Saturday, November 27, 2010

Here a stitch, there a stitch…

I had a bit of drive by surgery 2 weeks ago.


That's not right.

Outpatient surgery, that's it.

Felt like a drive by, there have been a couple little complications and I kind of feel like the CSI people need to come and figure out why I died.

We had our Thanksgiving on Sunday, the 21st. My husband had to be back in the Great Frozen North for Thanksgiving and my big girls had other plans, so the 21st it was!.It was lovely. My girls and husband did ALL the cooking. Really---ALL of it. And the clean up. ALL of it……

While I devoured the rest of the peach pie and nursed my pitiful injury.

Oh….the injustice of it all.

I am thinking this will be seriously affecting how our Thanksgivings go down for the next 40 years—or until I die—which ever comes first.

My #2 daughter brought 3 friends home with her. So, we had a house full.

It was truly, truly, lovely and I am very blessed. Then everyone was able to leave and get home before all the scary storms started----double blessings! (Not that they left, that they made it home safely—sheesh)

On the real Thanksgiving---well—we just stayed in our jammies and had leftovers.

And I ate pumpkin pie and gave thanx for the piece of pecan pie that was still waiting in the wings.

Drive by surgery victims need lots of pie for a healthy recovery—true story.

This is a picture of one of my favorite Thanksgiving memories, way back around 1993.

Besides the flying nun hat that I forced on my poor baby’s head and that thing growing on the door….

(Studmuffin is looking fine as usual)

this picture commemorates the only time in our entire marriage…..

that we got to go out for Thanksgiving dinner.

It was a beautiful thing.

Please don’t hate me. Amen.

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Jess said...

Oh, those drive by surgerings- they are ever so painful. and it takes forever to quit feeling loopy from the anesthesia. But so worth it if you had to do noneofthe work on Thanksgiving, I mean none!?! That's a good number.
p.s. get better soon.

Connie said...

It's been a while since I've stopped by.
Love the photo from '93!
Staying in jammies all day on Thanksgiving would be a dream come true! Hope you get feeling better.

onlymehere said...

Lisa, I finally found the link to your blog again! I have that exact same scarecrow on my front door, believe it or not. Sorry about your drive-by surgery. I felt the same way when I had a lumpectomy last month and had multiple complications with the incision. Glad to see you're doing well and I love your new house! I can hardly wait until we downsize after my son's home from his mission and the last daughter gets married. I'm so ready for no more stairs!

Mikki said...

I hope everything is ok!?
I have to agree, that it's a good side effect not to have had to help with the preparations or the clean up efforts. Might not be a bad trade-off, then again, who knows? I do hope you're mending well.
I love the pic from '93, so cute!
I think everyone deserves to get to go out for Thanksgiving, at least once. The only problem with it is that you miss out on the leftovers.

Garden of Egan said...

I had a "drive-by" surgery a couple of weeks ago too. Sorry, drive thru still is painful!
Hope you are recouperating well.

Looks like your Thanksgiving was a great one. Love the old picture. Wasn't that just yesterday? Really?

Valerie said...

Hope you are feeling lots better! Pie makes everything better. :)

Sue said...

We've only got out once, too, and I LOVED it. Did the family love it? Not so much, sadly. I could do it every single year.

Get well soon, Lisa. I'm sending some prayers your way.


tammy said...

Glad you're recovering from the drive-by. This was the first year I truly contemplated going out for Thanksgiving dinner.

Cherie said...

Drive by surgeries, or just plain 'ol surgeries are the best if everyone else is doing it all - ha ha.
And to have one piece of Pecan pie waiting is just heaven in my book!
The picture is super cute - I love looking back and reminiscing.

Cheeseboy said...

You somehow have a way of making surgery seem humorous. Hope all is well and it sounds like the holiday wasn't too bad, what with the pecan pie and all.

karen said...

Hmmmm... next year maybe I can find me a small injury to nurse... although my husband would probably not mind doing the cooking anyway. I don't cook much except for holidays (I've served my time in years past) and so he starts looking nervous when I start mucking around in "his" kitchen.
But Thanksgiving in jammies?? Awesome. Wish I'd thought of it myself.

LKP said...

i'm not so sure about that pecan pie idea, but i'm def on-board with the pumpkin & peach pies!!! but don't fret, cause mr LKP's feeling VERY jealous of your pecan pie. so apparently you're a primo pie-fficiando, drive-by-surgery-victim & all. :)
your thanksgiving sounds blissful!
(they're extra gentle hugs, btw)