Thursday, March 17, 2011

It’s a small town Montana thing…….

This is a …I love the quirky village I live in post…continue at your own peril…..

We are lucky in respect to where we live and work.

He gets to work here:

Philsworktour7-24-2009086Philsworktour7-24-2009096 copyIn the oilfields of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

And I get to live in my quirky, beautiful village here in the middle of nowhere Montana.

I realize this does not always happen.

Today I would like to share with you some of the reasons


First of all I will draw you in with some shots of the breath taking scenery---


Summer038 copyjuly001 copy


Next I will ensnare you with the endearing quirky things that will make you want to book your flight to Montana tomorrow:

IMG_4490I hope you can tell what this is cuz its a treasure---you’ll find it staring out the window of the Laundromat.

IMG_4491Our grocery store parking lot is usually full of these—just hanging around. No leashes.

One time I didn’t see the dog when I got out of my car and as I came around the end of my car….

…. it let out this horrendously deep bark….

to which I screamed like a sissy girl…

….. threw my purse in the air…

….fell to my knees….

….. and about wet my pants.

Thankfully that little morsel has stayed between me and the dog right up until this very moment—what can I say—I’m a sharer.

And there is always a bunch of these but they have always been much more polite-----


This magical store is found on Main Street and my favorite part about it is that white sale sign is out front


This is my favorite mailbox in the WHOLE WORLD…


And this is my favorite thing my kids have ever done to occupy themselves:

Milans Wonderful Slide

And then for my final push—that sales pitch that will bring it home-----

IMG_4486 Can you see it? The little gem tucked over there on the left? Here, let me help you……

IMG_4487 YEP--I know—no words. it’s okay—take a moment………….

…prepare yourself for the final piece of wonderfulness that will have you loading your wagons and heading to Montana post haste--------

100_0909 copy1

Because somewhere in the middle of nowhere Montana people actually dress like this AND they are NOT in a Star Wars movie.

You know you wanna touch that hat…..see if it is made to fit…..

{{{{{{{{deep sigh}}}}}}}}

I LOVE where I live.


Sue said...

My husband's best friend in college was from Montana. Helena, to be exact. We visited his ranch several times and loved it. He also took us backpacking to Heart Lake. Most beautiful lake we've ever seen!


tammy said...

That mailbox is awesome.

I love small towns. Especially now that my small town has a Super Target. Does that disqualify us as a small town now?

Cherie said...

I loved all the pictures but no need to sell me - I absolutely ADORE Montana! I think it is absolutely beautiful and amazing and I would love to retire there...seriously!

Jess said...

My mom is from Montana- Kalispell to be exact, and I love it there. It's aptly named 'Big Sky Country' and yes, I am a little jealous.

Cheeseboy said...

What a beautiful, quirky awesome place. That store is awesome. Not many stores like that open still across America. I assume that small town Montana is not that different from small town Utah, except much cooler.

Valerie said...

Beautiful photos! I have a neighbor who has lived her whole life in Utah (as far as I know), but will be moving to Montana this summer. I'll have to share this post with her. :)

Congrats to your daughter on her mission call! How exciting and emotional for you!

onlymehere said...

My sister lives in Montana and you had me wanting to go up and visit her until I saw that last picture!

So how's mom holding up after the call?

karen said...

That is just AWESOME!! I have my own Montana story: a few years ago my husband had "Dog Sledding" on his bucket list. Problem is, no one would actually let you drive the sled - you could only sit in the basket and ride like a sissy. Until I found an awesome guide in Montana. He did not much like city slickers, but he showed my husband and son the best time of their lives. And they got to do everything connected with dog sledding from beginning to end. Including falling on their butts while the dogs ran ahead... LaMar is still talking about that trip.

DesertHen said...

Love it! I would probably fit right in! It reminds me of the little town/area in Idaho that we lived in for five years.

I hate it when the dogs are sneaky like that and don't announce their presence until you are right next to them! Makes me pee my pants every time!!

I won't show these photos to the hubby as then he would probably start looking for work in

Da Bergs said...

Fun! My son is "waiting for his visa" and while waiting he is serving his mission in the Billings Montana mission!!! (But, he is currently in Powell WY) I wish he was serving in YOUR ward!

Carla said...

My hubby wants to come to Montana SO bad. I will not be showing him this post:). {loving that;)