Friday, October 10, 2008

Administer Abroad!! or in other words--GIVE AWAY!!!

Don't you just love the thesaurus??!! Somehow--Administer Abroad!! Administer Abroad!!! doesn't have the same effect --does it??!!

As I lurk around blogland it seems like everyone is doing a give away. I have only entered a few because I am
a) too late
b)#626 and the winner is #625
c)I never win anything--the only thing I have ever won is a Christmas ornament from Hallmark and a porch swing from a raffle. Of course, I have no porch.
d)I am too confused by the many rules--leave a comment here, go there, come back here-it's too stressful for a wee brain such as mine.

Anyways--I got all caught up in the spirit of things and thought about what I could give away. I came up with zilch, nada. Then I needed some chocolate to put in my daughter Nat's package so I went down to my favorite chocolate shop (owned by some of my all time fav people and friends, Sheila/Karen/ I'm not sure of the exact ownership I guess--sorry) Charbonneau's. Nat's favorite is the chocolate covered oreo's. While I was there, picking up way more than the intended oreos--it dawned on me--CHOCOLATE -
I could give away chocolate! Consequently I lost any control I had to begin with and bought a couple of bags of goodies!! I hurried home with the intention of posting my give away right away--I was so excited. I got distracted with bats and hip surgeries and by the time I got around to it again--Mary-had posted a hilarious piece about giving away an empty nut jar with dead dandelions in it and I felt a little sheepish that I had jumped on that give away wagon. I put my chocolate back in hiding. But now it nagged at me--sure--I knew I could find a good home for all that chocolate-but I knew that deep down in my chubby little heart--that was not a good idea either. After a couple more days and some really kind comments during my bat and hip surgery crisis--I decided it didn't matter if anyone mocked me---I love blogland and I wanted to give back.

Now a new dilemma struck me. No one seemed to give away food. I lurked and lurked and lurked--no food give aways. So not only am I a weird give away wanna be but I want to give away something that is obviously not given away. Then I went to Tip Junkie and after some more lurk, lurk, lurking--I found one food give away. One. Which I can't even find now--so it was probably yanked. It was some pumpkin cookies from a place I think called Cheryl & Co all I remember was she said that they were made in a commercial kitchen. ANYHOO-- I could go on and on--the voices in my head never stop but the short of it is--I am going to give away this chocolate!! If there is some unwritten blogland law that says I shouldn't--well--we'll deal with that when it comes. Feeling very sassy, I went back down to Charbonneau's and purchased even more chocolate so I could give chocolate to 2 lucky people and got some cute Halloween stuff while I was at it. It's made in a commercial kitchen and everything. All of you say you like chocolate--so I guess we will see! So-if you made it this far--here are the goodies------

Charbonneau's hand dips all of their chocolates--and they are so yummy. They also make all this fun "Montana" type items that I think are hilarious and it's those that I am giving away.

Things like:

Chocolate covered oreos and Emergency Pill bugs

Montana Mud Babies and Montana Big Timbers

PMS and Redneck Candy Bars and their to die for--Milk Chocolate Fudge--a ! pound box

Grizzlies, False Teeth and Elk Rumps etc...etc...

And don't forget the great Halloween stuff!!

Things like Witchy Noses, Baby Boos, Witchy Fingers, Shrunken Pumpkin Heads and Witches Warts.

Then I realize that I am supposed to have a reason. AAHHH!! I am only on my 30 something post I think--so that won't work. AAHH!! Then it comes to me:


Since My Kelly Boo is due for hip surgery a week from today--October 17th--all you have to do to get your name in the drawing is to post a comment saying that on October 17th at noon you will pray for, think about, hope for--whatever it is you do--for my Kelly. That's it. I know most of the people who comment on my site have already pledged their support but this way you will be in the drawing too.

2 lucky people will win. The end of the giveaway will be Sunday night--so I can get it in the mail before I leave for Spokane.

JUST AN ASIDE NOTE: I went into tell Kelly about my great idea and she said, "So let me get this straight--you are bribing people to pray for me?!" --party pooper---

The chocolate is made in a commercial kitchen that processes nuts, milk and soy.

Go check out the site if you want to know more about their yummy business!!

So you can tell your friends--or not--depending how bad you want the chocolate I guess--I will probably wither up and die if I come back and no one wants to enter--just sayin--no pressure--




McEwens said...

OMG LOOK at alllll that chocolate!!! I will pray for your dear sweet Kelly and YOU- but I am passing on the choc!

Anonymous said...




and sooo much more!!!

you are my HERO!

we aint got no places like that here where i live!! nuthin! only Walmart!!!!! i would love love love to try these out & have them & love them & EAT THEM!!!!!

and YES.... {girl you know for sure} On October 17th at noon I will pray for, think about, AND hope for YOUR precious sweet beautiful Kelly. ♥

Anonymous said...

i have you LINKEY LINKED on my blog now, too! ♥

{oh my holy macaroni & cheese..i hope i win this CHOCOLATE EXTRAVAGANZA~!}

Dolly said...

YOU CAN BET THAT I"LL BE PRAYING FOR DEAR SWEET KELLY!!!!!! Kelly-I need your address-so that I can send a get well card to ya'!!♥ My thoughts and best wishes are for your whole family :)

micaela6955 said...

First, I will be thinking of Kelly on October 17th, and hoping for a swift recovery. Surgery is never fun, and my thoughts will be with you both. I subscribed to your blog just now so I can read the updates as time allows. Thanks for having a chocolate giveaway, that place sounds WONDERFUL... and the goodies look very tasty! If you'd like, head on over to my blog before tomorrow night to enter my giveaway too!

micaela6955 at msn dot com (Michele P.)

annie said...

WOO HOO!! Let me just leave a testimony on how great this chocolate is. Kelly brought me a PRIORITY MAIL Box FULL of these chocolates... we ate pill bugs, cow patties, pound o' fudge, and chocolate covered oreos, etc..... THEY ARE YUMMY!!!! :o) I'll of course add Kelly to my prayers. And I guess if I win the box of chocolates you'll be my favorite blogger of all time... but I understand if I'm pulled cause I've already received a HUGE-O box from this company before!! :o) What a great idea Lisa!! WOO HOO!

Natalie said...'s like trick or treating for women! Fabulous idea. Is Natalie's nickname from "The Journey of Natty Gann"? cuz my family used to call me that after we saw that movie. It's a really good one.

I will gladly pray for you guys.

Bribe or'll get the prayers flowing!

Jan said...

I am so glad that Dolly called me over here. I am in love with dreaming about winning this delicious madness. I need the PMS bar. Like now. Don't make me mad. :) I am joking you know right.

Mikki said...

Oh the angst of a blog giveaway!!!
I love this post. You are SO sweet and thoughtful to be giving away ALL THAT CHOCOLATEY GOODNESS!!!
I came here from Dolly's blog. I'm going to go put a link on mine (as soon as I get home from work).
I will be so happy to pray for your Kelly Boo on the seventeenth. Actually, I'll keep her and your family in my prayers all week.

Mechelle said...

Dolly sent me. I have been by before and love your blog.Love the candy! M

*MARY* said...

I'll pray extra extra hard even if there was no chocolate give away.

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

This is such a cute idea! I'm scared to enter because I never win but I probably will when the giveaway is something I shouldn't win because I shouldn't be having any milk chocolate. But my family will not be happy if I don't try win the choclate for them so enter me please!

With or without chocolate I'm already praying for Kelly and you!

onlymehere said...

You make me laugh!!! Of course you can bribe me to pray for Kelly, I was doing it anyway but a good bribe never hurts! We call bribes "incentives or rewards" at our house (but they're really bribes) LOL!! Go to my post on fudge at and you'll see why I hope to win anything but fudge!!! Also, these Halloween things would have been perfect for Witchalena! I'll have to remember this and order from them next year for the dinner!! Good luck with the surgery and in all seriousness I hope it goes well and she definitely will be prayed for by me!

this is it said...

Dear Lisa Loo,
The whole bat thing is just too funny and you reacted like any mom would. One day batgirls mother will laugh about this too.

My family is thinking of you (LOTS of PRAYERS)and yours and we will keep checking in to see how things are going.


Adventure girl wanna be said...

YOU! are way too cute and funny. As a newbie still I feel exactly like you did at "am I supposed to do this?"
How sweet of a give away and fun and thoughtful! You should be able to give away or do whatever you want! It's your blog;)

I already put it on my calendar to pray for Kelly the 17th!!!!!!!!

Happy Saturday!

imbeingheldhostage said...

praying praying praying... yes, for Kelly (not praying to win some chocolate) :-)
17th will be easy for me to remember too.

I think Kelly deserves one of the prizes don't you?

Maddy said...

Yes, I will pray for Kelly.
I am Dolly's daughter

npage79 said...

This is a good way to get your stalkers to come out of their hiding spots. I love your blog. I just never leave a comment. I'll be praying for you and Kelly.

da Bergs said...

You crack me up!!! THIS is a great give away!!!! I love the pill chocolates, what fun!!!

AND, Kelly!!! TOO CUTE... bribing us to pray for her! I AM praying for her!!! AND, I marked 12 noon on my calendar on the 17th so that I am on time! LOL.... seriously! I AM praying all goes well... I am sure it will!!! LET US KNOW!!!

Mackenzie said...

Of course I will pray for Kelly. I wish you and your family and especially Kelly the best in the coming weeks.

Chocolate is just a bonus, but we are really praying for good helath and a speedy recovery. But really who in their rught mind can pass up chocolate.

binders said...

I have been and will continue to pray for Kelly and your whole family. No chocolate bribe needed- but I certainly wouldn't turn it away! LOL!

Anonymous said...

You can count on me to pray for Kelly. I will do it now too. But, I would have done it for free.


Carla said...

TWENTY COMMENTS!! Give Away AND Chocolate must be a blog getting attention code! Count me in! (in you lurking did you see those sites that you can have it automatically pick your winner? I love the one that shows a darling child pulling the name from a bowl or hat!) You are too sweet to do this (those candies are too funny), and I'm praying for your daughter either way (wink wink). Have a great weekend!

tammy said...

Jan sent me here, and I have to say a chocolate giveaway is brilliant! Of course I will pray for Kelly, especially since her nickname is Boo, I also have a Boo and a tater-tot.

ikkinlala said...

I'll definitely be thinking of Kelly on October 17th.

nikkicrumpet said...

I was sent here from one of the regular blogs I visit...mostly because she knows I'm a chocolate FREAK. And holy cow...that is the MOTHER LODE!! I gotta find these people...I wonder if they sell online...the drool puddle is creeping up to my keyboard.
I will definitely say a special prayer for Kelly on October 17th...and not just because you bribed me!

nikkicrumpet said...

HAH...I just saw their website...sheeesh I'm slow...hey it's all that Utah Mountain air...or maybe it's the tainted air I've been breathing here in Massachusetts. OH by the way...I saw the Hinkley was my favorite...him and Spencer W Kimball. Great men...surely missed.

Redhoodoos said...

Lisa Loo - I always get such a kick out of your blog and can be assured of an out loud chuckle!! There were several out loud chuckles from this post. You are just too cute and funny.

Me loves chocolate (pounding chest and grunting).

I would pray for Kelly and your family even if you didn't have a chocolate giveaway, my friend.

Rebecca said...

Please Please Please!!! I have entered so many giveaways and I've never won anything in my life - of all things to win I would LOVE Chocolate! ;)

But, if I don't, good luck to the lucky person who does win!

*I linked to this post on my blog*

Laura... and the boys said...

I will definitely be praying for her!! For many reasons- first and foremost, I want to that I've gotten that out of the way- I'm a chocoholic, Western Montana is my home (St. Iggy, Missoula Stake), I noticed you're from Stevi, and I love that area, anything nostalgic from MT makes me homesick and in love with home all over again... especially if it contains chocolate, and most importantly... your daughters look really familiar - I'm willing to bet at least one of my little brothers has them as a friend on myspace/facebook/or their constant texting... Anyway- hi new montana friend. I NEVER win anything- so I feel for ya! I hope I win!

And most importantly, I hope your daughter's surgery goes well. I'll be praying and thinking about her for sure. p.s... not a stalker, I just barely came accross your blog today:)

Jenningsclan said...

I just found your site through all time best I love chocolate too and I have it down in my reminder at noon on Oct. 17th to pray for your Kelly. prayers do go a long way!

Anonymous said...

Hey :)
Just checkin' in to see if you posted the winner yet!!!

{{i hope it's me!}}

Karen Sue said...

Prayers on the 17th... CanDo!!
I will dream of chocolate until then...if it is not too late, I'd love to be on your chocolate list..
And thanks for posting to my blog. Can't seem to get my home friends to get into the blog thing, but I am getting quite a list of imaginary friends!!! Thanks for being one of them... If you feel like and old pro, perhaps you can advance my blogology to the next level!!
Have a nice night... prayers on the 17th!!
I think I found you via... Annie in Alaska, whom I believe babysits for my cousin's baby, Gage... I think..

Keep me informed

Mother Goose said...

OH MY LAWDY MARCY! I am now in having a chocolate fit! Pray for me!!!
seriously, I do pray your daughter's surgery goes well!