darren—1987-2010—Gone Too Soon..


And my sister-in-law’s father who called seafood chowder “dead fish soup” and was my hero….I don’t have a picture



(Hence the thesaurus reference. I don’t like the word died. Seems harsh. But not after reading the alternatives. I would list some here but it seems completely disrespectful. GO look it up.)


Just as we are recovering from that, (READ: YESTERDAY) we had to have our faithful and sweet 14 year old dog euthanized. I know she was really ready to go—she will just be missed.

hershey1997 1 Hershey 1997-2010 Carry on faithful one!


Anyhoo--- (that’s for you DeNae) there I am, back at the garage with my magnificent hair and flowy yellow moo moo caftan thingie, loading my portable dishwasher and I go to shut the door and start ‘er up and………..



……………’t.shut. It won’t run if it won’t shut. The door is now held shut with duct tape. Sad, sad day.

I was wondering what that springie thingie and cute little metal rod thingie was that I found the last time I moved it over to the sink. My hair is thinking maybe, just maybe, they were something relatively important to the life span of our dearly departed dishwasher.

SERIOUSLY??!! My dog and the dishwasher IN THE SAME DAY??!!!


This is NOT me but it IS what I am doing. Minus the gloves, apron, smile and waistline.

I am supposed to close on my house tomorrow, I feel like blogging it out loud might be bad luck but I am excited! Today its because the house comes with a dishwasher---are you ready for this---BUILT IN~!!!! What will they think of next??!! Little rooms with bars across the top to hang your clothes---it just takes my breath away…………


LKP said...


good luck tomorrow. super stoked for you. =)

i know what you mean about the portable dishwasher. that's what we had in our orange kitchen at my dad's house. but hey it worked, even though my dad was the maytag man for all my life...just didn't have room for a built-in.

wish i'd had hair like that though.

DeNae said...

Lisa, have I told you lately that I adore you? You are the only person besides my sister who remembers anything I say - on my blog, in my classes, at home, you name it. I might as well be Charlie Brown's teacher who just foghorns at everyone without saying anything memorable.

And I've thought about your sweet daughter every day since you posted about her terrible loss. We had two kids (same family, only three kids to begin with) die in an alcohol related car accident here in June, and my heart just breaks for the people who knew and loved them. Let her know a stranger in Las Vegas is sending good thoughts her way.

And finally, I'm sorry you had to euthenize your cute dog. I love my Sadie; when that day comes for us I'll bawl for a month, I just know it.

Oh, and finally finally - will you pleeeze post some fresh pix of your funky house? I think you probably have new readers who haven't seen that garage door on your ceiling!

Sue said...

I'm super excited for you about the new home!

And so, so sorry about your sweet dog.

That is always so hard.


Pedaling said...

it's time for better days.

Looking forward to seeing that new house of yours!

Garden of Egan said...

Yes, Lisa, you do have knew readers who don't know about your house!

Just curious, where was that picture taken of your daughter and Darren? Curious.
Looks familiar.

I am so happy for your new adventure....but I don't want to type it out loud just in case it gets all jinxy and everything.
I'm way excited for you though.

Jess said...

Actually one summer I did, I read the thesaurus and the dictionary- I was too young for a job, and bored, and don't judge, I'm a huge nerd!

Yay for 9/10/10- no jinxing here. I'm so glad you get a new house, dishwasher and all.

Sorry about your pup though. He is very darling and I'm sure he escorted you dishwasher right to appliance heaven's gates- cause 22.5 years is heaven-worthy for any appliance

karen said...

So sorry to hear of so many demises (See? I have a Thesaurus too!) in such a short time. You've had a rough month, darlin'. Here's hoping tomorrow is the beginning of a fabulous happy streak. You deserve it. That, and the little rooms with bars across to hang your clothes.

Cheeseboy said...

Sounds like your stream of incredibly bad luck is about to change.

So did the dog or the dishwasher live longer? My guess is the dog. A built in is the definite way to go.

Karen Sue said...

SO glad to hear from you and that the house is just one more skip away. I think you'll like have a dishwasher that doesn't take up floor space near the sink, but maybe you'll miss the old way. You can always grab a large cardboard box and toss it in the middle of the kitchen from time to time. Putting a pet down is never easy, and I had my dog for 15 years...longer than the husband and way better at devotion!! Looking at my border collie this past month and thinking age is catching up to Ernie, the new dog already. No more hearding the lawnmower for him! He's too lame for too long after. thinking of you.

Mikki said...

I am so sorry about the loss of your dishwasher. If I didn't have one, the dishes just wouldn't get done. It' the truth.

Truly, truly sorry for the loss of your family members and your beloved pet.