Friday, December 3, 2010

Why sending out Christmas cards requires me to up my medication…..


‘Tis the season.

The Christmas Card.

I love receiving the darn things.

Even the ones that inform me that Tommy received his 4th Doctorate and little Jill is simultaneously getting straight A’s, in every school club and still finds time to play every instrument known to man.

I just take it with a grain of salt—sometimes a big chunk of rock salt—but I still love opening my mailbox and seeing all the holiday joy inside.

What I struggle with is --------THE PICTURE……

I love getting the darn things.

I love having someone else take my children’s picture and sending those.

But when our pockets are empty and I have to take the picture---well—those are dark times my friend….dark times…


Here is an example:


The year is 2002 and yes, I may or may not have just learned that you could play with photos on your computer, why do you ask?



2002 12                                Look… up in the sky



2002 10

                                Whoa…Beanie, your other front………..




2002 13                                  AAAHHH! Nat packed her scary eyes! Beanie, your other front!


PC150196 copy copy                                         This is the one I finally went with. Can you tell what my husband got for Christmas that year??


This was from last year:

Sun Kissedposers


And then this year:

IMG_5491 copy                             Yeah Beanie—you got the right front!!


It’s just ridiculous.


Good thing I love them.

Good thing they love me!


But I do kind of miss these days…………..

1989 Tae and Nat posed Cmas copy

1989 was a very good year……just sayin…..


Sue said...


You are funny, Lisa.

Really funny.


PS. And I like that about you...

LKP said...

lol! i think 1989 was a fabulous have no idea how much i miss kmart studios!!!!! those were definitely the days. :)
last year's photo was dang cute thought. just sayin'!

Jess said...

I think they are all great.. I especially love that "beanie" finally gets the right front.. and boy does she make that picture work!! =) <3 it!!

Merry Christmas to you!!

Valerie said...

What great photos!! So fun.

DesertHen said...

Just thinking about Christmas cards gives me that panicky feeling! LOL...

We tried to take a family photo at Thanksgiving, but geesh...that didn't work so well. So I think the cards are going out this year sans photo.

Happy Holidays to you!

Cheeseboy said...

That four wheelin' one is just something else. You should have one of them sit on the plow. I love last year's the best.

karen said...

Even pictures of scary eyes are fun to look back on. Fortunately in my family we have my daughter. She is the official photographer. If she's not around nothing gets documented and we all just wander aimlessly.

tammy said...

Causes me stress every year...

Garden of Egan said...

I love every single one of them.
I think random, not perfect pictures are my favorite. It gives the picture life and personality.

Cute kids by the way.

Mikki said...

I love them all, but especially last years.
We just got ours back yesterday (from Walmart). Now I have to get all the dang cards written and envelopes addressed. Then, I'll probably do like last year, and never get around to buying the stamps and sending them out.

Jess said...

I have yet to mail the cards I made 2 years ago. I recently decided just to throw them out. and you know what- it's because I'm a giant Christmas jerk is what. I think maybe if I start in July next year I just might actually send some out for a change.