Friday, February 6, 2009

Randomness from the hospital

My Dad is back in the hospital--he has been having blackouts that they can't explain and his pneumonia is lingering. It stresses my Mom to have him here but I always breathe a little easier knowing he is in capable hands. Since I am not real focused and need to distract myself a little...I thought I would just share some randomness--

1. My family left yesterday for Utah--all of them--so it is just me and the critters---wild and tame--I consider this my birthday/anniversary/Valentines Day present--since they all occur in February. I LOVE my family but there is no better vacation in my mind than getting to stay HOME ALONE! I realize that there are people out there that consider a vacation as something that they leave their house to do--I cannot help their faulty thinking.

2. We got an Apple computer for Christmas that I can't get on to do any more than set up my account. With everyone gone--I AM GOING TO PLAY WITH MY APPLE! I might actually be able to see what is on the screen with its SUPER SIZED screen. I am especially excited to see Mechelle's hair blog super sized!

3.I have gone to a psychiatrist before and let me tell you--all the medication and therapy in the world can't do what cleaning a room---leaving the room---coming back into the room a half hour later and having it STILL BE CLEAN--can do!  Wait--let me go back--ITS STILL CLEAN!!!  Happy dance all over that clean floor!

4. I LOVE this woman--Nana--roll on the floor and out the door and down the hill into traffic funny!!!  Seriously!!

5. I seem to have been temporarily word stupid on this post-----"wha-la"?????? Seriously??! I can't believe how kind you all are for not mocking me. Voila--voila--voila---

6. The other day, my #2 daughter informed me that, "There is no sarcasm in heaven" I told her that was why she needed to be really good---so that she could bring me iced drinks in that hot place--for eternity. She is still getting her panties untwisted.

7. I am now home schooling 2 of my 3 children that are still living at home. We just pulled Kelly out of the high school. I am only partly sorry if someone reads this that works there--but that school is a nightmare!! And after doing battle for 6 years--I am done. This time it was because they were supposed to give Kelly an IEP because of her hip injury and surgery but it never happened and Kelly was floundering and he said, she said and ENOUGH!  She will get her GED, take her SAT'S and go to college--she is so happy to be at home.

8. Yesterday I woke up and when I went to sit on the toilet--my left "cheek" area screamed in pain! I mentioned it to my husband and he proceeds to say, "Yeah--that's probably going to hurt for awhile." WHAT??! According to him I lost my balance getting up out of my computer chair (when I bumped into him) and fell back on the hard part of the chair. Okay folks--I have tried and TRIED to bring this memory up--to no avail so--A) my husband is lying , B) I am getting Alzheimer's or C) Someone slipped me an Ambien before bedtime. That whole part of their advertisement that says "driving etc with no memory for the event can happen"--its true. Don't ask me how I know. Which still leaves the question---why does my tailbone hurt so bad every time I sit down??!!  It is KILLING me!

9. I won DesertHen's contest!! I NEVER WIN!!! Now I can't ever say that again--hmmm BUT YEAH ME!!! HAPPY! HAPPY!  ME!!

So--there you go---food for thought--junk food--but food nonetheless. I have a post I need to do about channeling the bird lady and then..................I thought I would finally get brave and share the story behind my blog title---------

Oh yeah--and please keep my Dad in your prayers or meditations or thoughts--we could use them.


Mother Goose said...

your dad is in my prayers!! I am curious about your blog title!

Nana said...

I am sorry to hear about your dad.
Hope everything will be alright.

Thanks for the shout out. Hey you are being pretty funny yourself here.

I homeschooled ( is that a word)
my youngest daughter, we went through the BYU extension program.
FANTASTIC!!!!! Just something for you to think about.

I hope your left cheek gets better soon.
I will try not to die tomorrow.

DesertHen said...

Your dad is in my thoughts and prayers, you are in my thoughts and prayers and your tailbone is in my thoughts and prayers....I hate it when I "do" something and then a day or two later I'm sore or have a bruise and no memory of how I got it!

A clean room...and it staying clean is the best therepy in the world...=)And I agree with you about the vacation thing...I love nothing better than staying home, kicking back, doing what "I" want, eating what I want.....oh you get the picture.

So glad to hear you are homeschooling your daughter. Our high school here is TERRIBLE and SCARY!!! I have homeschooled our daughter since the start....well she did go to public school for half of first grade, but I don't count that.

Okay, I have rattled on long enough. Enjoy your time alone, put up your feet and rest your tailbone and be on the lookout for a box that is headed your way...=D

(((HUGS))) to you my friend.

Sweetie said...

Your dad certainly is in my prayers. I really enjoyed your post. Our neighbors have home schooled their five daughters. The oldest is now in college. They are wonderful girls. I admire the parents for having what it takes to home school their children.

nikkicrumpet said...

I'll keep your dad in my prayers for sure. And I know what you mean about having the house to yourself...although when it's a permanent thing it's not quite as exciting lol. I hope you really get to enjoy your apple!!!

onlymehere said...

LOL! Of course we re-roll the toilet paper and use it!! What's a little baby drool?! It's too darn expensive to just throw away. Brianna took the picture and it's in her house. Savannah hasn't discovered our bathrooms yet but I'm sure the day will come soon when we catch her unrolling the roll. On a more serious note, our savings are completely gone now. Larry's paycut will cut pretty deep but at least he still has a job. I don't know how we're going to afford Travis' mission much less a cruise this fall but Trav gave us the cruise and really wants us to go. All I can do is try, right? If it's meant to be it will be but food, shelter, and Trav's mission must come first. I know you understand that. I hope things turn around for you soon but at least you got some time to yourself for you own "special vacation!" I often wish for a full day of just me doing my own thing in the house with it clean. The problem is getting it clean before everyone leaves so I don't have to spend my day alone cleaning it, LOL! Have a great weekend. Cindy

Scrappy Girl said...

Aaahhhh...tell me again about the clean room that stays that way for longer than 5 minutes...that would just be a miracle! LOL! Glad you are enjoying your time alone.

Hope your dad feels better soon!

McEwens said...

your dad is in my prayers too!

tammy said...

Sorry to hear about your dad. Of course he has my prayers.

Love the alone time!! I always end up missing them to much by the time it's over, but it is nice.

Sorry if I'm laughing about your cheek memory loss. Made me giggle.

I love random posts the most.

Mikki said...

Keeping your dad in my prayers too. Hope he's better soon.
I LOVE it when I have the house to myself, I totally feel ya' on that one.
Can't wait to read your blog title post.

Oh, and Happy belated Birthday to your sweet daughter. I'm trying to get caught up on my reading.

Carla said...

Prayers for your dad, and mom.
Love your 'junk-food'
I LOVE an empty house, I love people leaving so they can come back. My motto is "how can I miss you IF YOU NEVER LEAVE?"
How's the Apple going?
I so agree with #3
Gonna have to check out Nana
Voila was my MIL's name, oh wait, thats V-I-O-L-A
#6 LOL
#7 good for you! Our school systems are in serious trouble, and I fear for our children
#8 sorry your 'cheek' hurts:), I fell back in my computer chair, and the next day couldn't remember WHY that spot on my head and back hurt, and I'm NOT on med's (yet;)
#9 You won??? You now MUST share you bounty:)
HAVE A GREAT WEEK! And blessings for your dad:)

Boyd Family said...

I just love your random thinking. It's so you. Wow, that's not good about your dad. So sorry to hear that. Without your kids there..... you must be in heaven. Oh please take a nap for me. Sorry to hear about Kelly's struggles in school. Hugs

imbeingheldhostage said...

OMGosh, you and me girl, ditto on most of these-- except I haven't won anything and I am so sorry your Dad's not recovering as quickly as we've been praying for!

My hubby used to say, 'I've got the kids, go". Where was I supposed to go? The things I can't do with kids are the things in the house-- like clean, like learn photoshop, like scrapbook. LOVE me some times alone in my own house. Clean feels gooood.

#5 Wah-La? I thought you were being funny like when we all say "rawk!" and Puhleeze!". I was rolling with it.

#6, I'll bring the chairs.

#7 Maybe Kelly needs to do an homeschooling exchange program to England :-)

#8. STOP RIGHT NOW. DON'T admit this to another person. The kids will use it on you. They will say things like, "You remember, I asked if I could and you told me yes", and even though there's no way in the sarcastic hot place you would've said yes to said question, you will begin doubting yourself and trying to recollect the memory. Stop now, all children are evil planners.

Nana said...

Lisa Loo, I am glad I found you too. I can't stop rhyming today. You should have heard my R.S. Lesson. haha.

I hope your dad is doing better!

linda said...

Wow you've had alot going on! Sorry to hear that your Dad is back in the hospital...I'll keep him in my prayers.

I didn't announce it or anything but I had a little giveaway of my own and YOU won. I posted about it at the end of last week. If you'll email me your address I'll send out your gift (

You have your house all to yourself...I'm jealous!!

Cynthia said...

I hear you on the being home alone is a great vacation thing. My sisters took our kids overnight on Friday so it was just me and the hubs for 18 hours. AWESOME!

I'm also sure my husband would agree with you on the room staying clean thing- he's a little OCP. Today I'd even agree since I've been sick and the family completely trashed the kitchen and family room while I tried to sleep it off. Great.

Enjoy being home alone and I hope your Daddy gets to feeling better soon.

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

I'm truly sorry about your Dad...

BUT you are cracking me up desperately with this entire post! Lisa, I just love your sense of humor. I had to get up and go pee at #6. You adorably crazy woman!

DeNae said...

What the hello aunt nellie?? I thought I had signed up to be your follower, and figured I hadn't read anything because you just weren't posting. So I came over to check on you, in case you needed some virtual chicken soup or something, and here you are, posting like CRAZY!

This post was terrific; could you have that righteous daughter of yours make it smoothies for two, since I intend to be right there with you in the "sarcastic" circle of that hot place. A kingdom without our brand of humor just may not be fully CELESTIAL to me...

da Bergs said...

I loved the "junk food" Thanks, it was tasty! Seriously you are just too funny! I love the randomness! I hope all goes well with the homeschooling! I could never... just dont have the patience! And, your dad is totally in my prayers! I WAY understand that one!!! Have a great day and sit on the other cheek, k?

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