Sunday, December 7, 2008

"The news of my death have been greatly exaggerated"--my buddy Mark Twain

Oh---hello you beautiful bloggy people!! Its been awhile. My heart is slowly healing and my desire communicate with the outside world is beginning to grow---so I thought I would try a little test run blog. I have been struggling with a bad case of apathy towards blogging and Christmas--I am hoping that writing might help me get in the spirit. As I have been lurking--I've noticed that alot of the people I follow have been taking blogcations and still more that seem to be having heavy burdens thrust upon them. Some are struggling to find the Christmas spirit. It has been good to know these things--I think it helps me buck up a little bit more knowing I am not alone!

Instead of a long, drawn out blog--I thought I would share--with the 2 people that might be reading my blog--some of our Christmas traditions and Christmas' past. Then I can continue to use my blog for my journal!! Yeah--a twofer!! I'll throw in a little of what we have been up to along the way. First off--Kelly is still enjoying her miracle. She continues to heal and is now able to run up and down stairs a little!! Amazing!!

One thing we have done every year since our little family began--is either decorated gingerbread houses or sugar cookies--sometimes both! One of my best Christmas memories from my youth is of decorating sugar cookies. My Dad is the one who has mostly kept the gingerbread house tradition with my children.

Our pictures this year aren't so great--they were taken with my parent's camera.


The decorating

The finished masterpieces!

(does anyone else think Nat has some issues??!!)

We did them over Thanksgiving--it was so fun having everyone home!! So--the next few days I will be taking you back in time--to gingerbread pasts. I will be out and about--lurking and even commenting on all of my fav blogs---it feels good to be back!


Messy Jess said...

hooray! You're back! I've missed you! This is Jess's Mess, THis is it....I combined all my blogs and moved to Messy Jess so I'm not a new stalker - just me!

Those are professional looking guys go all out! Very creative and talented.

My prayers are continued for you.


Jan said...

so good to hear from you Lisa. I have been wondering how you have been. We all need to take time off sometimes.

This is one of my favorite traditions. Gingerbread houses are the best. I love your candy ideas too. Always looking for new and fun candies. Yours all turned out so great. Happy holidays to you and yours. I do hope you find the joy in it all. Hugs :)

onlymehere said...

Welcome back my friend! I'm so glad to hear from you! I love the quote by Mark Twain at the beginning. Don't worry about posting all the time, we're just grateful that you post when you can! My posting has cut way back due to work and other issues. No time. I don't even get around to check in with blogging buddies as much as I should. Have you noticed it seems everyone posts all at once and then no one posts for awhile? Seems to be a pattern to me! Well, once again I'm very glad you're back!! I missed you. Take care. Cindy

Dawn said...

OH MY!! I can't believe how grown-up Natalie looks. Wow! She's is so beautiful. Love the glasses Natalie. I have missed your blogs. Glad you are back. So glad to hear about Kelly. And those gingerbread houses, are you secretly Martha Stewart? WOW! So professional.

tammy said...

Is it really you?

Love all the pics. And the title made me laugh. So glad to hear that Kelly is doing well.

I think we all go through some of the same struggles at different times in our lives. It's good to know we're not alone.

McEwens said...

I am glad you are back! We do all need blogvacations, and its ok. Just know you are missed!!!

linda said...

Welcome back and thanks for leaving a comment on my post today...boy, I'd love the company and wish you could stop by for a hot cup of cocoa! How nice would that be!

Your gingerbread houses are terrific. That's one tradition we never started for some reason but hey, your never too old right!?!

It sounds like this has been a time of stuggles for you...and I hear ya on that one sister!! This has been the worst year of my entire life and none of it was my doing. I can't wait for it to be over. I say good riddens to 2008 and here's to a great new year!

Blog Buddy said...

Yahoo! Your back on-line! I've been sitting here waiting ya' know :) Love the gingerbread houses-♥ Fun!!

Karen Sue said...

I missed you too!! It takes time to be on the computer. I used to set a timer, and guess I need to start that again. Skip over and check out my family photo Christmas card history ... when you can... I understand... just know you've been missed

da Bergs said...

SO glad you are back!!! THOSE are some GOOD "family time" pictures and traditions!!! THAT is what it is all about!!!

Cynthia said...

Yeah! She's back! Woo Hoo!

Sue said...

Wow. That was a LONG time between posts. Welcome back!

Adventure girl wanna be said...

So glad you are back. Those houses look so fun and beautiful. Excuse me for prying but did I miss what happened that your heart is healing from???
By the way .............YOU ARE GORGEOUS!

annie said...

I did miss you!! :o) Glad to see you back. Hope you can find that Holiday Spirit... and when you do- SHARE! :o) Love you.

Carla said...

SHE LIVES! (said in my best Dr. Frankenstein voice:)
Missed ya!
Love this post!
What fun, just plan easy, joy-ous fun!

Redhoodoos said...

You're back!!! Woohoo.

Those gingerbread houses look scrumptious. I'm hungry now.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Oh you sweet woman, we all go through this. The idea is to just keep plugging away until it passes... and one day, it does. It's like that "smile until you mean it" thing. I can't tell you how many times I have stepped away from blogging because I was just a massive Negative Nellie. But then I read something that inspires me and start over again. (which is why I sometimes go missing in my comments too).
I'm hoping we both find the magic again this Christmas!!