Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Bat Lady Sings

I don't know why I wrote that title. I think I am getting a little loopy. For those of you out there who have done the crisis/surgery/trauma/bat touching thing--does the caregiver have a day where she just kind of checks out?! Like nothing really matters much--just let me lie here and watch CSI and eat Runts?! Cuz that is me--and I feel like such a loser! Like somebody just stick me with a cattle prod already! Thought maybe you all would like an update---


She is doing really well. We continue to see the miracles in the daily steps toward healing. She is able to get in and out of bed on her own and gets around pretty well on the crutches. Some of her friends came over to visit the other evening--and she was pretty wore out the next day---but seeing her pals was worth it she thinks. We went into our Primary Care Physician (note how fabulous I am with correct termanology) on Monday. He is local so that was good not to have to drive 4 hours. He took off the bandage--I about barfed and my husband and Kelly both went, "COOL!! " He steri-stripped the incision so if it got bumped or something--it wouldn't pop open. He said he doesn't expect to have to see us again unless there are signs of infection. Maybe I have just been living under a rock but I found this amazing!!! My surgeries have been so much more involved--long recoveries and no showers forever etc...Heavenly Father and Dr. Howlett rock! Kelly thinks I should post a pic of the incision. I told her I would have to attach a barf bag to my camera even to take a pic. That I would probably lose a lot of my "followers"--they would drop like flies. (Where did that term come from anyways?--do flies drop? sorry--I digress)-But I did it. SO HERE IS THE WARNING!!!!!!!!


HOLY YUCKY INCISION BATMAN!!! It is 7 inches long--and looks so painful to me but Kelly has slowly been weaning herself off the narcotics and been doing mostly Advil. If I were brave I would make a comment about the leftover Loritab--but I'm not. Anyways--we have to drive back to Spokane to see Dr. Howlett on November 3rd and then I hope not to have to do that drive again for awhile. I know this is all because of all your prayers--thanx again.

Oh-- and somehow I didn't get this pic loaded when I did the Par day--but really wanted to. The nurses at Sacred Heart Children's Hospital are beyond AMAZING!!! I have never seen such fabulous nurses in my whole life!! They came every time she called, changed her bed and fluffed her pillows each time she got out of bed. They were so sweet and helpful every step of the way---so this is a HUGE Shout Out to them----YOU ALL ARE THE BEST--THANK YOU!!!

This is Jocelyn--she had an Irish accent and a heart of gold--we miss you Jocelyn!!

BEAN the BAT TOUCHER update:

When last we left THE TOUCHER--she had confessed and was being weighed and measured. The following Tuesday we were to report to the school for the first 2 doses of meds.

Meanwhile the CDC descended upon our little town and apparently we were on a lot of random newscasts--like Turkey. Really.

When we first got there Tuesday and walked in the gym---if I would have been smart I would have listened to that little voice in my head--to flee. There--in out LITTLE gym were 99 children and their caregivers. My thought was

--how come they didn't tell me it was "The Running of the Bulls??!" and when did I teleport to Spain??!! AAAHHHH!!!

The second stupid thought was that we would come in, get the shots and leave. TWO HOURS LATER we got called to the room with the CDC people in it. They proceeded to try and talk us out of getting the shots. Finally I just said, "GIVE ME THOSE PAPERS OR I WILL TOUCH YOU WITH A BAT!!" Okay--maybe not exactly that. Then 45 minutes later--(while we stood in the hallway and listened to all the other Touchers scream and cry--it was our turn. Bean was so brave--not even a tear. But wait--theres more! Then we had to sit in the library 15 minutes more to make sure she wasn't allergic. The entire 3 1/2 hours--we had nothing to do--I hadn't brought coloring or a book OR ANYTHING!!!!

There have been 3 other shot days since then and one more next week and we are done! I think I will get up on a cafeteria table and do a dance--seriously.


I haven't talked a lot about Milan but he needs an update. He has been taking hunter safety and last night he passed his test!! I am told that that means I should say WOO-HOO.

woo--that's all I got.

I was raised in an ANTI--gun/hunting house. My grandparents didn't even have a gun. What kind of horrible person would shoot Bambi??! My husband and all of his ancestors., that's who. If you would have ever told me I would have a son that would want a gun, let alone take hunter safety--I would have LAUGHED. When we first moved to Montana we bought a little gun cabinet and Phil bought me a pistol (snort) and there were a couple of bigger guns in there also. The other day when I opened it up---

Milan in his winter gear--in the forest I bet he could do a Where's Waldo thing!!

AAAHHHH!!!! No one told me that guns reproduce in the dark!!

It was like jam packed full and boxes of bullets everywhere!! I quickly called my husband---he said he MAY have purchased a few of them---I don't know whether to be relieved that guns don't reproduce in the dark or really cranky at my husband for putting them there in the dark!!! So--I home school one of my children, live in the woods, chop wood and heat my house with it, know the difference between a girl cow and a boy cow and know how to can and use a dehydrator, AND apparently own an entire arsenal!!! That sounds SOOOO BAD!!! I so mocked me 25 years ago!! I really am cultured and refined. I play the piano, listen to classical music, LOVE to read--enjoy art--when did I become Daniel Boone??!!

Thanx for letting me vent--I need to go check the gun cabinet--its getting dark.


McEwens said...

The scar wasnt as bad as I thought it would be! So glad she is doing great!

HOLY cow that was a long time to wait for shots!!! Thats crazy, there has to be a better way to do this!

Yeah for hunters safety

Dolly said...

Lisa-what an awesome post! LOVED the incision photo (healing nicely!)Good job Kelly-in the hospital:)Get some rest now.

Loved the reproducing arsenal comment-I have the same kinda gun cabinet...but we Eskimos love to hunt. I like pistols better than rifles. (Hard for me to aim).

I'm so amazed that Bean is so brave with rabies shots. Has to be the native-side of her :)BRAVE!

Milan looks just like my Dakota in hunting gear. I have a photo of him out skiing and ice-cave camping for scouts. I should post those for ya'...Go Daniel Boones!

tammy said...

Totally laughing here - you are funny. And can I say you're the person I want to live by when the crap hits the fan? Wow sista, you can do it all! I live with a bunch of gun lovers, too. In fact, my hubby wants to get me a pink AR-15 for my b-day. Just what I need! Glad Kelly is healing well.

nikkicrumpet said...

The incision is cool...she's a tough cookie...I'm lost on this "bat toucher" thing...and I'm a card caring member of the NRA lol..but I still wouldn't shoot bambi...just a mugger or two! I got the HOO for your son!

npage79 said...

My husband is a huge hunter. He hangs all his "trophies" in my living room. Yah me!! He even bought our son his lifetime sportsman when he was 2 months old.

Glad Kelly is healing, and glad there was a lot of tape on the stiches.

hunnybunny said...

Lisa, I love reading your blog. Knowing you as I do, I know you won't be offended when I tell you that you perk up my day and make me giggle. Not on the kelly story, but the bat thing and the gun thing. I can just se you guys. you guys take care and I will continue to read.
hey can you tell me if my blog works thanks

Mikki said...

I'm so glad she is doing well. I have to apologize for forgetting to add you to my google reader, so I have been missing all these great posts. You are on there now though. Thanks for commenting on my blog, that was the kick in the pants I needed to investigate things. :o)

Redhoodoos said...

Hey Danielle Boone!! LOVE IT!! I wish I was more of a Daniel Boone - I think I was born in the wrong place at the wrong century. Love that you chop wood to heat your house etc. You could teach me a few things.

Glad Kelly is healing well. She sounds like she's in great spirits.

onlymehere said...

I really shouldn't be laughing my head off at your drama right now but you really got me going with the "woo" and I didn't stop after that! Somedays there is no WOOHOO and I'm thankful you could at least muster a "woo" for him. I didn't know that guns and bullets multiplied in the dark either! That explains so much!! Just between us I think fabric fat quarters do too along with embroidery floss and patterns. Glad Kelly is doing better and the incision looks like it's healing great! I helped put stitches in my husband's head once, hmmmmmmm someday I may have to blog that! Thanks for supporting me the past little bit as I have had a hard time even getting out a "woo" for life. I know it will get better and that times will change but your post made me laugh and smile today. The bat shots too sounded like a horrific time. At least your daughter (son?, sorry I forget which one) will never touch a bat again. Your crazy events sound so much like the weird things that happen in my life, maybe we can draw strength from each other! Cindy

binders said...

Wow. Lots going on all at the same time for you.

Hey- I thought about you last weekend on our vacation. There was a BAT in one of the bedrooms on the houseboat when we opened the boat and I had to duck as that thing lurched out the door.

No worries though- I didn't touch it! Now that I've heard the ordeal that's involved with the CDC, I'm extra glad I ducked well.

da Bergs said...

Her scar looks GREAT!!!! AND, I too have a gun, I should do a post about it! BUT, I only shoot targets!!!

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

The incision photo wasn't so bad. Maybe becasue I'm not looking at it in person. When it's all healed Kelly will have battle scars to brag about :-)

Hey Mrs Danielle Boone, you made me laugh with this post. Still laughing actually. I actually shot a pistol at a target shooting range once to humor my husband, and it freaked me out so bad I didn't do it ever again. But I don't make fun of people with guns. Oh. no! Are you kidding me? Not when they're armed:-)

imbeingheldhostage said...

Whew! that was close. I was already getting squeamish when you talked about the bandage coming off, but then I almost scrolled down to see the dang thing (thanks for the warning I held my hand over that part of the screen while I read on). I am glad everyone's surviving on your side of the planet, quite honestly, I think you win. You get to go back to bed.

kitchenditcher said...

What a brave girl! She looks MAH-velous!! Aren't you just glad that this whole thing is over with? But you tell Kelly that I would win a war with scars. I've had both breasts removed and mine will beat hers anyday! But guess what? NO MORE MAMMOGRAMS FOR ME!! hahahaha!!

Seriously kindred-spirit, girlfriend, you are so DANG funny! I too get giddy when I see that you have a new post! AND I HAVE HEARD THE WORD "HINCKEY" like THREE TIMES IN THE LAST WEEK AND HAVE THOUGHT OF YOU!! lol I have never heard it before until in a post of yours.

Big hugs and prayers from the kitchenditcher!!

Carla said...

Sounds like your MRS Daniel Boone, it probably happened when you moved to Montana! That's probably how 'cultured' women felt, when leaving society and moving west with their frontiermen. We need a gun cabinet to house hubby's collection. Someday I need to learn how to aim and shot those things. Hopefully Bean learned not to touch dead bats when told not to. Yea for Milan, gun safety is VERY important for Daniel Boone Juniors. Yea Kelly, and you for seeing the blessings in action. God is good, all the time, even in Montana (jk of course).