Monday, September 20, 2010

The new homestead…part 2

Does everyone realize that Tammy and Annette are the only 2 in the running for the $25??!! Easy money people. So go HERE to help me pick a new blog name OR/and put a blip about it somewhere on your blog---and opportunity for $75 in Amazon gift certificates or any of the other brand name certificates they carry. Hurry though—contest ends September 22.

I am loving all of the ideas, by the way. My daughter was reading them last night and was voting for several of them. Too bad I only have one blog.

So….today….MORE PICTURES!!


More time spent hiding in my room on the computer instead of dealing with the nightmare that is called “packing boxes”.


Shall we start with the Master Bedroom today? I had to capitalize it because, all by itself, it is bigger than my current home.

I could seriously lock the door and live in there.

That is beyond cool people.

Nobody told me you all were having so much fun out there in your “normal” homes and Master Bedrooms.

IMG_5345 Walking in….then around the corner…

IMG_5346 to the left, out the sliding doors is a deck and then a lower deck with a place for a hot tub and to the right, with built in night stands is where our bed will go…..

IMG_5350 I have to take a minute and talk about the light fixtures in this place. They are just electrifying! Hah! I kill myself. Seriously though, I need one of them to be buried with me along with a door---which will all be very interesting seeing as I want to be cremated—but that is another post…

IMG_5347IMG_5352The fancy place for the tv…

IMG_5351The {oh my goodness what do you need a hot tub for} bathroom. There is a shower and toity too but the angle isn't too good for a photo.


IMG_5355 And last but not least—the walk in closet. Can you believe it??!! In my little garage I don’t even have a closet and I barely fit on one side of the bed when I make it!!

Sorry this is so long—I just want it for my journal and for reference down the road. Just scroll.

On to the study/office. The doorway is at an angle off the entryway to the right.

IMG_5384It too has a CLOSET!!!

IMG_5383And the coolest light fixture I have ever seen! When you turn out the lights it looks like aliens have landed---do you ever wish that you could spend some time with the person who built your house???????

IMG_5387 You can see the upstairs family room or whatever the term is through the door---its the only room that gets new furniture for now. This is before--

48687_B8This is after a day spent at the furniture stores. (I have decided I need help. I am a decorators nightmare. Its just not my thing. )


This will be a reading/visiting/waiting for your piano student room. I have never had such a beautiful bookcase before so the books are just laying there, waiting for me to be hit with inspiration. (Annette—can you see them???) There are like 20 more boxes of books so~ yes~ I am the crazy,decorates with books lady. These are the kind of decorating pics I save:


I hope someday my piano room will look like this—complete with ladder….

Here it is now…




This looks through to the kitchen which I cannot even find words to express what it will be like to posses—so just gaze……

48687_B5 48687_B6

Tomorrow we shall do the downstairs. And, yes, I get lost all the time. I think they will have to put a beeper on me, just to keep track of me. I am also starting to pack a lunch each time I set out in any direction, that way wherever I end up can be where I meant to be until help and rescue finds me. {snicker}

Thanx for all the kind comments and keep the ideas coming—we are loving them!

*****PPSS--Annette and Tammy--I tried my darnedest to get your names to match in size. I am not trying to make a statement about ANYTHING other than I am BLOG STUPID--please forgive.


LKP said...

i KNOW what you mean about the ladder!!!! i want one of those so very badly. when mr LKP finally builds me my dream barn, i'll have a baby grand AND a rolling ladder in my library! it's a requirement. as in, i made him agree to this before i agreed to marry him. =)

as for your blog name, i've got it!

Annette Lyon said...

1) Shhhh about the $25 thing. I wanna win! :D :D :D

2) That bookcase is AWESOME.

3) Your kitchen is to die for.

4) LOVE all the bathrooms.

I'd be jealous except for the fact that your SO deserve it all!

tammy said...

lol at trying to get our names the same size...I was wondering....

I am so jealous of that huge kitchen island. And look at all that cupboard space.

I can only imagine how giddy you are. This house is fabulous.

Cherie said...

Wow! I think I must say it again - WOW!!! Lisa it is so much space!! Which is totally awesome and which you more than deserve. I am so happy for you!
That kitchen island is just a magnificent thing of beauty!!

karen said...

Well the whole thing is just magnificence but my favorite thing of all is the closet. I do love an organized huge closet. But the kitchen is also stupendous, as is your bathroom and every other room. Oh, and a music room too?? So THAT'S who you are... you are the cool piano teacher I never had!

Jess said...

2 Questions- Will you teach me piano? and Do you whack knuckles when you teach?

The island in your kitchen is fabulous.

And I shamelessly plugged your blog, and if I could come help pack I so would. You may just kick me and all of my OCD (read list making of each box and it's contents) out. But it's the thought that counts, right?

Cheeseboy said...

How about "There is a very fancy ceiling fan on my ceiling."

Your new house is awesome!

Mikki said...

Looks so spectacularly amazing Lisa Loo!! I am SO GREEN with jealousy!
Have I mentioned that the apartment house we have just moved into has a miniscule kitchen? More miniscule than the miniscule kitchen in my former home.
Girl enjoy that big beautiful place for me. I can only dream for now! :)

Sue said...

That place is unreal! It has to be a shock to your system to go from the old, tiny place to this new, deluxe one. A lovely shock, I might add.

I wish I could watch in person...


DeNae said...

I am having so much fun looking at these pictures! It's been a long time since I was this excited about my house, but I remember that "new house / born again" feeling so well!

Yay for you!

(BTW, how is your daughter holding up these days?)

Garden of Egan said...

I love your house. It is going to be so much fun. Pretty soon you'll get used to leaving bread crumbs to find your way around.

LOVE IT. I am so happy for you.
I can't imagine how much fun you must be having.

What? You didn't just LOVE my entries?

Pedaling said...

say what? I thought i sent to you like 4 idea's? maybe they weren't on the right post, but i thought they'd still count.
k- i'll move them to the right post.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Gorgeous. I absolutely could die in that kitchen. I just see it as a perfect house to fill up with your children-- Thanksgiving with everyone in the kitchen helping out.