Sunday, September 19, 2010

The new homestead…..part 1

In the interest of helping you invent a NEW AND IMPROVED NAME FOR MY BLOG…(click on that to go win yourself up to $75 in Amazon gift certificates!)

…..I have shared with you where the old name came from here. (there really IS a garage door on my ceiling)

Now, I will share some pics of where I am headed.

The new digs.

My fresh pad.

The much more modern (seems to us) mansion.

Our happening homestead.

The sheik shanty.

My au courant abode.

The fantastic fortress.

{{{{{Sorry—it’s a sickness…}}}}}}

Without further word play and in no particular order………feel free to just skim pics—the words are for my journal………blah, blah, blah….

IMG_5394Oh hello and welcome!! This is the entryway. I am not in love with this teal/mint/turquoise color. (kinda mental institution green--you know you want to know how I know....)They also used it as an accent color throughout the upstairs but there will hopefully be many years full of time, painting lessons and paint to fix that.

Can you make out that cut out in the ceiling? The guy was a master sheet rocker or something and this house was his masterpiece. There are more of these and all sorts of cool nooks and crannies all through the home.

That is my piano room to the right.

My old upright and new-to-me baby grand will go in here.

Someday there will hopefully be furniture too.

We have decided that we will only buy furniture with cash so it may be a long wait.

I promise the rest of the tour will not have such long narrations.


Except maybe this one.

We have to talk about these doors.

These are what captured my heart to begin with.

I want to be buried with at least one of these doors.

Can you see that little bit of closet door there on the right? Yeah, that's a normal size door.

My main floor doors are all these extra tall, beautiful, magnificent…


The builder had them shipped in from Canada.

Amen, Canada, amen.

What’s that? You’d like to see a close up of the door handle? Well, I just happen to have one!

IMG_5336 I think we have all been edified—let’s move on…

IMG_5343This is Bean’s room—the wallpaper is still there but the desk is not. She has a cute little walk in closet.

IMG_5342IMG_5337The guest bedroom and closet.

You have to understand.

I do not have a closet in my room right now so I may or may not be obsessed with closet’s.


Next up—our bathrooms. As Jess so astutely pointed out---we can all simultaneously sit upon a “throne” at the same time! I am overcome with the sheer awe and joy that this realization brings. After 1 bathroom for all of us for 15 years---potty party people! The downside—all those potties to keep clean. Sigh.

Here are just 3 of them.

The upstairs guest bath…

IMG_5421IMG_5422A cute little half bath across the hall that I can’t get in enough to get a pic.

Then the downstairs main bath—I so love this one—needless to say, so do the kids….

48687_B1448687_B15And then the downstairs guest/half bath…


Then there is the master bath (tomorrow) and a half bath in the garage and a full bath in the shop/man cave. Holy toilet palooza Batman! The cost of toilet brushes alone………..

Thanx for looking—Part 2 tomorrow and don’t forget—the contest ends on September 22nd!!! Link at the beginning of this post! I’m off to pack more boxes. I have been forcing myself to pack at least one box an hour, no matter what the strain to my psyche or body. This is rough stuff people. Actually, I think I’m just going to go check if our insurance covers fire. There is always that dang accidental forest fire going on around here……………


Cherie said...

Loving the tour Lisa - Looks like a Fan-tabulou house so far!!
I definately think you need to stick with the "door theme" for you new blog title. After all you now have the green door (I am sure it won't be green forever) and those beautiful tall doors. Wow I have my thinking cap on...
And btw you crack me up - all those names at the top - what do you need us for - Ha ha!!

Sue said...

This could not happen to a more deserving person. You've been in that little place for so long...You guys must be thrilled.

Heck, I'M thrilled!!!


Pedaling said...

i am enjoying the tour so far.
so many bathrooms! You are really going to enjoy your privacy in the potty!

Cynthia said...

Wow! Lots of bathrooms! You guys are gonna LOVE it. I really like the idea of a half-bath in the garage- totally useful. It's a good thing my Hubs man cave doesn't have 'facilities' or he might move in there to avoid the kids/mess!

Nance said...


Garden of Egan said...

I love it!
Maybe your title could be "toilet brushes r us"
The cost is going to be staggering I'm sure.
And to clean the about a week you may be saying swearwords.

Mikki said...

Freaking awesome!! Love the room outside the downstairs bath! Love those curved walls. SO cool.
I agree with Cherie, what do you need us for? You've got some pretty clever ideas already. I personally like the sheik shanty.
But yeah, a door theme seems to be good.
How about "bury me with the bathroom door please!" ?

tammy said...

You can never have too many bathrooms is what I always say. (Hmm...another blog title - Is That a Bathroom Door on My Ceiling? Of course, they're not actually on your ceiling. Okay, maybe that was lamo.)

And wow, he was a master sheetrocker. Amazing.

I hope you'll show us pics as you paint and do all the things to the house that you want to do.

I am just so excited for you!

imbeingheldhostage said...

aaaagh! What is wrong with Blogger? I was all excited to see the door handles and there are no pictures :-( I will try again later. I am incredibly happy for you (and slightly jealous but will live with it).

Carla said...

Woozers...feel like you've taken an early trip to heaven?? Congrats! I'm drooling, just drooling...