Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Sundries


*I used to think that having to pack up and get everything into a moving van and clearing out all at once was the worst possible way to go.

I now know differently.

Moving across town, from a place that the landlord doesn’t care WHEN you get all your “STUFF” out IS the snake’s underbelly way to have to move.


*Did you hear about the woman in Montana that scared away a bear with nothing more than a zucchini??!!

Montana—where the women are men and the zucchini are too.

When I read the article she had refused to give her name or location---I just didn’t want you all thinking it was me.

I would have totally sold out for my 15 minutes of fame.

Yeah, baby.

*My cell phone died. I just went to flip it open and it kept on flipping---split right in two.

Sad times.

Fortunately,  we kept my son’s old one when he upgraded.

Unfortunately, I didn’t back up my phone numbers so all I have now is a phone full of 15 year old boy’s and their local scout leaders phone numbers.

Fortunately, I now know who to call when I need a knot tied or have an urge to cross the street.


*I may or may not have an unhealthy addiction to all my favorite TV shows theme music. 

All my ringtones are theme songs from my fav TV shows, and every time they play


I do a little theme show music dance.

Sometimes it’s just on the inside—but its there all the same.

What is up with that?!


*My (our) current line up in my iTunes: (we don’t have cable or network TV)

Bones Season 5

Burn Notice Season 4

Castle Season 3

Chuck Season 4

The Closer Season 6

Criminal Minds Season 6

CSI’S—All of them

Glee Season 2

The Good Guys

Hot in Cleveland

Leverage Season 3

Lie To Me Season 2


Psych Season 5

Rizzoli & Isles

Royal Pains Season 2

White Collar Season 2

Oh my heavens….I’m loving iTunes---watch whenever---I promise it’s not as bad as it looks….not all of these are my favorites….some are for the other members of this family….don’t judge me….stop it….right now…


LKP said...

you're not alone. so don't try to make excuses for glee. watching it every wednesday on hulu is my guilty pleasure.
::holding an L-to-my forehead::

Cherie said...

You are so funny - What did you say you were smoking tonight before you typed this post?

Sue said...

Oh, but I AM judging be one of the funniest bloggers I know...


Jess said...

Not judging, cause- lots of those are my favorite shows too. Sad sad thing about the cell phone. Good luck moving one carload at a time.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I am laughing so hard about having 15 year old boys and scout leaders phone number.

Cheeseboy said...

You're watching all these shows on iTunes? I didn't know that was possible. Amazing.

Nana said...

You will also know who to call when you have to cross the street.

T said...

anyone who watched Psych is okay in my book :)

karen said...

Ahh guilty pleasures. Castle (any season) is one of mine. And The Mentalist. And a phone full of 15 year old boys' phone numbers? Some may go for that, but me? Not so much. They have stinky shoes and socks.

tammy said...

"Fortunately, I now know who to call when I need a knot tied or have an urge to cross the street." - cracking up over that one!

I'm addicted to most of those shows too. It's okay, right?

blueviolet said...

I think the cell phone split would have cracked me up completely!

Mikki said...

I can SO SO SO relate to that first one!
We're still making little trips to the old place to clear out all of our junk, and it's been two months since we "officially" moved.

Dolly said...

Laughed my head off when you described using your son's old cell-phone!! *Loved the scout leader references-tying knot and crossing the street:) My favorite ring-tone is my Puppy Love-with Donny Osmond. My hubby can't understand why I don't answer the phone ASAP now:D