Saturday, September 27, 2008

7 thoughts about 7 things=49

Cindy over at Just another Day in Paradise tagged me with this Lucky 7’s thing. On one hand, it is really nice that someone wants to know a little bit more about me. On the other hand, I always let these things stress me way too much—I don’t know why—it’s not like I am going to be graded or judged, or anything—right?! It's not like I am arrogant enough to think anyone cares! All of 8 people will read this—maybe—I just have way too many issues and not enough medication I guess.
But recently I signed up for a free online journal and have started writing my posts in Microsoft Word and then uploading to my journal and my blog and save a copy to my external hard drive because I have valid trust issues. My journal has become so much better now that I actually kind of have a “real” audience here in bloggyland! I am actually kind of excited to hand my journal down to the next generation—woo-hoo!
So here goes----

7 things I plan to do before I die:
1. Obtain and maintain a healthy lifestyle
2. Ride a horse at a full gallop
3. Serve a mission with my husband
4. Find a way to instigate a program within the prison system that rewards female prisoners by allowing them to read a book on tape and then give that book and the tape to their children. (read about a girl in Ut that did this)
5. Serve as a “foster” home for unwed mothers
6. Ask for forgiveness from many, many ,many people
7. Finish college

7 things I CAN do:
1. Play the piano
2. Teach others to play the piano
3. Sing on key
4. Act on stage (or anywhere else for that matter)

This is from “My Turn on Earth” I played Gloria.
I am the girl kneeling on the right that “does not look
like the others" I’m not in pain—-just singing--- I promise.
5. Read
6. Love others
7. Pretend I am a stunt woman-- race after a truck, on foot, that I forgot to put in park, as it starts to head down our mountain, without a driver, catch up to it, leap in and throw it into park just as it is about to go off the edge. Maybe that goes under acting. I really don’t know.

7 things I CANNOT do:
1. Quilt
2. Downhill ski
3. Drive a semi truck
4. Be a surgeon
5. Maintain a patient demeanor
6. Find joy in housework (except for laundry—I love laundry—--seriously!)
7. Shoot a gun (well, I could probably shoot it but the one time I thought there was a cougar out back I couldn't even get the pistol loaded! So I just took the empty gun outside and waved it around like I knew what I was doing—I’m sure the wildlife laughed all the way home that night)

7 things that attracted me to Phil:
US 1985
1. His quiet strength
2. His extraordinary patience
3. His ability to fix anything
(I remember being absolutely amazed when he fixed my hair dryer!
It was like one of those angel choir singing moments! Who knew you
didn’t just throw them out and get a new one??!! My hero)
4. He is always the animal (the furry, fluffy kind) and kid magnet in the room. (I remember when my daughter Tae was little her friend would come over to play and he loved Phil so much he would write him letters when he went up to work and would tell his Mom—“I wish Phil was my Dad” She thought it was funny—the Dad—not so much. And I love how if we are at a function that includes the family you will never find him socializing with the grown-ups—he is always with the kids)
5. His sense of humor
6. That he truly doesn’t care what people say or think about him. I pretend to not care all the time but I am usually lying.
7. His work ethic.

7 things I say most often: (my family gladly helped me with this one)
1. STOP!! (long and drawn out—not to be confused with stoop)
2. I don’t think so!
3. You’re my favorite
4. You make my heart sing
5. AAAAHHHHH! (As in AAHHH don’t scare me like that and AAHH I’ve had enough!!)
6. You have till the count of_________
7. Life’s not fair—and then you die.

7 celebrity admirations:
(I admire the following people’s ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT TALENTS not necessarily them as a person—in no particular order)
1. Alan Rickman

2. Michael Caine
3. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
4. Heath Ledger

5. Hugh Laurie

6. Lex DeAzevedo—brilliant composer and human

7. Bob Hope—brilliant as a comedian and as a human

7 favorite foods:
1. French Toast
2. Runts
3. Sunday Roast Dinner
4. Fresh picked corn
5. Watermelon
6. Chicken Alfredo
7. Dried pears

That’s it—that’s all there is. There isn’t any more. I won’t be passing this on but love finding things out about everyone here in bloggyland! Sometimes you just can’t measure the good it does your soul when you find out that you are not alone in your beliefs and ideas! PS--Dolly dearest--I hope this will also count for your tag too--I promise--there really isn't any more!!


Redhoodoos said...

Love your lists!! We really are alike, aren't we?! =)

Mmmm, roast. Mmmm. I think we'll have that tomorrow.

And I love Hugh Laurie too. House is one of my favorite shows because he is so brilliant. Love Snape too.

Our husbands are alot alike too. Too bad we don't live near each other - it could be dangerous it would be so fun.

Dawn said...

That pic of you and Phil!! It's so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

McEwens said...

I am so jealous you can sing!! Being a foster mom to unwed kids would be great! Something I would also like to do! I love these list, always fun to know more!

annie said...

The picture of you and Phil is sooo cute! :o)

And I recognize a few of the fellow actors- Peggy B? and sister Hansen- what was her first name?? and the guy standing was from NP right?? That's awesome! Member when you had us girls sing the "I am the one who writes my own story..." song?!?! :o) Good times!

Dolly said...

Lisa- ♥LOVED reading your tag list:)Wow-you were in My Turn On Earth? Awesome-I remember the music. "It's my turn on earth...". My Dad and Mom had us, Von Trapp kids singing those songs- and Saturdays Warriors too. Long ago...

Our husbands sound alike too. Mine does so many "side jobs" after an 8 hour day. He's also great with our four year old. (When Jaden cries-it's for his daddy!)

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Lisa, I love this, girl! Found out so much about you. Like you are super talented, loving, so very fun and funny, etc. And those photos! You are beautiful. And I love everything you said about your husband. What a neat guy!

I love Hugh Laurie, too. House is on my scheduled TiVo recording series. And I share all the 7 things you CANNOT do :-)

I just got tagged to do the same thing as this but I'll do it later next week because this is hard. I have to think about this more.

onlymehere said...

I knew we had to have more in common than I thought! First off, I may have seen you in "My Turn on Earth!" If you were in the group that toured through Northern Utah I probably did see you 20-30 years ago! I'll have to pull out my old record and see if that's you on the voice. I so admire your musical talents. I'd love to learn to play the piano but I have absolutely no vocal talent. I can't ride a horse at full gallop bz they scare the heck out of me! I'm not much of an animal person and big animals scare me. My husband and I want to fulfill a mission together too. We'll see if we survive our son going next year....LOL! Every time we get a little cash set aside something big happens (like the laundry room flood) and takes all the money. I know we're being tested but I truly wonder how we can afford the payments each month for him, not to mention the cost of getting his clothes and other things ready for it. Oh well, I have to work on my faith in this but somehow it will work out! Thanks for doing this tag. I loved getting to know you better!

Lisa Loo said...

Red--dangerous--for sure! Then you could have invited me over for dinner yesterday--how was the roast?!
Dawn--that pic is a real oldie goldie! I remember when Tae was about 4, I hung a pic of us in front of the temple on the wall--she looked at it and asked who that was with Daddy??!! Ouch! Ah, the honesty of children.
Pam--no need to be too jealous--they haven't asked me to join the MoTab yet! hee-hee
Marivic-oh happy day--I thought I was the only LDS woman who couldn't quilt! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this list thing is hard!
Cindy--no need to listen to your music--my turn on stage was only in Alaska--I wish I was "Utah talented".I know what you mean about the money thing--I mean we don't support a missionary yet--but we do just seem to just get some money set aside and something pops up that we need to use it for. I think we should go back to using corn for money--or hey--how about pine cones--I would be a billionaire!
Thanx everyone for the kind words and especially to Cindy for wanting to know more and making it so that I exceeded my goal of 8 people reading it and making it 9!

Lisa Loo said...

Boy do I feel sheepish--where did I get that I had 9 comments??!! It must be too early in the morning. And--Annie--you have an excellent memory! Yes--that's Peggy and Wendy and Rick and Doug. It was such a fun time! And yes, I think I have made every group of Young Women that I have ever worked with, included my girls--sing that song. And my kids would have me sing the Lullaby at bedtime forever!

Carla said...

Wow girl, theres lots to you!