Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The race is on…..


Since all my children have been securely fastened to the walls with duct tape, I thought I would take a moment and finish up all my posts for the year so I could make one of those book thingies.

HAH! I joke, I kid----I will never get all these posts caught up.



My kidlets are all duct tape free and enjoying their holiday freedoms.

No worries.

Except for my sanity, and like I always say, “Sanity is highly overrated”.


I had all of my offspring home for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and it was just lovely. I love that my new home fits lots of people so easily and yet has these great gathering spots.


I did something I swore I would never do on Christmas Eve.

I told everyone we were going out for Chinese and it was going to be our new favorite Christmas Eve tradition. Amen.

We did and it was and it is and can I just say, “Hallelujah!!!”?!


When we got home the Jammie Elves had come and so everyone ripped into their packages and the following chaos ensued………







20101224_0459 copy 3superfunhappy

Its a wonderful life, I tell you. That's one of the perks of being bipolar. In just one post I can go from duct taping my children to the wall to having my heart ache so much I think it will break at the thought that soon the time will come that all of these faces won’t be together on Christmas Eve. I’m just a mess. Ah well, I’m off to do something important—like read one of the 5 books I got for Christmas or watch one of my new Cary Grant movies. I’m a busy, busy girl. AMEN and AMEN.


LKP said...

fra-ra-ra-ra-ra, ra-ra-ra-ra!

(couldn't resist reverting back to "a Christmas story"...sorry! i'm a bit immature at times. lol.)

great hysteria at your house over po-jammies! that's rad. :) and natalie's hair has gotten so long this past year. i just can't get over it! they're all so grown-up. my heart's panicking for yours as well.

lucky you with your cary grant movies. i'm a little envious. :)


happy new year my friend!

The Rollo Crew said...

We miss you OBI!!!
XOXO The Rollo's

Sue said...

What a fun and absolutely darling family you have!

Enjoy those books...

After all, ya gotta stay busy, right?


Cheeseboy said...

We've been going out to Chinese every Christmas eve for years. It's the best tradition! Must be catching on.

tammy said...

I wanted to sing the fa-ra-ra-ra-ra song!!!

I've told my children they are not allowed to move any farther than just down the street when they move out. Think that will work?

Jess said...

Chinese food is a good Christmas eve tradition, pretty much anything involving you being released from all cooking responsibilities on a holiday is a good tradition in my book!

p.s. you have really cute kids- and they pose so well for the camera (almost like they actually like each other or something!)

Cherie said...

Yayyy for you and Chinese food! I think anything you can do to make Christmas more relaxing! We do Christmas eve dinner and then NOTHING on Christmas day!
I love all the jammie pic's with your kids - Such a happy happy bunch over at your house!!

DesertHen said...

Gotta love new jammies on Christmas eve! Great photos! =)

Enjoy those books and movies!

Happy New Year to you.

Garden of Egan said...

Hmmmm....looks like a pretty somber crew ya got there. Not having fun at all were they?

And what's wrong with duct tape? Really.
It's the new babysitter.

OK, just kidding.

I feel what you were feeling. Wishing those faces would just BE!

Motherboard said...

I wanted to do the Chinese for Christmas, but everyone balked at my idea! Next year!

(I AM going to do Chinese for New Years! If its the last thing I do!)

Your children are beautiful! And, is that a Boxer Dog I see? I have a boxer dog and would have none other!

karen said...

Love your family! And I love your new tradition - I will give that some thought... And to me, there's nothing more important or compelling than reading the gift books you received. Or any book for that matter. Happy New Year!

Cynthia said...

Such a gorgeous family! Love the jammie elves!

Karen Sue said...

So good to hear from you! I did PJ's in the past, but only a couple got them this year, and it was the week after. I think I'll use your idea, especially since our at-home gifting time is Christmas Eve.
I love your choices, too!

Mikki said...

Love the pics. Gorgeous family Lisa Loo!!
Hope you have a fabulous 2011!! Happy NEw YEar!!!