Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bats in my Belfry

Belfry is a funny word, don’t you think?! Belfry, Beellffrreeebbaattss in my bbeellffrreeee—just let it roll off your tongue. Lovely place, this belfry—not a bat in sight.

Sooo—Thursday after school I get a phone call from the Elementary principal and the conversation went something like this:

E.P—This is___ ____ from the elementary school.


E.P—Yes, I needed to call and ask you to help us find out whether or not Angel touched the bat.


E.P.—Yes, well, the dead bat that was brought in by a mother on Monday morning was found to have rabies so we are calling all the parents of the students that may have touched the bat.

ME—THE DEAD BAT??! (silence) Monday??!! (silence) We weren’t here on Monday—THE DEAD BAT??!!

E.P.—Yes, well, a mother brought a dead bat in and showed it to the kindergartners and the 4th graders on Monday. The students were specifically told NOT to touch the bat but we found out today that there were several students who did it anyway. Angel was one of them. At least she says she is—would you mind asking her if she REALLY did??!!

ME—ummmm---You betcha. —“ANGEL!!!!”


ME- did you touch a dead bat on Monday?

Angel—(with a Dang—she found out face) Yes

ME—Seriously?! Do you realize that if you stick with this story you will have to receive several shots??!!

Angel—(seriously thinks on this with a dang this really stinks face) Yes


Angel—well I was going to touch it and then I decided not to and as I was pulling away my hand it brushed the bat.

ME—(back on the phone, thinking—how did I fail this child and what kind of mother misses a dead bat with rabies event??!!) Yes, she did touch the bat.

E.P—Yes, well, they were given strict instructions. We will have to weigh her tomorrow to order her shots for her. There will be an informational meeting after school tomorrow but it’s not mandatory. Thank you and please feel free to call me anytime.


Yes, I am like soo getting Mother of the Year this year.

After I process the fact that the principal just called me and informed me that there was a dead bat in the school (on purpose) and that my daughter touched it………. I got online and checked the semi-local news station. It was ‘breaking news”! Their story said that the mother brought the dead bat to school along with a bottle of hand sanitizer so they could use it AFTER they TOUCHED the BAT. For the first time in my life I think I might believe the news. Oh the humanity!! I am sorry if that mother reads my blog but I just gotta say—


Just how did this go down?! Good morning ___ ___!
Lovely bat you have there, and so good of you to bring the hand sanitizer ---those children are so lucky to be involved in your show and tell!!


This is how I feel that MY belfry looks:

And here is my bat

I’m just sayin………………….


Dolly said...

Okay-that was a freaky moment in time. I need to read your post every couple of hours!

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

I'm so on your side on this! What the heck was that Mom thinking? But now that I've expressed sympathy can I laugh? Becasue you are danged funny with your bat pics and bellfreeeees!

Dawn said...

Only in Montana!!!! OH MY, YIKES!!What?? What was she thinking, and what was the school thinking letting her bring the bat in? Did you get a name? Maybe we could crank call her!! Just kidding!! Angel knew she shouldn't but the darn thing was just so cute, right? And the whole shot thing. WOW!!

onlymehere said...

What in the world was that mother thinking? Who brings dead animals to school, much less a bat?! Craziness. Sorry to hear your little Angel has to have shots now but at least you got an honest answer. Good luck.

Carla said...

lol! Here, too, someone (a child) brought a bat to touch! Many children were 'treated' (or is it tricked?). I could SEE my children doing this (the catching, bringing, touching), but not a mom. Bless her heart, bet she doesn't cart around a dead bat again! This just almost tops the ATM/tractor saga!! Congratulations Mrs. DeadBatTouchingDaughter's Mother! You ARE the Mother of the YEAR! (as opposted to the BringingADeadPossibleRabidBatToSchoolMom:)

da Bergs said...

NO WAY!!!! incredible.

Redhoodoos said...

LOL! I'm laughing pretty hard! Love the choice pictures you put on there.

Sorry about your daughter! LOL. Poor thing is just being adventurous. I would have succumbed to peer pressure at her age for sure!

Sorry for the shots, Angel!

That mother probably stole the atm machine.

Katie said...

Perhaps the lady touched the bat too and was under the influence of having rabies? Sorry Angel! Next time have Sam Hirt come show bats in class.....he's the real batman you know.

Lisa Loo said...

Katie--i so want to know the story behind that comment!! Come to find out--the cat that caught the bat died of rabies first and that is what alerted them to the possible mass homicide they may have created!! Only in Montana........

annie said...

My brother Sam studies bats. IT's what he got his Master's in... well biology really, but it was a project done on studying bats to find a certain migration pattern of a certain bat. He knows a lot about bats. :o) That's all.

Did you see my tribute to your bat??!! :o) (hee hee hee)

imbeingheldhostage said...

I read backwards to get here, so watch how angelic I appear by not judging anyone (although if I had started here, I may have been shouting, What the heck?!). I love the way you write :-)

RhondaLue said...

yikes. I guess I might need to add the deat bat talk into the birds and the bees talk, maybe? so I don't forget!