Saturday, July 5, 2008

HAPPY 5th of JULY!!

When you live on 20 forested acres--- the 5th of July is almost as important as the 4th of July. If you wake up and it's the 5th of July AND the house and trees are still standing--it is definitely cause for celebration. Today was just such a day! One would think that one would celebrate this feat with something other than fireworks. One would be wrong. One would have also been a little crispy because one of the rockets we set off aborted its mission and flew sideways and caught the grass by the goat shed on fire. (we have no goats--which is a complete other story) Being the Boy Scout that he is, Milan had prepared for this very moment by hooking together every hose that we had and we put the fire out in no time. We have not always been so lucky--case in point---

This is my forest

(yes--that is ice on the road--this was taken in January-
was the only one I could find--sigh)

This is my forest after fireworks--

On the bright side--we didn't have to mow weeds there last year. And it all grew back.

We did have a great 4th though. Sadly, my husband was at work--up in Alaska--at Prudhoe Bay-they don't do fireworks there. Something about sparks and all that oil I think. And my daughter Kelly is in Fairbanks, Alaska vacationing with friends. They don't do fireworks there either--its light almost 24 hours a day in the summer. The reason I tell you this is we bought another whole box of fireworks to set off when they get home--stay tuned--the nightmare just goes on and on. For the record--I could go the rest of my life without fireworks. I am always overruled by the pyromaniacs I call my family.

So here are a few more photos chronicling our 4th--


Milan with the stash


And after--

Reminds me of Christmas morning after the gift opening

Sarcasm and humor aside--
I am very grateful for my country and love to celebrate my freedoms--I am blessed--
hope everyone had a great 4th!

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