Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I did, I do, I will

24 years ago I found this Studmuffin on a dance floor in Northpole, Alaska.


For 4 years I had been playing the field HARDCORE……marriage was not on my agenda…..

Me and Phil 1985

It took him only 3 weeks……and I knew……..

wedding 6

We were engaged…….25 years and 7 months ago today………..

wedding 13

25 years ago today, we were married in the St. George, UT Temple. (I belong to the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or LDS) It was all very serious and beautiful……

wedding 10wedding 7

Then of course there was a reception and it was anything BUT serious……

wedding 3 One might wonder what in the world I was doing here…..I have no recollection…

wedding 12

I do know that here I had just taken off my garter and Phil had to steal the show by revealing that he had worn these most HATED of socks the entire reception!!! I thought I had thrown these away before we left Alaska but he had gone dumpster diving ---ACK!!

HAPPY QUARTER OF A CENTURY POOD!!!!! Each year has been better than the last—I can’t wait till 50! LOVE YOU!

Just a little ending note::::::::::

As I was going through my box looking for pictures to scan for this post, I came across a lot of memorabilia. I even found our plane tickets that we had used from Alaska to Utah. I thought I had kept them for a memento of our “special” day. Then I turned it over……

wedding 2 Yeah, it had to be for a memento of our “special” day…that's it.

You’re welcome.


DeNae said...

Your girls look JUST LIKE YOU! And I love wedding pix from my era; we had the same hair and the same hat!

Happy Anniversary to you both!

Sue said...

Happy Anniversary to BOTH of you.

I loved looking at these photos. You were a dang good-looking couple!

(Still are, I suspect...)


DesertHen said...

Well Happy 25th to both of you!

There must have been a hat craze in the 80's as I too wore a "bridal hat" when we married.

Again...Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your special day! =)

Pedaling said...

when you know, you know...sometimes it takes only 3 weeks or less!
Congrats to you.
Love the invitation...

Cheeseboy said...

A special photo indeed.

Happy 24! He should buy some special socks for the occasion.

Jess said...

That's quite the memento. And holy crow do your daughters look just like you- especially Taelor. And they're so pretty- good genes I guess.

onlymehere said...

Oh my gosh, I'm still laughing at the ticket stub! You made my day. I swam against the tide and didn't wear a hat but opted for a veil. All my friends thought I was crazy! Of course they all went with yellow gold antique rose wedding rings and I went against the grain again and had a white gold wedding ring! I love going my own way and doing my own thing....hmmmm....guess that's where Kaje' gets it from, lol! Thanks for sharing your special day with us. April is our 29th and I can't believe it's real....but then I look in the mirror and it's painfully obvious that 29 years have passed, lol! Happy anniversary!

tammy said...

I hope he still has the socks.

Happy Anniversary!! And thanks for sharing all your mementos. Especially the ticket stub.

karen said...

I loved looking at all of your pictures - your daughters look so much like you! And what a little hottie your husband is (ooohlala...) And I hope you don't think me odd, but in looking at you in that picture by the cake - you have beautiful hands. Just sayin'. I notice things like that.

Cynthia said...

Totally awesome! Happy 25th- that's a very big deal!

Sidenote- the close up of you two was in just the right spot to compare it to Taelor. Wow. She looks so much like you!

And way to rock the waif figure in a totally 80's hat. Oh that I had EVER been that skinny!

Dolly said...

Happy Anniversary Lisa! We celebrated our 24th this month too. Time sure flies when your having fun:)

Mikki said...

aw, Happy Belated Anniversary. I loved this post. Very sweet. Everyone's right, your Taelor certainly looks like her mama.
Beautiful pics.

LKP said...

ROFL!!!!!! definitely THE only way to fly! :D
congrats on 25 years. that.is.magic.
you guys rock. enjoy your weekend!

merrianne said...

HAHA!!! I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THISD POST! :) Congratulations on 25 years! and that gorgeous dress! and the Christmas Socks!! and
Flying to Mexico advertisement!!!! haha!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Oh, if this wasn't so sweet, I'd be SO stinkin' jealous of your wedding photos! (Did I ever tell you how my FIL offered to pay for our photographer and he hired a friend of his that was a private investigator?)
That temple shot is stunning and OMGosh, do your kids look like you!!!!
Happy 25th :-)

Kristin Klein said...

What a lovely tribute! And I soooo enjoyed seeing your wedding photos, hmmmm . . . where have I seen those styles before . . . oh yes! Like 30 years ago when we were married ;)


Da Bergs said...

HAHA, isn't it fun looking back at old pics! man, our hair... those were the days! AND, the invites... things have changed so much, huh? Thanks for sharing!

PS We were married in the St. Goerge temple too!!!