Tuesday, March 22, 2011

*blurb*….excuse me……

I’ve decided to enter the brave frontier of “Blurb” and make a book of our life and times “Under the Garage Door on the Roof”. I thought I would give each of the kids one for Christmas this year. (They rarely read my blog and if by some rare alliance of the planets that I do get said book accomplished—well, we will all be surprised together, won’t we??!!!) Due to this new found desire, and as I collect and edit all the photos---I will be posting , on occasion some sometimes sappy, sometimes unrelated, sometimes from the distant past etc photos and words that will have no meaning except to (hopefully) me and mine. Feel free to skip these and move on with your lovely lives. Today is one of those posts.

These were taken after a rain storm in April, 2010. Our dog, Hershey is no longer with us. It is not because she was eating that dirt. But I remember being a little worried.

hershey eating dirt 2 Until she pulled this face….

hershey with tongue out

Then I caught the cat doing it too…..

Monte eating moss on stump

I know you might think he was licking up moisture, but I promise there was none—he was eating that green stuff. The sneaky little vegetarian that he is…

Monte posed on stumpThis is his best “King of the Forest”—to bad it took him an hour to get up there……I kid…I kid……

The rest of these are just photos of the forest and the lichen, because 100 years from now---people are going to find that absolutely fascinating don’t you know. Hush now…..

close up moss on logSkinny stump 2 moss on rim of stump

Wasn’t that fun??!! I kind of miss my forest, I need to get my behind outside and take some pics of my new 10 acres so I can “bond" with it and stop missing the old place so much. If Spring would come---maybe I just miss Spring…..


Sorenson Family said...

Hey it time to start some seeds inside so they will be ready to plant outside at your new place. Why you miss your old place is beyond me, especially the driveway!! IN WINTER!! I hope you make wonderful new memories in your new house I kinda feel a bit responsible......hmm wait now I know why I have NEVER been invited up to the new place. You hate it?!

Lisa Loo said...

NO! NO! NO! I LOVE MY NEW DIGS!! I would never go back. Just a bad case of nostalgia today I guess. Just going back over photos for this book and brought back lots of memories.

Thanks for the heads up on the seeds. Will you come over and tell me where a garden should go? And how to do this seed starting thing you speak of????

karen said...

I love these old pictures. The dog is/was beautiful. Dang dogs...they break your heart, don't they?

Sue said...

Beautiful animals and well worth putting in your blog book.

And I like the lichen, too!


Garden of Egan said...

I love my blog books that I've printed.
That cat is BEAUTIFUL. Totally panther of the forrest.

DesertHen said...

What a great idea!

What a face....hilarious! =)

Pretty kitty!

I miss spring too! I put out an APB today, but so far it hasn't been seen in these parts yet!

Cheeseboy said...

Jealous of your ten acres. Maybe I'll start galavanting my .25 acres and pretend it's a forest.

You take really great pictures. Even of animals eating dirt.

Karen Sue said...

do give details of making a blog book. I've only heard snippits. Can you give details of the operation??
Thanks. And I know what you mean. I've been in a really nice place for 15 years, but somedays I just miss something about the old place of mine...it passes. Actually spend a bit of time dreaming about the NEXT place...because there are almost too many vacation folks who have bought property around here. Too many wonderful reno's and the values go up and up, but the taxes go up and up, too!

k1a9b93 said...

I would just like to thank everyone that thinks that my kitty is pretty cuz my mom like to make fun of him because he's... well let's just say he's a mixture of being big boned and fluffy... lol Anyways, I think he's gorgeous! And I thank you for thinking so too! See Mom?!? lol