Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I've been tagged!

When I read this on my comments my first response was AAAHHHHH! Just the other day I had read someones blog and they had been tagged and they had to go around to each room in their house and without cleaning--take a picture--and one of themselves--right that minute.Can I just say AAAHHHHHH again??!! But after a deep breath I continued reading and realized it wasn't such a bad thing. Just write down 6 things that describe my life and then tag 5 other people. Kitchen Ditcher was worried that she didn't have a life--I am more worried about finding someone--anyone--to tag. How sad is it that I can only send it 2 people? Does something bad happen if you don't send it to 5 people?!!! Just stamp a REALLY LARGE "L" on my forehead and my blog. People will see me and say,"There goes the lady that only had 2 friends to play tag with......"And there was a great wailing and gnashing of teeth in the land....

here are my 6

1. Unexpected
2. Entertaining
3. Believing
4. Crowded
5. Diversified
6. Hopeful

Dawn and Annie--will you come out and play with me??!! Tag you're it!


Marivic said...

I love your 6 things expecially #6. Someday when I have the chance to read more of your posts and know you better through your blog I'd like to know why you pick "unexpected" as #1. And if you want you can tag me :-) then you'll have 3 people instead of just 2! I'll be happy to come out and "play" with a new friend:-)

Anonymous said...

I will be YOUR FRIEND!!!! :)

and i love your list! i was tagged by 2 people with the same thing and It was not as easy as I thought it would be!!!!

I think your blog is great!!!♥

Carla said...

Cool list!

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh!! How fabulous was it to sign on to my blog and find 3 people willing to be my friend??!! THis whole blog thing is soooo cool! Bless you brave Marivic--willing to be my friend AND be tagged. THanx for the kind words all of you...

Marivic said...

Hey, Lisa: so I'm turning around and tagging you back :-) Go see my blog to know what for!

Marivic said...

Lisa, I'm tagging you back! Check out my blog for details. It's a longer one than the one you tag me with so I hope you don't mind :-)

kitchenditcher said... did GREAT!! I just love the way you write. Keep blogging and I know that you will quickly have MANY blog friends!!

I particularly loved #4...tells me a lot about you!!

From your new kindred spirit!!

kitchenditcher said...

lol....I mean I particularly liked #3!!!! Number four sounds fun though!!!