Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What would Freud say?!

This has haunted me all day so I guess I will post it and see if that has any effect on my troubled mind.

So I know that DeNae really doesn't want to hear about my dream (so run away DeNae) but I'm sure there is someone out there who does and they will interpret this and help me move on.

Here it goes:

I dreamed that Jackie Chan and I saved the world at least 5 times...

yeah--see what I mean?

But wait..there's more...

and then I built a house in the Grand Canyon and I had to keep running from one side of the house to the other to keep it balanced and then when I stopped for a minute to tuck my much younger children in bed--half of the house just washed away.

Then my son woke me up and I found myself falling back asleep to try and fix my house.


Let me also clarify that I have not seen a Jackie Chan movie in years or even thought of him and it was at least 8 years ago that we got stranded in the Grand Canyon National Park with a dead car.

Yeah--I am really starting to rethink that little, nightly Ambien pill.

So--anybody out there channeling Freud?


I will send chocolate to the reason I like the best, amen and amen.

Random note--GOT MY COMPUTER BACK--HUZZAH!!! Am off to catch up and comment...


Cherie said...

I love your psycho mind! Woot woot!

Congrats on getting the computer back :D

The Garden of Egan said...

Welllllll, I do know that Ambien is famous for making people dream weird, however, I think this is the weirdest. So my Freudian interpretation and medical professional opinion.................

Jackie Chan is the love child you never had. And you wish that you would have met him in your car when you were stranded on the Grand Canyon so that your house would not be unbalanced as you obviously are at this time.

Hopefully during the night you won't make some kung fu moves on your hubby strangling him and speaking with an Asian accent.

My opinion, don't take ambien. A nurse I work with put black plastic all over her windows and walls one time and didn't remember doing it.

Jess said...

Im going to go with your subconcious being overworked somehow... and your conciously trying to keep it all together... thus the running back and forth to keep things balanced...

Oh.. and you have a thing from strong, silent chinese type guys... roflmbo.... Hope you get some rest...

Sue said... goes.

You feel like you are so busy off "saving the world" (at least 5 times, which tells you that whatever you are doing outside the home subconsciously feels like a bit much) that things at home feel unbalanced, and you're thinking if you don't pay some attention to the home front soon, things are gonna start falling apart and washing away.

This instant analysis provided by Dr. Sue.

Anonymous said...

well lisa...I was afraid i was the only one who ever had crazy wacky dreams! I'm glad someone else is out there like me. except i can't use sleeping aids as an excuse so i think you at least have that advantage. i however have to take complete responsibility for the outer-space imagination of mine. but are we responsible for our dreams? subconsciously...perhaps. unconsciously...perhaps. but my theory is that we can only TRULY be accountable for our conscious actions. all the rest is blamable on other elements. i.e...ambien! love love love it. maybe i'll visit the grand canyon. i've never been.

DeNae said...

I think this means you are eating waaaay too much Chinese food before bed. It's giving you indigestion until finally it flushes itself all out.

And you're concerned that doing so is hurting the environment, particularly the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon.

You are such a humanitarian!

MommyJ said...

You mean it's weird to dream about Jackie Chan? I dream about him every single night.

You are hilarious.

Mikki said...

I'm SO glad Haeli Mae said we're not responsible for what we dream in our dreams. I can't tell you the number of times I've been naughty with Hugh Jackman in mine!!!! LOL

Hmmm, well I'm definitely thinking you've still got toooooooooooo much on your plate. I think your dreams are telling you you're too busy!!! Plain and simple. As for Jackie Chan? Hmmmmm, well he is pretty funny. I think he represents your sense of humor. At least you've got that to hold onto! :oP

Kado! said...

how funny!

....I'd like to know why my husband is obsessed with kung-fu movies...I am aware this has nothing to do with your post...but the Jackie Chan reference made me think of it.....I can smile and fake it thru many a movie....but I have to draw the line at kung-fu it me or him that's crazy?

Yeah, your computer is back!!!

Carla said...

I bet you woke up exhausted!!! (glad you got your computer back)