Monday, August 23, 2010

A little bit of Summer Mambo 2010….and a HUGE reveal……

Ladies and Gentlemen,

this is Summer Mambo 2010…….

{Kind of loses something in the translation, doesn’t it?}

I randomly came across the Disney version of this song today and it annoyingly stuck itself deep in my psyche and so I thought that perhaps a blog entry {{{covering my lack of summer posts}}}using the lyrics might get rid of it.

Umm.. just a little FYI…the “real” lyrics are not even close to the Disney ones.

Note to Disney..swapping out alcoholic beverages with ice cream…is like swapping Angelina Jolie with Snow White—shame on you.

So, no mambo lyrics here today but I’ll bet you anything I got that tune stuck in YOUR head now. Your welcome.

Here is a little summer recap—maybe one of these days I will find the time to write more about each one---but probably not. [deep, deep, deep sigh]

Photo shoot for Natty’s cosmetology portfolio that morphed into “school” photos that morphed into photoshop class try-to-learns.

Beanb&w5x7 Beanie!

IMG_4976 copyPBSoftgfdg


Sharp Shot Color Pop Prok




I don’t know what came over me but I planted flowers and tomatoes and peppers in pots on my patio.

{Oh, that is just begging for 5 times fast}

And, I planted a garden using the square foot method—it has been ridiculous how much I have enjoyed the whole thing…….


IMG_4818 copy

IMG_4824 copy


This was all back in June—here is a more recent version—kind of like Gardening Upgrade 2.0---



I don’t think my critters are getting enough “something” in their current critter food..???

hershey eating dirt 2

hershey with tongue out

Monte eating moss on stump

We adopted a new dog, named Obi, and I may or may not be obsessed with taking pictures of his front end and his “hiney” end. I don’t know why… I think it’s because it reminds me of a turkey ready to eat… which then reminds me of Thanksgiving… and that makes me smile.



And last but certainly not least, the thing that has really been keeping be from blogging……………………………………….


We are in the process of trying to buy this house. Our closing date is September 1. I think that is a little optimistic. But just to give you a little idea of the HUGE deal this is in my life---I am going to do a HUGE reveal…………………………………………………………………………………………………..

As my blog title says—I truly do live under a garage door and have done so for 15 years—here is the proof--


Can you believe it??!! I'll let you go digest this all. Don’t forget to come back….I’m still working on it too….


Dolly said...

Love the pictures and your garden! Hope all goes well on buying your new house:)

Mackenzie said...

Good luck on everything, especially the house. Unfortunately I can't view the pics!!! I want to see the house. We are building a house right now. Off of Peger Road.

Garden of Egan said...

Wow! Good luck and hopefully Sept
1st gets here soon!
I love your garden!
Your new home is divine.

Cute kids by the way!

Cynthia said...

I squeeled out loud when I saw the new house- it's GORGEOUS! I hope it all works out as it should and you get to enjoy all that space. It's HUGE!

And after living in a small home (very my like my in-laws), it's going to be totally amazing for all of you.

The gardens you currently have are lovely too. I love the sq. ft. method- I was even trained in it by Mel himself!

LKP said...

you've been busy. =)
awesome photos. so much fun.

is beanie currently in phase I orthodontics? if so, how long before she gets her lower braces?

groovy garden pix. so jealous! with our buying the ranch so late in the season, i'm still unpacking let alone worried about getting a garden in the ground! alas, i have nothing to show for this year's growing season. ::hanging head in shame::

as for your critters missing something in their diet....same here. apparently though, it's corn! lol. i happened to look over yesterday & linus was licking up chicken corn scratch off my deck. i figured, whatever it's a spill & he loves to mop ANY of those up. today, however, he decided he needed to eat it RIGHT OUT OF RODNEY ROOSTER'S FEEDER!!! what a big steamy turd.

k, obi's still so stinking cute! and mr LKP is soooo jealous. obi's the kind of dog he has loved ever since his mission! that butt does remind me of thanksgiving turkey....makes me hungry! lol.

last but not least, consider the new house garage door upgrade 2.0

(so excited for you. i'm crossing my fingers for ya that the closing & all goes through on time! that's the worst part of the house buying sitch.)

Pedaling said...

busy summer with many interesting reveals!
You will have so much room and storage in your new home, by the looks of things. So Exciting.
your little pets are too cute!
and those shots of your kids, beautiful....they are stunning!

Sue said...

No wonder we haven't heard from you in awhile. You've been BUSY!

New house looks wonderful! Congrats!!


Cherie said...

The photo's of your kids turned out so beautiful!!
Your garden looks amazing with a capitol "A"! We didn't do one this year and I am so missing it!
The new house is beautiful - I hope you get it and all goes smoothly. Congratulations!

Happy Day!

Jess said...

I hope your closing goes off without a hitch- yay for a new house!

Do dogs and cats get pica or are they just taste testing?

And the pics of your kids are great. You make pretty ones, kids that is.

Cheeseboy said...

That house is NICE! And it looks BIG! And cute... like your dog's butt, but in a better way.

So, you are saying swapping Angelina for Snow White would be a BAD thing?!

As always, love the Lisa posts. They are few, but they are good.

Karen Sue said...

can't wait to hear more on the house!! I might have some job news, and although it is a bummer to be given the boot, it's not bad to have some time to regroup. And nice photos and I sent my only daughter to college last week. WOW! That was hard. Still get choked up thinking about her, but then I try to remember that I can't find my brush and a few other things, and that helps to pass the feeling!!
Have a great end of summer, into fall and please keep posting. I know you are busy, but I miss you!!

Karen Sue said...

gotta pop over to visit me and tell me how the Einstein book is. DD has him as her joke hero, since she does well at science...

Mikki said...

Wowza!!! Look at what a domestic goddess you are! Wish I could grow more than a pot of dirt! Your veggies look great, so do all your pots and flowers. Gorgeous!

Good luck on the house. It looks beautiful. I can imagine it would be a HUGE deal to get it. Ugh!!! Then there's moving. What a pain in the butt that is, trust me I'm still trying to recover from our recent move. Of course, we went kind of smaller--no good. I want a big beautiful house like that.

Gorgeous shots of your young 'uns!! Oh and the critters--so cute! Come on, you've got it all wrapped up in one blog post. See, it's all about content, not quantity.

tammy said...

Gardening? Next thing you'll be telling us you're baking cookies and working on your 72 kits. Geez, quit making me look bad.

Love the pics. And the house! I hope it all works out. My fingers will be crossed for you!

karen said...

Well I wondered what you'd been doing all summer. Beautiful family, lovely garden, cute critters, and amazing house (both of them). Hope everything goes well with the closing - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! You've had a Total Woman summer, haven't you? I have nothing to report that even compares.