Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What happens in Mama’s Jacuzzi tub……stays in Mama’s Jacuzzi tub…….


Things have been a little slow in the news department around the old homestead.

The Christmas tree is down, but the stockings are still up…..it’s a process people.

The Studmuffin, Boy-Child and Bean are out of town this week, leaving Kelly and I  to bask in our, “Sweet Silence, Testosterone Free, Eat frozen dinners every night, watch every musical and episode of Gilmore Girls” blissdom.

My #2 daughter is moving home because she is thinking she wants to prepare to go on a mission for our church. Obviously this is one of those cases of--- the child turned out all splendid and spiritual IN SPITE of what her Mother did or didn’t do. It will be lovely having her here but hard to have to say good-bye again so soon. She also took her State boards and is a licensed Cosmetologist! Huzzah!

My refrigerator may or may not be  sustaining a life form or two that makes me afraid to open the door.

Speaking of unidentified life forms in unexpected places…… (like that lead in, huh, huh???)


This is my double seater jacuzzi bath tub.

Those are 4 of my children.

They all have their swimming suits on.

That is some of the bath jelly I made for my girls for Christmas.

Guess it really does foam up just fine.

I have no idea how this came about.

I blame this all on their Father’s genes.

I only lasted long enough to get the pictures.

The party lasted for quite awhile, I heard.


I am still finding crusty bubbles in unexpected places…………..help me………


Cherie said...

Love your segway - ha ha and THAT is a ROCKIN' cool picture! You totally need to blow that picture up, frame it for eternity, and put it in the bathroom!! I mean when is that going to happen again (then again ???). I love it!!!

Garden of Egan said...

That is darling!!!!!
Party time.

At least the stockings are down. It is a process.
Hope you had a great first Christmas in the new digs.

Carla said...

Crusty bubbles, love it!! Don't EVEN ask my whats happening in my fridge. I just 'cram and go'. Good for your girl!! Natalie right? The example she sets will bless all your kiddos!!!

Sue said...

Love that picture! They are clearly having a great time together. Nothin' better.


Jess said...

You should play microbiologist and see if anything that's growing in your fridge will kill bacteria! I love your kids jacuzzi party- what a fun bunch!

karen said...

I love how much fun your kids have together. Nothing better than hearing them all enjoy being in each other's company. Well done, Mom.

LKP said...

he he he, what a party! :)

hugs to all your kids, and extras for #2 and her adventures at the state boards & aspirations to serve a mission!

kudos to the mama, you've done a fabulous job. ::hugs::

Mikki said...

Your kids are awesome. Congrats to your daughter on missionary thing. Very cool. I just pray my kids will turn out well despite my despicable parenting skillz.
Love some girl time. What could be better?

tammy said...

No words....just laughing...

Cheeseboy said...

My only hope is that it doesn't travel through time. We have the safety of your children to consider.

Nana said...

My fridge has the same problem!

Sounds like a great party!!! Glad they kept the suits on.