Monday, February 23, 2009


I know I have been remiss in sharing my mailbox happiness and stating my gratefulness publicly. Things have been really crazy with my Dad and I have been so overwhelmed by it all that I just let everything else go. It is still a little too tender to write about—maybe tomorrow.
Today—a HUGE !!!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! To Desert Hen and Linda for their HUGE generosity and kindness. I won in their drawings and was sooooo excited!

Here is what arrived from Desert Hen:

Look at how beautifully it was all packaged—it was so bright and cheerful I had a hard time wanting to open them! Yeah—that didn’t last long.

This is it all unwrapped. Oh the divineness of it all!! Thank you so much Desert Hen!!! I heart you!!!!

And here is the sweetness I received from Linda!

I stole this pic off her blog cuz if I waited till I got a picture and uploaded it—well I just couldn’t be ungrateful any longer. This is my first “word art” I have owned—I am soooo excited—thank you so much Linda!

This whole winning and getting mail is very addicting---more please!!! Just kidding—sort of. Thanx again girls—I need to have another giveaway—will have to think on it-------


Boyd Family said...

Lucky!! I love the Blessed sign. Please do give an update on your dad.

McEwens said...

Congrats on it all!

onlymehere said...

WOOHOOO for Lisa! How lucky to win two give-aways! I've entered a million and only won one, but the one I won was so suited to me that it was worth the wait, LOL! You go girl! Oh, and you can move next to me anytime but you'll have to give up your love of the snow bz we don't want that white stuff around here anymore!! LOL! Hope your dad is having a good day today. {{Hugs}} Cindy

::Jan:: said...

Blessed is the right word Lisa.

Da Bergs said...

Love that.. "blessed"!

I hope things are okay with your father... my dad had surgery again on Thurs... life is hard sometimes... (Hugs"

And, THANK YOU, I AM stealing the "manna"!!!

nikkicrumpet said...

Surprise packages from the mailman...SWEEEEEET especially when they are full of great stuff! Hopefully that will brighten up your day. You sound like you need a hug. Wish I was there to give you one!

Carla said...

Blessed huh? God nailed it on the head there. How exciting to have such goodies from friends! (like Christmas all year long:). Blessings to you in all you do.

tammy said...

Blogging does pay!

Hope you're doing okay.

Didn't mean to rhyme. It just came out.

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Lisa-- I was glad to open my e-mail and saw you posted a comment on my last post which was over a week ago. I know. I have been really spotty with this blogging thing. So much going on. It's hard to keep up...Well, I'm glad to have an excuse to come over here and say "Hi!" You won some really neat stuff. Congratulations!

linda said...

So glad you are enjoying the blessed sign! Couldn't have sent it to a nicer person!

DesertHen said...

Lisa, I'm so happy you liked all of the goodies...=) Enjoy them and take some time for yourself amoungst all of the other stuff you have going on. Please know that I think of you and your father so often. And hey, I heart you too....=)


Tink said...

Wow! What amazing things you won! Congratulations!