Monday, November 8, 2010

Outline of October or…OOO….


Since its beginning to look a lot like November, I thought I might take a moment to properly bid a sugar coated, happy to be moving on, adieu to October.

Our party was a success due in large part to copious amounts of sugar and several well planned OUTDOOR games. May I also recommend that Disney Trivia TV game---nothing says Halloween like a rousing game of Disney trivia.

I am happy to report that in spite of the fact that I am a costume grinch and was wearing my “High School Guidance Counselor” costume for the 15th straight year in a row (well actually, during the height of the Harry Potter craze I took a few years off and dressed as a Muggle), I won 2nd prize in the costume contest!

My daughter was not amused. Something about me not being a teenager and even in the running. I wanted the whoopie cushion as my prize but she would only let me have a ring pop. Hmpf…

20101030_0221Kelly is in red—she was a swash buckling pirate princess! The 2 to the left tied with another guy for first place—cutie-patooties!


grouphallowee10Milan is on the right. He was a piece of plaid. Personally I think it was one of the most brilliant ideas for a costume EVER.

The boy on the far left comes from a family of 8 boys and 3 girls. 4 of those boys came and they came as guys from Braveheart—pretty cool.

jessehalloween2010First place winner--


Shall we dispense with the rest of October?

Who knew that the gingerbread thing had migrated to Halloween???!!


And that hair dryers were a necessary part of construction?!


Or that my son was such a goof??!!

20101025_0136Or that the lighting in my kitchen was so bad?? Ack!

Finished products:

20101025_0141milansMy son made a “Monster House” replica—(do you just LOVE the Lego men???!!!)

The girls were much more conservative…..


20101025_0169  Kelly’s…

The only other creative thing I did for Halloween was make this countdown calendar. I found a similar idea online somewhere but cannot even begin to remember where. I’m sure they don’t read my blog but if someone does, let me know and will be glad to give them credit. And before you think I am crafty or something—we didn’t EVEN get our pumpkins carved this year. What kind of people don’t get their pumpkins carved? People who can’t find their thanksgiving decorations and need something on their front porch—that's who…….hypothetically speaking of course……..

20101107_0243First I made myself a little easel stand….


20101107_0248And then I pretended I was in kindergarten again and cut and pasted to my hearts sweet content……

20101107_0287 20101107_0302   

I am excited for November! We are having our Thanksgiving early on the 21st and everyone will be home! Huzzah! There might be a little outpatient surgery thrown in there and Studmuffin won’t be home for the “real” Thanksgiving” but I am grateful for our families flexibility and their desire to gather during this upcoming holiday season.

What is everyone else’s plans for Turkey Day?


Sue said...

My whole family will be here, immediate and much of my extended family, too.

I'm excited!


PS. Now if I could just get somebody else to cook it! My new oven is so unpredictable that it's a nightmare. (I'm trying to get it identified as a lemon and changed out!)

*MARY* said...

I have three brothers and their families living within ten miles of me and we're all just waiting around for someone to take initiative and host Thanksgiving dinner. It will probably end up being me.

Jess said...

We're going to my mama's, in IL for Thanksgiving- I can't wait!

tammy said...

I am completely impressed with your creativity!! Seriously!

Love the costumes. The piece of plaid was brilliant.

I'm so glad my boys do not know that gingerbread houses can be done in Oct.

Thanksgiving plans? Probably here with the in-laws. Unless I decide to run away to UT instead. But it's cold there, why would I do that?

Jess said...

Ok so I felt sympathetic to your cause- and really I'm just so proud of those truffle babies that I'll send them to just about anyone- provided I get some feed back, get it feed back? Lame, I know. So email me your new and improved address and I'll send some to you. I'm nice like that.

Mikki said...

oh my gosh! All the costumes were great, I don't know how you guys managed to pick a winner. Love the countdown calendar, so cute! Good job!
I think we're just having a small little family dinner this year. Last year, we did it pretty big, lots of people over-but I think it's just too hard this year to get everybody together. :(

karen said...

Girlfriend, you and I are on the same page. We did not get our pumpkin carved either, and it's now doing double duty as a Thanksgiving prop. I would call us clever.
The newlyweds will be dining with us, as well as one of their single friends, and (I hope) my aunt and my 99 year old grandma. My grandma loves to eat (although she's a little bitty thing) and I keep hoping if I throw enough feast invitations her way she'll keep finding a reason to wake up every day. I love that woman...

Garden of Egan said...

Love the gingerhouses!

Looks like they had such a great party. Cute costumes.

Love the calendar!

Cheeseboy said...

Okay, that plaid costume rules. I'd love to steal that idea for next year.

Nana said...

Love the calander the most!!! Looks like the party was fun. Ours was fun but, the spook alley outside was rained out. HMPF. Ther is always next year to scare the kids to death.

imbeingheldhostage said...

That plaid idea is an amazing costume, but I'm VERY impressed with the woman who came up with the "Muggle" idea. Brilliant! And, can I just say, I am completely craftily-intimidated by you now-- WOW.

My plans for T-day: like an idiot I invited most of my village. Ok, I exaggerate, I left the horses off the invite list. Somebody shoot me.

Annette Lyon said...

Next year, I'm totally having one of my kids be a piece of plaid. That was brilliant!