Wednesday, April 27, 2011

“Excuse me, is that a doorknob on your shoulders?”………

My #2 graduated from hair academy a few months back.

She is now my EXCLUSIVE stylist.

She foiled and cut my hair this weekend.

Then she promptly went downstairs to the computer and typed on Facebook (for all the world to see) that she had bought the wrong color and her Mother now looked like………………………. a doorknob.

I can honestly say that I didn’t see that one coming.

Imagine me also, on Sunday morning as I sat in church, and a lady that I speak to maybe once or twice a month comes up to me, stares at me for an extra long minute and then pronounces that she doesn’t think that I look like a doorknob at all. And then walks quickly off.

I can honestly say I didn’t see that one coming either.

Its a good thing I have such a high self esteem so that I didn’t have to sit there the rest of the church meeting wondering who was looking at me weighing in on whether or not I had crossed over to doorknob status or not.

Thank you Nat---for the gift that just keeps on giving.


My #4 and only son has gone and gotten himself old enough to get a restricted use drivers license.

Now you see why we were dyeing my hair, right? We had some serious grey to cover up!

Pro:I now have someone who is excited to go run errands for me again!

Con: I now have someone who wants to go run errands for me roughly every 2 . 5 minutes.

Pro:He can drive his own self to all of his activities!

Con:He is pretty sure he has an activity every 2.5 minutes.

Pro:Having someone to drive ME places so I can enjoy the scenery!

Con: Not being able to see the scenery because we make it from point A to point B in 2 . 5 minutes.

It’s a whole new world people… sure and wave hi if you see me…I’ll be the white faced, white knuckled, “doorknob” plastered to the window of a red Tahoe--- and it probably won’t be “hi” I’m yelling. Just sayin’………


This next part is a early Mother’s Day tribute to myself.

Because sometimes I amaze even myself.

Yesterday was #5’s birthday.Beanb&w5x7

She is 12 years old!

I will get into the—I cannot EVEN believe that she is already that old in one of those birthday tributes everyone loves to hate another day.

But I can’t.

Believe it.

We went out to dinner and then took a cake over to Grandma and Grandpa’s so they could be a part of the fun.

Being the fine example of motherhood that I am—I forgot the candles.

So, Bean turned 43 yesterday. (All my Mom had was those number kind of candles) Time is FLYING, I’ll tell you what.

She was her usual gracious, no big deal self and just blew out the candles and was happy, happy, happy!

Have I mentioned how much I love this child??!


I was going to share how we didn’t dye Easter eggs or do baskets this year and a list of a myriad of other things I’ve let slip by the way side but I can only handle feeling just so good about myself. They say that less is more and right now we have more MORE going on than anyone I know!


There you go—the great doorknob of randomness has spoken…….hope everyone has a happy visual now—you’re welcome!!


DesertHen said...

Is that a brass or nickle-plated doorknob?...LOL. Just kidding, I am sure that you don't resemble a doorknob at all! I actually had someone call me a "doorknob" recently for spacing it and forgetting about something...I'm still trying to figure out the connection!!

So my daughter just passed her drivers test on Tuesday morning. SO that makes me the white faced, white knuckled mom in the Red Expedition and also adds to the worry lines between my eyes...okay, my whole face!

Happy Birthday to your youngest! =) Wow 12...just wait...won't be long and she'll be driving too! =)

tammy said...

Oh you make me laugh. Door knob hair and all.

karen said...

A DOORKNOB???!!!!??? How is that possible? What color is doorknob?
You're a good sport. I take my hair very seriously. Very. Seriously. Right or wrong, I never let friends or family do it. Because I might offend if I don't like it. It's a little too woven into my self esteem but I don't know how to change it. I'd pray for enlightenment but I'm afraid of the trial I'd be sent.

Garden of Egan said...

A doorknob?
I'm not getting that one.

My youngest just started hair school. I'm scared to let her get ahold of mine.

Love this post. It made me giggle.

Cherie said...

Ok I couldn't even get through the post or barely type this because I am laughing so hard that tears are streaming down my face - Holy Moly.

I also have a red Tahoe and a 15 year old who will have his resticted license tomorrow and the picture of you plastered to the window...Oh MY GOSH - I cannot stop laughing - I will be back....Guffaw giggle Snort....

Pedaling said...

I visualized the entire thing.

Ya'all do have More, it sounds like.
You are so very blessed.
Glad you are embracing your blessedness.

The 12 year old--lack of enthusiasm for easter baskets, a new driver....submitting to a new hairstylist as your motherly many things I can relate to.

Why don't we live closer?

very funny post.
thanks for the cheer!

Sue said...

Your post, however random, made me smile!

Even if you are a doorknob-head.


The Three Stokers said...

I love you to death. You are so hilarious! This post is awesome.

onlymehere said...

I don't do FB but my kids do. I found out that my youngest had a status that said, "I was conceived 19 years ago today. Happy anniversary mom and dad (I did the math)! I think I'd rather be a doorknob.

Carla said...

LOL!!! Oh, Lisa, NOTHING is more entertaining than REAL life!! (I so get the driving teen, part of me misses the convience, the other part of me reminds THAT part of me how terrifying it was:)

Cheeseboy said...

I read this post in about 2.5 minutes. But it was a good one. Not looking forward to my boys driving. I can already tell what kind of drivers they will be.