Sunday, July 27, 2008

POP!! goes the mama!

Soooooo...this is, fittingly enough, called a booby trap. My son purchased quite a few of these things during fireworks season. Here in little Stevensville we just have 3 fireworks stands and we have our favorite and go there every year. Since we spend so much time and money there we consider them friends. When we got home, Milan proceeds to tell me that these are booby traps and that the lady at the stand said it was really fun to put them on peoples doors and toilet seats etc but if he told me she would deny ever saying it. Great. So for at least a week Milan was having a fabulous time going around and taping these on doors etc and scaring his sister. I just assumed that he was scared enough of me that he wouldn't try anything with me. Imagine my surprise one night when I opened the door to my room and BANG!! I about collapsed right there on the floor! My kids were already collapsed on the floor with laughter. Apparently watching your mother scream and do the frightened dance is very amusing. Then they ran--they aren't stupid! So anyways--now I am thinking that I should get me one of those bomb sniffing dogs for when I have to pee in the middle of the night. I just don't think my bladder could stand the shock. And obviously I can't trust my kids. Do they rent those dogs? Where is the manual that helps you with these thing??!!


Marivic said...

Oh my gosh! Sorry if I'm not supposed to laugh at your expense, but this is too funny! Sons! Life would be so dull without them :-) Hey I got your enrichment question, and since I skip like 80% of enrichment nights :-( I consulted the experts: my daughter for being of YW age, and my sis in law, mother in law and mother who have all been RS presidents. As soon as everyone e-mails me the requested ideas I'll leave you a "comment" about them. Good luck on the toilet security issue. I'm not sure bomb sniffing dogs are trained for your type of problem:-)

Carla said...

HAHAHAHAHA! What about those police dogs that track down and attack the suspects???

Just reading you post took me back-to a place I don't care to relive! I did make it out alive (and believe it or not-so did my four boys!)

Anonymous said...

that is HILARIOUS!!! i love it!!! you have the BEST stories!!!!

annie said...

I would kill my kids! I'd first pee my pants, scream like a little girl, holler and then kill them!! :o) You've got a better sense of humor that I!! HA!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

by the way...i'm not sure if you know but i changed my blogspot address to

:) see ya there! ♥

Marivic said...

Just letting you know I heard back from the in-laws and have enrichment ideas to pass on. Just let me know if you want them posted as a comment on your blog, or if you have a public e-mail address you prefer I send them to.

This firecracker story still cracks me up! LOL!

kitchenditcher said...

Okay, this kind of stuff is right up my alley! Your son can come live with me anytime and I will let him borrow my remote control fart machine! It even works through walls!! Too dang funny! LOVED this post!!

Lisa said...

It is totally okay to laugh at my pain--I really try to find the humor in my life--it helps balance my insanity issues.
Kitchenditcher my son is so glad to have found you--you really sound like his kind of people and I think he put you on his "Places to Run for Sanctuary" list. Marivic--thanx soooo much for doing that research and getting back to me.
Merrianne--I completely copied the way you respond on your blog--hope thats okay
Annie--I may have a better sense of humor but you have WAy more patience!
Carla--4 BOYS??!! EYEyiyi!No wonder there is a dark place you don't want to go back to!
Glad you all enjoyed and thanx for the comments--I love this blog thing!