Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This has been coming for awhile.......

I have spared all of you for as long as I can--it's time............

In my secret life.....they call me............


and this is what I feel like...................

and just like Steve Carrell--I feel like I have become this way by force. I am seriously not a pet person. Unfortunately no one else in my family got that memo and this is what I have in my ark--------------(there were more, they have now gone to their final happy place, which at our house is up on the knoll underneath the clothesline---shhhh--don't tell)

This would be Hershey --(I know, I know--our creativity knows no bounds) this is the only dog we actually chose to have--all others have joined us because "oh mom--they have nowhere else to go...followed by pathetic eyes and whining.(I actually love this dog--but don't tell)

This is Lady. She came with that name. We get a lot of cast off critters, I'm not sure why--we even found one poor puppy half frozen in our garbage can once. She thinks she is hiding in this picture. Lady is a few crayons short of a box and the crayons she does have are pretty dull.

This is old man Sprinkles. Kinda looks like he is sneering at me--he may be I guess--but he also has a little snaggle tooth thing going on.

This is Polo--there was a Marco--her brother--he is no longer with us--it was a sad day---enough said for a PG site

I NEED TO INSERT A LITTLE DISCLAIMER IN HERE:When Bob Barker tells you to help control the pet population and get your animal fixed--you should listen. The next 4 cats are what happens when you don't. Oh--that sounds a little creepy doesn't it--it's not, I promise.


Yes, these are 3 different cats. Oh dear, I seem to have forgotten to get a picture of the mama--no worries, she looks just like them. She is not a very nice cat to people but obviously that didn't carry over to male cats because the 3 cats are step brothers---not the same father. I will never ignore Bob or Drew ever again--I promise.

AND....a a pear tree

Or a Jasper in a bird cage--

whichever is easier--

People who know me from my pre-Daniel Boone days find this animal overload thing immensely humorous. Just so you know--they are all outside critters except for Jasper--he tried life on the outside once--it was not a good thing. The kitties can come in and visit but can never have a permanent pass. Now you know the secret burden that I carry.....

PS--This is my favorite scene from Evan Almighty--I love to yell it out randomly when I am driving my children around--it is always an attention getter. Random is awesome.



Redhoodoos said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! I don't even know where to begin. I laughed my head off through the entire post. You are sooooo on a roll! To me, animals are always hilarious - in all forms.

My favorite was 'they have now gone to their final happy place, which at our house is up on the knoll underneath the clothesline' and I love that Lady isn't coloring with a full box. In our house, it's Creature who is a little deficient in the brains department.

And, YOU HAVE 4 BLACK CATS?! We really are twins from other mothers.

Good stuff Lisa Loo.

Still laughing here.

McEwens said...

WOW thats a lot of animals!!! Glad they found a great home and a great friend in you!

Kelly said...

I would just like to correct my mother on one little detail, Montoya and Rufio are whole brothers, and I think that Monk is from the same dad, because he looks a lot like Monty, and Monty doesn't look ANYTHING like his mom, so he must look like his dad! And Tifa is a lot nicer now that she is fixed! Oh ya, and Monty, Rufio, Polo, and Tifa(the mom of the three black cats) are MINE! I'm usually the one that's giving my mom the pathetic eyes, because most of the animals are mine! :oD

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

I frickin' love this post! You are so funny! Your "confession: cracked me up! I've seen that movie and this post is funnier, and you even beat Steve Carrell at getting me to LOL!

All the creatures in your ark are sooo cute! I'm a dog person so Hershey and Lady are my favorite of the bunch. I think you have a great big tender heart Ms. Noah:P

Dolly said...

OMGosh!!! Wow-I had no idea :) Did you secretly dream of being a Vet when you were growing up? Very cute critters-bet they love YOU!

binders said...

Wow! You weren't kidding- that IS a lot of pets but they seem very happy and well cared for. We just have 2 cats but the kids are desperate to add a third. They figure if we have 3 kids, we simply must have a cat for each. However, we already have 2 more cats than my husband wanted so I guess we'll stop there.

Jan said...

Okay, you are Noah. I am convinced after this post. Wow. You have the patience of a saint. All cute though.

onlymehere said...

You are a much better person than me. I am just not a pet person. Through the years we have had dogs, hamsters, birds, fish, and I think that's it. Larry is allergic to cats and I'm not a cat person so we've never had one. The dogs have been outside dogs but Larry sneaks them in the house so I said "no more dogs." I know you must thing something's wrong with me but I could never be Noah! Animals scare me!

Lisa Loo said...

Red--I am so glad you laughed--I was worried some people might run away and never come back!

Pam--yes--we try and keep them fed and watered--one of my secret fears is that Animal Planet will think they need to come up here and do an animal rescue!

Kelly--yeah--what she said

Marivic--I'm glad you enjoyed--sadly--sometimes reality is pretty dang funny! I'm not sure about the tender heart but I'm pretty sure the word "sucker" is stamped on my forehead. And what high praise!! I think Steve is one of the funniest people on the planet!

Dolly--I threw up when they had to kill "Old Yeller" in that Disney movie--so no--being a vet never crossed my mind!

Binders--see--what a good person you are--your husband doesn't want anymore--so you are stopping--my family doesn't care what I say!!! I guess it must be that sucker stamped across my forehead.

Jan-please don't think I am the scary cat lady--please don't run away!! Come back Jan!! Come back!!

Only Me--I am NOT a better person than you. I REALLY am not a pet person!!! It's REALLY that no one cares here! There is NOTHING wrong with you---if it wasn't such a spooky thing to say --I would ask if I could come live with you--I need lessons in how to be strong.

Anonymous said...

ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

you are so HIIILARIOUS!

your animals are gorgeous!!! :)

Carla said...

SSSSSSHHHHHHEEEEEEEPPPPPP!!!!!!! Is my favorite part of the movie too! I just die when I see it! Just your picture of the movie, lol! So you are Noah by force, I like to think of myself as Eve. Long hair flowing, looking good in animal skin (or bare naked), floating through Eden surrounded by animals (and plants)! (also known to be easily tempted, and bring others down as well) Of course, none of that is so, (and I am afraid I would have fallen faster and harder, and gotten up slower than she), EXCEPT animals! I love them! Hubby has to put his foot down (thank you God!) I also raised children that will bring ANY critter home to stay. And, as stated before, I fall!

I loved your post! I'm laughing out loud over here!!! THREE black matching cats? Cool! (some days I wish I was a little more like your Lady-less stress, less judgement, just enjoying the now that is! Maybe someday.)

Rock on Noahgirl, rock on! (rock the boat, rock the boat baby, rock the boat, don't tip the boat over, etc)

Karen Sue said...

I watched Tommy Boy where there is a similar reaction to the deer they hit with a car, and then load into the back seat. If you haven't seen it, the dead deer recovers and they see it in the rearview mirror, sitting in the backseat!!!
I am enjoying reading your blog... I am a mom on the go most of the time. My conversations are with whoever is sitting next to me on the bleachers. It is nice to meet some new people through the blogs!!

Lisa Loo said...

Hey Karen Sue!! Thanx for stopping by! My kids love Tommy Boy--I have seen bits and pieces and I have seen the deer part--very funny!