Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The new homestead….part 3



They came and connected my internet YESTERDAY AFTERNOON!!!

If I wouldn’t have been trying to get enough STUFF moved over to the new house so that we could sleep here last night—I would have posted this then. Pffftt—moving.

YES! We spent the first night in our new home last night!! Huzzah!

It still kind of feels like we are just on vacation—but the more things I find a home for—the more I feel at home.

Day after tomorrow is the big day! Go here to enter to win UP TO $75 in Amazon or any gift card they carry! We have so enjoyed your creativity and have laughed hard over many of them.

And of course I need you guys! I love words-- but stringing them together is a whole other beastie.

Thanx for playing along.

And sorry for any confusion. When I said Tammy and Annette were the only ones in the running for the $25, I meant because at the time they were the only ones who had blurbed about the contest on their blog. It doesn’t matter where you commented on my blog with your new blog title ideas---you will be automatically entered in the $50 giveaway.

So today is the 3rd and FINAL (yeah—it is almost over!!) installment of the new home series. The basement. To get there, you have to go through my laundry room (which is super cool all by itself) which has the niftiest little gizmo in it. You probably all have one.

IMG_5425It is simply grand people. Too bad I don’t iron more. Maybe I will have to become the IRON Goddess. {snicker} {snort} {gasp for air} {fall on floor}}}}}}

Back on track—the stairs are just ahead and to the left. If you go straight you will end up in the 3 car garage which is not only bigger but nicer than the one I live in now. I went out and just sat on the steps today---just to ease the pang of homesickness----

When you get to the bottom of the stairs, the big master type bath is to your left, a bedroom is straight ahead and 2 storage rooms are to the right. All 3 bedrooms look a lot like this one.


Bedrooms are great but are basement hallway also contains a book nook,

IMG_5428A phone booth (if you can tell us why—you win a prize—but truly—it IS a phone booth)




and the……..duh, duh, duh…………………..Margarita Room. Once again—truly—that is what the builder told the third owner it was.  

There are no words.

But I do know that we are going to but a big mirror on the wall and a little dance floor and call it Beanie’s dance room.

Can anybody explain what a margarita room is and how it worked in this space? Yes, those are speakers in ceiling and we have no idea where they hook up to. So many mysteries!




There is a wet  bar across from the M Room48687_B19

and then a room that could be turned into a kitchen so that the basement could be an apartment if needed. We hope to put a pool table and stuff like that in there for now.


Then across from that and right next to that is the family/tv room.

48687_B13 IMG_5457

I bought the kids these “sacks” till we got the furniture thing figured out. This picture speaks to me…..

“Hi, my name is Vanilla and this is my friend Purple.”

“And this over here is our friend named Bear. Shhhhh, he spent all night in the Margarita Room.”



What do they say to you?

Tune in Friday for the winners and NO MORE HOUSE PICS!!! HUZZAH!!


Annette Lyon said...

I think you might have found your new blog title:

Either "The Unused Margarita Room"


Vanilla and his friend, Purple.

(I crack myself up.)

LKP said...

ok ok okay! i'm having way too much fun with your new house and my silly brain!
and today i'm jealous of your phone booth! i have one already drawn up in my dream-barn plans!! no lie. has been in those plans since 2003!
ok, and i'm also jealous of your BOOK NOOK!!!!! seriously, to the supreme!
your go-go-gadget-ironing board is pretty phenom as well. you lucky lucky lady!
ooh and if you didn't like the idea i gave you yesterday, i've got another winner cooked up. i'm off to leave it on your suggestion post! wish me luck! ::fingers crossed::

LKP said...

p.s. i love love LOVE the checkerboard flooring near the book nook too. reminds me of the made-for-tv Alice in Wonderland from the '80s. always wanted a parlor floor like that too....with a yummy vintage bubblegum machine parked in the corner! mmmmm.....great digs lisa. (:

karen said...

What a great house! You must be so excited to get furniture in, arrange the furniture, play house for awhile, serve something refreshing in the Margarita Room (non alcoholic of course...) You have so much great space and so many great little nooks and crannies. I want to come explore.

Jess said...

It's not a margarita room- it's a revelation room, the speakers connect directly to heaven {I'm praying for forgiveness for my blasphemousness right now}

About the phone booth- they were under the silly misapprehension that you should give teenagers privacy when they talk on the phone- ha!

I love all of the built in shelves in the bedrooms. You have a beautiful home

Cheeseboy said...

That ironing board is awesome. Like something out of a spy movie.

tammy said...

This house is just full of surprises. I have a child who would want to spend most of his time in the book nook. The phone booth however would never get used since we never answer our phone.

Another title - Is That a Phone Booth in My House?

And don't worry Bear....I won't tell a soul about your passing out in the Margarita Room.

Amanda :) said...


Can Phil please please be superman for Halloween and change in the phone booth? HAHAHA

Cherie said...

You had me at the Phone booth!
Years ago we went through a Parade of Homes and one of the houses had converted a closed into a phone booth with a pay phone. I didn't have teenagers yet and I thought it was genious!! This was, of course, before cell phones. The phone booth was a way to keep tabs on the teenage phone calling situation that we used to have when phones were attached to walls.

I think that is totally it!!!

Is That A Phone Booth In My Basement!!!!
That is my entry :-D

DeNae said...

Is it possible you misheard, and it's actually the "Macarena" room? That would explain the need for speakers in the ceiling, as well as your terribly fatigued teddy bear.

Your house is awesome. I have no suggestions for your blog title, but I'm sure you'll come up with something brilliant.

Mikki said...

ha! I'm with bear. I do miss margaritas every now and then.
I am so in love with your house Lisa Loo! Very, beary cool!

Just ME the MOM said...

I was so happy to run into these great photos, we're just starting a basement remodel and I see some great ideas!