Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wherein Angel Bean turns 12 and I tell a story……….

Yes, this is a birthday tribute but if you flee now, you’ll miss a really great story.

The story of how a certain Miss Angelina Destiny became Angel Bean Queen of the Wood Frijoles Marie Boyce Bishop.

Not necessarily in that order or on the same day.

In fact, it all started once upon a time in the year 1999 when a little girl was born and her parents (my brother and his 1st wife) named her Angelina Destiny. She was a born in Alaska and was the cutest little Eskimo the world has ever seen!



Sadly, in 2001 they lost their parental rights and asked us if we would adopt Angelina into our family.

After a lot of prayer and family discussions….

In March of 2002 my husband brought her home from Alaska with him and she became a legal member of our family!  She fit in so quickly to our lives and hearts that it was like our family had not been complete before she came and we didn’t even know it…….

4th 022

She became a part of our forever family in March of 2009-

Pro Rose Goldf

When we adopted her we changed her name to Angel Marie Bishop but one day when Tae came home from school she said, “Where is my Bean?” and it just stuck! We have called her Angel Bean or Bean or Beanie etc ever since. Then my husband got in on the act and started calling her Angel Bean Queen of the Wood Frijoles Bishop. Poor Bean, if you asked her what her name was she would try valiantly to get through all that. It got to the point where she was writing Beanie Bishop or just Angel Bean on her papers at school. It was a long summer getting that all worked out!85062_24Oh those cheeks……..

85068_16and that belly………

we have just loved every bit of her from the very start! She has been my easiest child. She eats what I put in front of her, cleans up what I ask her to  when I ask her to and is just all around good company. She will do anything—just don’t leave her behind……..ohana…

85069_18OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA           I just love this one of her posing like a true Bishop………..


and this one just because…..

beans dance recital020She has grown in beauty and in grace on the outside and the inside…

She LOVES to dance and takes 3 different dance classes…. 

cooler copy

She is a ray of sunshine in our home that I know was meant to be. I’m not not sure of all the why’s and how’s but I am so grateful that it happened and that I have 4 daughters to call my own. 

Bean has definitely made our family better—I love you Angel Bean Queen of the Wood Frijoles  Bishop!!!

Happy Belated 12th Birthday!!


Pedaling said...

Happy Birthday little Angel Bean.

I can see why you love her so..and she's soooo cute, too!

my nick name growing up was beanie....kinda fun.

Mikki said...

She's a beauty! Happy belated Birthday to your Angel Bean!

onlymehere said...

She is a beautiful young lady and what a blessing that the Lord put her in your life. Happy birthday!

tammy said...

She's adorable. I'm glad she's yours. My cousin is trying to adopt her grand niece right now. We're hoping for as happy of an ending as yours.

And funny that we both have a Boo and a Bean in our families. My sister's name is Katrina, which got shortened to Trina, then Trina Beana and Bean just came next.

DesertHen said...

Funny...We call my niece Bean too. Her name is Olivia and we started calling her Livvy Bean when she was little. Now we call her Bean.

Happy Birthday to your Beautiful daughter! =)

Sue said...

Hope her birthday is every bit as wonderful as she deserves!


karen said...

What a beautiful girl! All of your girls are such beauties but all so individual. How did you ever keep from biting those cheeks when she was little? I almost want to gobble her up right now, but that would just be selfish. I hope her birthday was a wonderful one, and belated? Hey at OUR house birthdays last for at least two weeks!

Garden of Egan said...

That made me cry!
I love those cheeks too and that hair is delicious!

What a beautiful story and tribute to her and to you as a wonderful mom.

Jess said...

Young Women here she comes. 12 is a big birthday- no more primary programs!

What a lucky family to have her.

Cheeseboy said...

Awesome. She still kinda looks like an eskimo, but surely a natural fit with your family. I hope she has a terrific birthday.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness...this one made the tears flow! I love that little girl! Even though it has been years since te days I was over at your house more than my own..and angel was my little snuggle bug...I still love and miss that beautiful girl! So glad she joined your family. Truly an 'angel' in every sense of the word! Happy Birthday Bean!

Karen Sue said...

what a blessing for you all! I think bean is pretty special, and we've never even met.

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imbeingheldhostage said...

What a lovely birthday tribute and fitting for such a lovely girl! Your whole family is gorgeous, woman!!