Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I accept with my "huge humility"--

That is one of my favorite lines from the Narnia Chronicles--"Prince Caspian". Spoken by the little mouse captain upon receiving a new tail. I on the other hand have received an award. A bloggerland award! I am truly amazed! It was given to me by one of my new blogger friends--Grumpy Angel (one of my favorite blog titles ever--) who is so beautiful and yet so humble with a little spunk thrown in and I love to stalk her blog. Thanks for thinking of me--

With this award I am suppose to name six things that make me happy---I could just list my husband and 5 children--but that is probably cheating and like Grumpy Angel said--the order I put them in would be way too important to them--

1) The Gospel, my testimony of it and the knowledge that justice will always be tempered by mercy

2) My husband--he is my balance

3) My children

4) Music

5)Random acts of kindness

6) My computer (oh the humanity........)

And I am suppose to pass it along to 3 other "kreative" bloggers---and may I just add that I would pass it back to Grumpy if it wasn't cheating.....

1) Annie--- you read my blog--you know she is one of my heroes---completely inspiring and very talented. She just oozes creativity and constantly makes me laugh.

2)Annie Patterson-- don't know this woman personally but I found her through Annies blog--I am completely entranced by this woman's talent and creativity!! I stalk her and always leave her site a little better than when I got there

3)Karen-- friend first--one of the world's greatest writers second. She is always making me smile and I am so grateful to her and her ideas and books for helping me realize my children's gifts and to appreciate, celebrate and encourage them. Her site is not technically a blog--but she does have a blog link on it. Hope that counts

There you go--I could send it to lots more--this whole blog land is a great thing---thanx again Grumpy Angel!


Anonymous said...

YAY for YOU getting a BLOG AWARD! You totally deserve it, too!!!

Annie said...

Hi Lisa! Oh thanks for the award! and thanks for the nice comments too. The photos of your place are gorgeous. I hope to go to Montana some day.

Redhoodoos said...

Too fun! Love your post. You sound so fun and creative!

Loved your bear comment on my blog, you adventurous lady, you!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Lisa! Thanks for the kind words. Holy Toledo, Nat is the RS pres? Wow--cooool! I'll bet her enthusiasm is spreading across the ward like, hmmm, like... well, words fail me. Anyway, I know she'll do a fantastic job. I didn't even know she was down in Utah. By the way, I see you made it to Idaho Falls and didn't stop in to see me. Uh huh. Don't let that happen again.

I'm glad you're keeping a blog. Makes me feel like you really are just down the road still. ;-) The road is just a little longer--and it's paved.

Take care and keep smiling!


GrumpyAngel said...

Lisa, it was my pleasure to pass this award to you! Thanks for the kind words :-) I love your 6 happy things. #6 definitely made me smile.

Carla said...

I love your 6!